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Sniper Quadsuit

By LilleahWest
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I have been working on this guy in chunks all year and finally I can show him to you! He features horns from Black Crane Creations as well as claws, paw pads, and spikes from Dream Vision Creations, all other fabrication was painstaking done by yours truly.

His coloration is based on a kind of hawk called a Kestrel and thus to keep the expression gentle and fun he has those wide friendly bird eyes.
Vision is out the collar which features a military tag as the owner is in the military. The stilts are jointed and operate via gravity and body language. The tail has a removable insert filled with a combo of foam and packing peanuts to cut down weight. The wings attach via clips and magnets which is attached to a sewn in harness inside the body which also has clips to help support the head and belt loops to support the tail. The bodysuit under the wings is also jersey mesh to allow body heat to escape.

Video of this costume in action can be seen here

I know most of you are used to the cartoon style costume Sniper has, this is my translation of Sniper as a quadsuit based on the original cartoon style anthro fursuit by Phoenix Wolf and artwork of the realistic quadruped feral form provided by the owner Twilight Saint.

The owner of Sniper draws his feral four legged form with a "Roman nose" horse shaped face as seen here……
so do please be aware that Sniper's feral face is very different from his cute cartoon anthro form, that is why the quadsuit head is so drastically different than the head of the 2-legged fursuit.
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would you mind me asking where you source your furs?
SheraWolf7's avatar
nice to see one of your suites it was a lot of fun
MalevolentTheDragon's avatar
Wait. What. Are you the person behind 

If so, I'm amazed I haven't realized it yet. I've been following you for Zelda-themed content for THREE YEARS. I'm a FURRY because of you- I'm gonna either screech or joycry, I don't know what to think.

Still amazed I approached you for your writings a few years back and offered to edit. That offer still stands, by the way, I don't care how popular/who you are, you're great and I'll adore you forever and ever as a person.
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I was feeling kinda down tonight because of worry over money and if I'll loose the paypal case concerning the minor who fraudulently used their mother's card to pay me, so thank you for the kind words :)
MalevolentTheDragon's avatar
No problem. And you're the second artist today who's been scammed by a minor through PayPal. There should be an extra step of verification.
SheraWolf7's avatar
do you have specal stilts for the hind legs or is this a two person suit? 
JemWolf's avatar
I know you asked this months ago, but I'll still give an answer in case you haven't gotten one yet. There's stilts in the front legs for the wearer's arms so they're even with the back legs (Since our legs are longer than our arms) 
MalevolentTheDragon's avatar
I'm going to cry. This is so good.
simbatheloiness's avatar
This is so awesome!
DragonWhisperer23's avatar
Fluffy-The-Watcher's avatar
I wanna pat that snoot!
wolfcat1312's avatar
Oh my gosh this is amazing!
Abwettar's avatar
Holy hell this is amazing, I can't even describe how incredible this is! Wow! 
roguetitann's avatar
KingGigabyte's avatar
This is seriously amazing
SlytherinHarlequin's avatar
Holy crap, that is beautiful.. :wow:
FoxOFWar's avatar
...that is so cool. On about seventy different degrees. Very spiffy design too :D
Reita-Kei's avatar
do you do commissions of that ;v; ? 
Shadzerios's avatar
This is absolutely beautiful creation! I'm a sucker for quadsuits but unable create them myself so once I have gotten done with my game into early access I have the proper time to save some money into a quadauit for my own! ^v^
WildeMaehne's avatar
A stunning masterpiece.
PrinceDeathDefying's avatar
This is so gorgeous! I'm absolutely blown away by this suit. The anatomy is so impressive. I've followed TwilightSaint's artwork for a while and I must say, in my opinion you certainly did Sniper justice! :)
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