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Yakuza - Makoto and Majima



Makoto Makimura and Majima Goro from Yakuza 0

Oh man, I haven’t drawn anything just for me in ages. But these two. These two. *wibbles* (It was them or Kiryu & Tachibana but they won).

Anyway, I wouldn’t change their train wreck of a tragic romance for the world in canon, but give me ALL the happy ending-they-get-married-and-live-happily-ever-after AU side stories. I would like them.

Because I’ll never get over Majima when he realizes someone set him up and his feelings were part of a “plan” and how heartbroken he looked.

And Makoto deserves some good things. All the good things.

In fact, her brother is just around the corner being held back by Kiryu. Yes. Perfect world AU.

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I do feel for you, and the fact that I’m the first commenter on this pic. I would love to find such a fanfic that you mentioned, but I would like one where their romance has less of a bittersweet end. But Kiwami 2 already made that closure canon.