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Bengal Tiger

By LilleahWest
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Well this was one complex cutie patootie, it took me ages to do but I am very pleased with the results :)

The pelt is a mix of sewn and airbrushed orange with airbrushed stripes. All the orange fur used is rare as heck and I dearly would like to obtain more of either the 1 inch kind or the 3 inch kind used for the neck, if you can help me obtain more please do let me know!

I studied the heck out of tigers to be sure I represented them well in my "characterized realistic" style (that being realistic in detail but with a touch of "toony" so as not to be too taxidermy real) I paid extra attention to the striping including the fact they have striped upper chests and bellies, which I will admit that adding said stripes made my anthro senses scream in terror at first as most anthro tigers forgo stripes in these areas.
The whiskers are sold by Matrices, and the claws n paw pads came from DVC, otherwise everything else is 100% me from the head carving to the eye painting to the nose n mouth sculpting, to of course the extensive airbrush work.


 - - - -


I want to do a gray tiger, a flame point Siamese tiger, and maybe a strawberry blonde tiger.
More info on the tigers and other specific designs I am open for can be found here…
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omg i want a fursuit so bad
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hi i would like to put up a realistic tiger fullsuit just like this one but instead of being a bit toony i like it fully realistic 
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OMG So cute! I would buy him if I could Meow :3 
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It's grrrrrrreat!
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this suit has to be my most favorite that youve ever made!! its just so well put together!! its so realistic in body proportions! 
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how much for a fursuit?? u are amazing holy shit
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Omfg I want this. My fur sons is a red tiger and its just....geez
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This looks really nice! *thumbs up*
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Such beautiful work ! I'm just in love with your work !
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This is amazing! YOU are a great talent! 
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This is amazing!
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How's the visibility in one of these suits?
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in this one in particular since the vision is out mesh painted to match (the bottom of the > shaped mark under the eyes is the bottom of the mesh) vision is actually really good with minimal blind spots, like 80% of normal
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Love this very fab
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Oh my god! this is amazing (I wonder how much that could cost, it looks more expensive than a fucking batmobile, which if I could get either a custom fursuit for free, or a custom car... totally fursuit)
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I saw the video of this on your Youtube channel. This Bengal is so GORGEOUS. The way that you capture the markings and the face...OH the face and Eyes are So Pretty!
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