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Nubian Ibex

The black paint job on this terrified me but I managed to get it done right x_x The model is a touch short so please excuse the rumpled ankles, muffs up the markings there.

This is my first time doing a neck vision head for a client that is a shoulder mounted head, all my other neck vision heads (cept the new moose) are made on a hat so the character head turns when you turn your head, with the weight of the horns though this (and the moose) had to be shoulder mounted with a hard foam neck (the antlers were too heavy too) it was quite the trial getting that figured out, and the neck had to be a touch wide to work, but I am happy in the long run.

This is also my first time making them creepy slant goat pupils :P

 The hand and feet hooves are from DVC and the horns are from… the hooves and horns all came to me black and I painted them and I figured out how to make removable mounts for the horns.
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lovely detail on this Ibex fursuit. the black really makes him stand out.
how much would one of these cost.
you can email me at
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I have no idea how it's going to get into any buildings, but that is one impressive head~ :iconclapplz:
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man, your work is just breathtakingly spectacular. <3