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Lisa - Retro Saber Cat
As a kid born in the mid 80's with the peak of my childhood in the 90's I knew EXACTLY what I had to do when I found a rainbow leopard print fur >w<

Featuring teeth, paw pads, and spectacular holographic claws and nose from DVC the design of this costume and the head build is entirely my own with major work on the body by Lusus Naturae as I sent with them the fur and a fleece pattern I made to build from.

True to her time era she features a mullet of a mane, made of hand wefted kenekelon and NFT including some amazing holographic black! I also tracked down some holo jewelry which the big hoop earrings make me stupid happy X3
She has a Hunter the Leopard charm on the flower of her ring, a tribute to the inspiration material :)

I had a ton of fun with this one, I just adore her <3

PS I have 2 designs similar to this that need homes! email if interested
pastel rainbow saber…
bright stripe saber…
Sherbet Saber
So once upon a time I was looking for spotted fur for another project and having exhausted the usual websites just googled for it and I found this spotted coat in a mix of pinky lavender and pastel orange and fell in love... so I bought the coat and MURDERED IT into a fursuit!

The hood of the coat became the arms, the body of the coat the torso and head, and then the sleeves became the legs (which when I stuck my legs in the arms of the coat and they fit I proceeded to walk across the floor in it laughing like an idiot)

The solid peachy pastel orange furs used on this are ones I have had in my hoard for YEARS and I am glad I finally got to use them! I just love these colors together!!

The legs here a new thing from me, a sort of pseudo super subtle digigrade leg shape done with only a small wedge of padding above the top of the foot, the calf shape is done entirely with just the fluff of the fur, so there is no padding there to cause heat or bulk :D
*the legs are a little wrinkly as it needs a curved seam at the front of the shin but I decided wrinkles were less bothersome to me than breaking up the spotted print.

This is my own head sculpt this time and also my own paw pads and claws and that is rare from me as I love DVC's products so much, I did still use DVC for the teeth and nose.
Open for ONE new client
So with BLFC hotel being paid for this month and my next quarterly tax payment next month I need to be sure I stay ahead of my funds and thus I am open for ONE custom partial slot to be paid in full up front and made in August, email for a quote.

Otherwise my normal opening for custom designs (as in a set thing you want made not artistic liberty) is the first week of August so this is a chance to get a head of the game and also be pitted against less for me to choose from (*I am not first come first served I am choosy)

*head only also acceptable and I will consider a fullsuit if you are cool with me sourcing the body to another maker (I give them the fur and your dummy, and act as middle man)
ALSO a reminder I am open for faux taxidermy and quadsuits year round as they are ordered so
Mottled Saber Cat
A full artistic liberty piece for a client that I designed around this lovely mottled tiger fur I found (the main body is a pre-printed fabric that I then blended into solid ivory with airbrushing) I am open for artistic liberty work (I come up with a design and you approve it before I build) year round and I also have some pre-set designs I need clients for (you can find these designs in a folder in the gallery page of my website) otherwise if you have a predetermined design you came up with and want made you have to apply for a quote the first week of August and then see if you get chosen.

This is my own design and my own head sculpt this time, with teeth, paw pads and claws by DVC. Features one of my fanciest kinds of a tail, one with a metal and foam core that bounces n sways as you move and is semi poseable.

Here is a video showing of her lovely swaying tail, with Gerudo Town music because she's a big strong feisty lady }:3= 
BC's ten year tuneup

My actual Beastcub costume (the thing these same colors with antlers) represents a species I made up on my own, and while I am proud of her design I got tired of always being asked "what are you?" when performing in public... so I made a saber cat in the same colors (to use the same paws and bodysuit) and called her BC (both as a play on Beast-Cub and the fact sabers are prehistoric) and she has gone on to be used far more than my Beastcub beast and thus now represents myself and my business more than the costume that my business is named after... but, well, whatever lol. ANYWAY I first debuted BC in January 2009 and this year she got a tune up with new eyes, larger painted mesh view ports, better saber fangs, replaced all her lost whiskers, and I de-tangled and added to her mane, she is ready for another 10 years!
The ball cap method is something I came up with over a decade ago due to my need of glasses and issues with the usual methods of balaclavas and elastic straps setting off my claustrophobia.

It has come to my attention another maker has been using hats inside their fursuit heads and they are doing it all wrong (using small sized floppy hats with a sliding adjuster, only sewing the hood to the hat in one small spot, and not attaching the hat to the resin base at all let alone putting any foam in the gap, just one of these can lead to a disaster of a fit and this person is doing all of the above) and now I am hearing "built on a baseball hat" used in a negative way.

When I started up business a decade ago I faced some criticism for using a ball cap, told it was "wrong" because it was not a normal method, so seeing them used poorly by this newer maker and seeing people remark about the use of a hat is really bothering me, I have a proven decade of hat use under my belt so I can assure you the issue is not the idea of using a hat the issue is how a hat is being used, so here are some notes on how to use to a ball cap properly…


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Aka Beastcub
United States
Below is a link to my site, you will find my commission info as well as how to contact me about a costume.


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