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WaM - 665. Human Grace

The Adventures of Wiglaf & Mordred © Liliy (me!)

Hey! There was so much detail in today's strip I decided to go ahead and upload a larger size here. :) So you could you know, see Grace's freckles. XD

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© 2012 - 2022 liliy
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I'll say I really love this one as well as the following part on the history of the Artifacts :-)
Grace was a bit of a mentally disturbed kid back then... gives more credence to his current role and mentality...
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Hey, he does have freckles!!!
Hayazaki-Iroke's avatar
Freckles! Omgggg <3
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Yes. XD He has freckles.
Laleira-Granite's avatar
I said on the site, but I'll repeat: SO drawing human!Grace. Eheheheheh. :D
liliy's avatar
I look forward to it. XD Glad you like him. <3
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I am baffled by the "they were in way over my head". do you mean "I was in way over my head"?
Scratch that, perhaps it was a typo I never saw. ._.;
No, it means they were beyond what he could understand.
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*looks at sentence* "They were way over my head." XD Oh, sigh.
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I like how yu did the colour transition form him turning from human into, sword/spirit.
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I finally see it! Took me forever, but then I noticed the color change on the cloak.
IcyPheonix's avatar
If you look closely you can also see it on the shirt and his skin too.
liliy's avatar
Yes. XD It's one of my fav parts, but it's subtle & hard to see on the smaller version...
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