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Please note: the model is a lot smaller and shorter than the customer (and is wearing the suit with pillows inside to bulk it up) the head will be more proportioned on the customer and the limbs will look better on the customer (and not be all rumpled)

Neck vision head, antlers are removable, the ears wiggle, and the dewlap is weighted so it waggles (I used bird grit, which is a clean course sand, perfect for the job)

I tried to pay close attention to the variation in color in the coat and not have him turn out dark and flat looking. I did a lot of study of moose body, head and antler shape as I wanted this to be my best moose ever since it may be my only moose ever.

The fur is 100% furs found in the LA Fashion District with most hand selected by me and the variegated back/neck fur coming from a local fur who bought it in LA lol.

Feet hooves by DVC everything else is 100% hand crafted by me (including the antlers and wow did they ever prove to be more of an undertaking than I realized they would be)
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Cool I love moose they are the best animal in my opinion. Why do people hunt them.... I cry in the insideWaaaah! 
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Very nice! Is there a flying squirrel to go with him? Wink/Razz 
CatarTheGreat's avatar
Such a gorgeous suit! Clap 
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This is incredible! ^_^
Flooboo's avatar
Looks wonderful!
Lafein's avatar
This is amazing!
Falcolf's avatar
Awesome work! :D
LailaIrken's avatar
this is the best furry ive ever seen!
temperance's avatar
Awesome!  I love that you made a dewlap >_< 
Pushdug's avatar
Aww my favourite animal! :D He looks stunning! :heart:
RebelSquishy's avatar
looks like Jared Padaleki
dark-wing2's avatar
Shinopa's avatar
Looks like the real deal, Lilleah! :D I'm super impressed and I'm totally digging that cream color on the limbs. Round of applause!
StevenRoy's avatar
Wow. That is one magnificent moose!
TankaaKumawani's avatar
We've never seen one before, and we'll probably never see one again in the future, but it is indeed a wonderful moose.
satanen's avatar
It's really nice crafted, but I don't really agree with the arms.
LilleahWest's avatar
what about the arms? the color? the rumples? the rumples will be gone on the customer as my model has short skinny arms in comparison.
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I would have liked to see another design (more specific) on the fingers. Because right now it reminds me of bear hands (but of course I don't know the requests made by the customer).  
But that's all really. Otherwise it's great and the crafting is wonderful as usual.
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ah yes, that I can see, and there are other ways to go with the hands.

The customer opted for my "hoof finger nail" style which is common in my suits, but another option would have been resin cloven hoof hands… but they have very limited dexterity, there is also fake leather cloven hoof hands but those look odd on something that is not full out cartoon style and still have the dexterity of an oven mitt.
satanen's avatar
I see. perhaps you are referring to this?…
Personally I would have vent for a design similar to the suit "Appaloosa" or the "spotted deer"…
But as you say, the finger movement will be more limited and in the end it's of course a matter of taste. 
Xeluu's avatar
I agree with Satanen - I'd have preferred to see something different.


This is not my suit. :3 It looks phenomenal by the way. I personally would have taken the dexterity hit and gone with something more hoof like for the hands. Always love to see your neck-vision suits!
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