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Furry VS anthro



seriously i do NOT know what is the difference between furry and anthro art.

the only one here i fully can call furry is #2 as what i see as "traditional" furry is a cartoon face, big googly eyes, furry human body and often with funky colors or markings. (typical for fursuits too but i do see LOTS of realistic ones which i preferr) but the other 3? what is anthro what is furry!

what bothers me is anthro artists saying they are different than furry artists and it is shame that furry fandom had to be so negativly affected by the media getting a hold of a few freaks in the fandom and over exploiting their sick/strange views of the fandom.

not all furries are sickos

furry fandom is no different than anime fandom
both have adult stuff (anime has yaoi and hentai, Furry has yiff and furpile) but also have childrens stuff
they also both revolve around art forms as that is how both anime and furry is created/presented
and both have a WIDE variety of things to offer and wide variety of fans.

its all the same, the "enjoyment of anthro animals" is the deifinition of furry so ALL of these drawings here are furry characters....right?

any input? i mean is one of these really just anthro and not furry?

(edit:....DAMNIT i spelled hybrid as hybid >_< in the art piece
curse me and my inablity spell worth shit)
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If we're going to define what a "Furry" is, then let's get something nailed down, first:
There are TWO uses of the word. Not one. Whatever you may think a furry is, whatever details you think of when you use the word, those uses must be separated into two sperate and distinct categories.

1.) A person being who engages in some type of "fandom" concerning anthropomorphic animals. Some people think it's decidedly sexual, some don't, some say it can go either way, some say it's about wearing costumes, some say it's about doing certain things while wearing costumes, I don't care. The point is, it's a human being in the real world who likes "whatever it is." They would call themselves "A FURRY."

2.) An artistic term to refer to a drawing or other type of artistic representation of a fictional character who is an anthropomorphic animal. Again, there may be various ideas on what kind of character that is, what ideals surround it and what the motives are behind it, whether it's moral, etc, but it is in reference to the character and their existence as an art form.

For the purposes of this conversation, we only need to care about that latter definition, as just as you compared it to "Anime" which has a decidedly identifying look and style, I believe you can narrow down ''Furry" in that same way, so that when you see THIS :  
Anthro Group Picture by DolphyDolphiana

and THIS:

Brars by Cartoonicus can tell immediately that one is of the furry style and the other is just a cartoon animal.

So what is "Furry Art?" Well, as someone who does not consider himself a furry artist, I may not be the best one to go to for expertise, buuuuuuuuuuut here goes:

1.) Fairly Realistic animal head (cartoony or otherwise) on top of what is essentially a realistic human with fur. This is a very specific look. Sonic the hedgehog does not have this look. Tony the tiger does not have this look. The characters from Wind in the Willows do not have this look. The Khajiit from elder scrolls ALMOST have this look but they're so realistic and entrenched in their existence as people, like humans or any other race, that they basically fit into the category of "Alien cat people." in other words, people who look like animals as opposed to animals who look like people. So a true Furry has kind of a "Minotaur" thing going on. Animal head, human body.

2.) Quadrupedal feet. This isn't necessarily a requirement as you're the artist and you do what you want. But about 99% of all the furry art I've ever seen, takes that "realistic human body with fur" and bails out at the last possible second, opting for feet and lower legs that look like an animal's back legs, with an extra-long bridge, standing on the toes so that the ankle sticks out. What has been wrongly called "The backward knee." This is such a staple of furry art that I once attempted to search for hours over hundreds of images to find one without it. And if you do, chances are it would end up being either so cartoony or so realistic, that you'd just end up lumping it into the alien cat people category.

3.)Fur. I mean it's in the name. While there are some artists who draw reptiles and other things, the odds are, when you see a character designed with the above two details, you are bound to also see a TON of definition given to show that the character is furry and fluffy, and scruffy, and just all around covered with fur. Some cartoon animals are perfectly smooth and the hair is implied. Not so with furries. The artists go nuts on the texturing. So much so, that it was easy for people to see that characters from Zootopia as furies when really, they're just supposed to be animals standing on their hind legs. I guess that's technically "anthropomorphized" but if nothing's been changed about the animal's body, they're technically no different than say, the characters in the Lion King.

4.) Furry worlds. Is it just me or do furries always seem to exist in their own universes with no humans? Characters like Mickey, Garfield, Sonic, Buggs Bunny, Kermit the Frog. all live in worlds alongside humans. They're seen as animals in that world, whereas furries are essentially the humans of that world. I'm not saying having a world of all animals is automatically a furry world but if you already have the above three, Odds are you've got the forth.

As I engage in a cartoon style very different from any of this, I personally do not consider myself or my artwork to be "furry." I use the word "Anthro" to refer to a cartoon animal that is more than:

"Just an animal with a normal animal body standing on its hind legs" 
"so cartoony that you can't tell what kind of body it has anyway"

But as a character who has been particularly designed to have a different kind of humanoid body. Something that clearly says: "That's not what a hedgehog looks like in real life." Since the above definition would be included in that, well, I guess we can say that all furries are anthros... but not all anthros are furries.

Lazy Afternoon by Cartoonicus