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The Last Song
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Published: May 21, 2011
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This is based on an actual a scene from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Looking at Majora's is a really dark game!
The masks that change your form were all obtained from characters who had tragically died and left loved ones behind, and when you use these masks Link hunches over and screams in pain.
You also deal with a lot of other ghosts/dead characters, there is Pamela's father turning into a Gibdo, you have Anju and Kafei (namely the results of mucking up that side quest) the monkey being dunked in a cauldron (I thought they killed him) there is the attack on the cows at the Ranch (freaked my sister out something fierce) there is the song Elegy of Emptiness...
And all the while the Apocalypse is approaching and we get to see how upset everyone is, and you get this dramatic end of the world scene...
So we have a game focused on the end of the world and death.
No seriously, I love this game, it just seems like it should be rated Teen not E

What struck me most was the whole Mikau thing, for many reasons...namely because we see him die! All other deaths are past tense.
And I wanted to approach his death in a more touching way than the game did because...uh...his "let me sing of what happened" *insert spazzy song here* was awkward. The manga handled the entire thing better, it had him peacefully sitting there playing his guitar, partly because it was the only thing he could offer as thanks to Link and mostly because he wanted to play one last time (the line I used is from the manga)
Both did handle his passing nicely, with his dying vision of bing back with the band...

But both versions did not handle the eggs thing so well, the eggs in the end get disregarded... In the game I was like "Lulu you have babies go visit them damnit!"
And how does everyone think Zora Link is Mikau <_<; the lack of tattoos alone are a dead giveaway.

BUT Looking past any awkwardness, it is rather touching:
Mikau was mortally wounded trying to get back Lulu's eggs, it is never stated that he is the father but that is very likely the case since he shows so much concern. Aside from Lulu, music and the band are the love of his life, after entrusting Link with the task of completing his quest, Mikau plays one last song, leading to Mikau's dying vision of being with the band and his girl.

...He was going to be a father, and he died ;__;

Now as for the artwork.
-There are three visual versions of Mikau! I based the belt off the manga, the head tattoos and spots off the game graphics, the guitar is a combo of all three, and the arm tattoo is based on the official art.
-I gave Lulu a microphone since it looked awkward with just her mouth open.
-And since the game was rated E it could not have blood...yes he could have died from internal injury but considering the pirates weapons I think him getting slashed is very likely.


PS I fecking LOVE Japas! His design is so cool, hippie Zora for the win! X3

Oh and there was this running gag I had with a commenter on my dark fanart who was like "quit killing Link" I did a piece with Sheik and they were like "fine just kill everyone" can't blame me for this one, Nintendo Killed him!


Line art via pencil and paper, colored by mouse in Corel Painter X

More of my dark fanart
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chani14Student Artist
This is a sweet and sad drawing,it so sad but I like how you draw the group in a different perspective~!^V^
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bobosmith01Student Traditional Artist
The Mask Souls were always the best....
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ZTheGSHobbyist General Artist
I remember that moment back when I played the game.
It really weirded me out, but that was probably because I was a kid and didn't understand what was going on. Confused 

Aww... poor Mikau.
He is never going to see his beloved Lulu and their children again. Waaaah! 

This is an awesome art piece, good work! :D (Big Grin) 
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OceanDChaseHobbyist General Artist
Why is it that I can't kill the Gerudo pirates? They first kidnapped this man's newborns, and then proceeded to mortally wound him and dump him in the ocean to die, and I gotta be stealthy about it? Screw that, I want JUSTICE!
OceanDChase's avatar
OceanDChaseHobbyist General Artist
I just like to imagine Link used the song of time to reset everything in Termina one last time before he left, and without Skullkid messing with everything, none of the bad stuff happens. Mikau and Darunia don't die because they didn't have to go on those suicide missions, the Deku princess doesn't go missing, happy mask doesn't lose the Majora mask, everything just goes fine for everyone
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noodleTHStudent Photographer
heck, my zelda oc zanzibar came from one of lulu's eggs
W17's avatar
Very touching ^_^
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ArcluseStudent Digital Artist
Powerful, as understatement, along side the potent drawings with more of your "dark fanart" which I shall look into now.

More words than time allotted at the moment unfortunately~
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ObsessedCatHobbyist Traditional Artist
I almost cried at this part. So I read the manga like six more times! ^.&
EcliptorCalrissian's avatar
I would so take it as a challenge and kill everybody.
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GynandromorphHobbyist General Artist
To think: How did Link break the bad news to the band...?
EcliptorCalrissian's avatar
I always wondered that, and more so about the Gorons (and they made that so tragic. I think the reason they have fun with Mikau's death is because the game becomes too depressing if you double the dagger-in-the-soul factor.)
Gynandromorph's avatar
GynandromorphHobbyist General Artist
I have an idea in my head about what he might say to the Gorons.
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LinkKirbyMarioHobbyist General Artist
Everytime I play that darn song and see the stuhues, all I can think is: There dead. I feel as if that temble was just so Link could really see what was going on with his masks.
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ggirtcHobbyist General Artist
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Also, this is very well drawn
LightvsDark99's avatar
Tell me where I can find the manga. I seriously want to read it.
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SamiraBlackCatHobbyist Writer
It's SOOO beautiful, poor Mikau TT_TT
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Do you take suggestions? LIke if you did could you ever make a pic of Zora Link and Mikau playing together? Kinda like a sad spiritual kinda thing?
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DragonauroralightHobbyist Digital Artist
Is that the same Zora guy from Akiras zelda pocket of the majoras mask?! Great job! :D
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Great job. The funny thing about the ratings board is that it primarily looks for violence, sexual content, and language. The first is never against human characters and is somewhat cartoonish, the second one is only alluded to, never explicitly mentioned or shown, and the third is non-existent. It doesn't matter if your game will give thousands of children horrible nightmares, as long as you don't use buckets of blood to do it. That's where Majora's Mask was brilliant. It was a dark, depressing game made without going GRIMDARK on the Zelda franchise.

And as the final nitpick, Japas's design was based not upon hippies, but upon the grunge look of the early Nineties. Why a guy in a grunge design would be playing in a jazz band is beyond me.
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Well the leg fins on Japas always made me think bell bottom pants X3 the long hair look read as hippie to me too, and they way he says "hey" but whatevers, hippie or not he's just awesome
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Half-BloodPrincess1Hobbyist General Artist
This......makes me........want to......cry........forever..............but it' beautiful.............. :heart:
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