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WaM - Portrait

The Adventure of Wiglaf & Mordred © Liliy (me!)

Playing around with Manga Studio trying to get the hang of tones.

I abused them on Mordred and Wiglaf. XD YAY.
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© 2011 - 2021 liliy
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Nice drawing :D I really like mordred's hand on Wiglaf's shoulder. :D
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I have found Driver's Song.

[link] Please, enjoy.

-trying to keep a straight fase-
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I was like 'ZOMG IT LOOKS LIKE MANGA' and then I saw the description. That would certainly do it I suppose. XD

It looks awesome, if only because the boys' hawtness has improved through the sheer force of shiny, manga pretty boy eyes. XD
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Yesh. XD Yay Manga!
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Manga Studio? Sounds interesting! Is it a computer program?
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Yup. It's basically geared towards Manga creation. So lots of panel/layout options as well as tons of Inking & Toning features. It's pretty nice.
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This is amazing omg so awesome
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Jeeze. Poor wiglaf and mordred, you abuse them for practically everything!
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What, no comments here yet, I am shocked.
This is really cool. And, feathers!
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