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WAM 125 Pin-Up XI

The Adventures of Wiglaf & Mordred © Liliy (me!)

Download for full file size. This one's huge. XD

Today's WAM is the first horizontal one, so I decided to post it here at it's correct orientation since well, if I put it landscape on the website it would break the layout.

Today's Pin-Up is a horrible, horrible pun. Mordred & Wiglaf playing checkers as King George III & King Gustav III respectively. :)
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© 2009 - 2022 liliy
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Red piece on white square.... how that be possible?

Besides that, Love this pin up.
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Hey Liliy has a Deviantart too! :)

Also, great Eyes on Wiglaf... Why arent they always Gold?
liliy's avatar
They're actually mint green. XD It just looks gold in this picture.
Legolos229's avatar
either way nice!
cayra's avatar
Wiglaf looks good in green...
liliy's avatar
Brings out his eyes. :D
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*wishes to steal Wiglaf's boots*

That's alot of detail put into there. It looks really nice =D
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Oooh! Love the regal outfits!! You did an awesome job here!!!

Hehe! Mordred amuses me for some reason! X3
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I think it's because the clothes suit him. He's always acting like royalty anyway. XD
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Pff!!! :XD: Hilarious! And the intricacies you put into the robes are perfect. How long did this take you to make?

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Um, worked fairly solid on it from about 7PM to Midnight give or take a distraction.

Helped to have a couple photo references; and I still left out 80% of the detail. XD

And now I crash. *sleeps*
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*Pats the exhausted Liliy.* Ya done good, Percy. It looks great.
Sweet dreams and good rest.
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Awesome. XD I'm glad you went with the landscape, it just didn't work the other way. *nods*

And Wiglaf sparkles. XD
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