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WaM Sketch Ustream 1



The Adventures of Wiglaf & Mordred © Liliy (me!)

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Had the first Ustream WaM Sketch Session! Twas lots of fun and we had some great things show up:

WaM! The Mirrorverse:
1) Villian Wiglaf - Don't mess with him. He'll f*ck you up. Also, is more than happy to actually USE Camlann properly. His favorite 'pet' is the "Hero," Mordred.
2) Hero Mordred - Pleasant, cheerful and ready to get out and move! He's not quite sure if being friends with a super villain is a good or a bad thing - but everyone deserves a second chance! Thankfully, the Orb of Bliss gives him a hand when he needs it.
3) Escort Driver - She's all woman and is more than happy to serve you in any way necessary. Her favorite client is the horse farmer Lancelot, despite his total lack of interest.

WaM! The kids! - ~SubakuNoLily who was watching the Ustream got a request & she wanted to see the main WaM Trio as children!
1) 6 Year Old Wiglaf - Even as a child he's still doing hero stuffs. Even if he doesn't know that's what it is yet. He's currently holding a Birds' Nest he rescued from a tree being cut down for lumber.
2) 6 Year Old Driver - Scrappy little thing, Driver used to be. Constantly getting scuffed up and scraped as she played with the tough boys and scared the hell out of them with her Dad's hammer.
3) 6 Year Old Mordred - Not old enough to escape his brother. Parents haven't noticed the brother complex developing in their eldest son b/c right now Mordred is Cute enough that they understand Arthur's need to smother and hug him at all times. Mordred himself is too used to it to be effected.

~SubakuNoLily & =LunarZero collaborated for the next request - A Hnæf out of uniform. Which was actually rather difficult because I don't think he actually owns clothes outside of his uniform.

Last but not least - a little something I wanted to draw. A head-shot of Viola because I love her hair.

Whoot~ That was fun! :D
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Wiglaf makes quite a good villain. You know, I agree with Mordred. He's only on the hero side because he chooses to be. He could switch sides quiiite easily. =). Because his mirror self looks... well...

like him in non-mirror verse, when he's being devious. XD.

Mordred is definitely mirrored.

Driver still looks like a guy =DD

I love the 6 year olds.