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I wanted to get better photos worn by a human vs posed on the dummy... but the weather has just been way way too hot.
I also wanted to do video to show off how his little topknot/deallybob feather bobbles around.... ooooooh weeeeell.

I have a thing for rare, uncommon or unusual faux furs... and this bodysuit is 100% in that category so it makes me extra happy ^_^ 
This suit has been a long time in the making, I actually bought the steely gray-blue from another fursuit maker with the plans to make a valley quail long before I found an actual customer, I bought it knowing that one day I simply had to make a fursuit of this breed of bird I adore so much <3

There are a few other toony bird fursuits I really want to make, and if you would like one of them let me know because I will take you as a customer right now! Those birds are a male mallard duck, a male zebra finch, or a pearl guinea fowl :)
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