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TLK - Scar - Human by liliy TLK - Scar - Human by liliy
Scar from the Lion King

Ahem...meowthgal is not the only scar fan on this site. ^_- Hee hee. But she greatly inspired the drawing of him. ^^

^_^ well..its called an anthro when you turn a human into a furry...but what is it when you make a furry a human? ^^;; hee hee. That's what I did...took furry scar (b/c I can't draw lions. ^^;) (Wink) and made a human version of him....yup.

Overall, I like how it turned out, but I'm not happy with his hands at all. ^^;; But! I was too lazy to fix them...after the third time just tend to leave them. ^^ I do however, like how his hair and eyes turned out. ^^

So...tada...scar, human, nifty, ne? ^^
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AlysaurusTheSlyDog Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2011  Hobbyist
omg hes seeeexyyyy
DorkyGeneric-Nameplz Featured By Owner May 10, 2011
cowgirlem Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2003  Professional General Artist
Oh cool! Interesting Idea!! ^_^ I love um as Lions myself! I lik his har and facke claws!! When I do Gijinka's I tend to make them have the features they had as a animal but just make them take a humab form *shrug* But that's just me! Keep it up Liliy ^_~ Hug
kirbygurl Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2003
Nifty...Lovely!! #__# Scar rocks!! ^^
blackdragon6977 Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2003
omfg, i love scar... O_O *drools*
celarania Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2003
I love the little fake claws! I gt one a while ago volenteering. I put it on my pinky and became Docter Evil. O_o Anyway great job! I love the eyes!
meowthgal Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2003  Student
I have to agree with Volty, I adore how you portrayed him. Changing some of his lion-details into creative clothing items was just something I certainly could never come up with. A definate fav. of mine (and no, not just because I'm a Scar obsessee *snuggles her 2 IRL plushies* ) ^_^= Dang man, sometime in the future I'm going to have to beg you for another AT, because now I'm interested to see how you turn my other fav. furrie characters into anthros X3
aoibara Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2003
critter-to-human = gijinka, or so I adapted to such a term due to the time spent in the Digimon/Pokemon communities (though I more often hear of Pokemon gone human as "pokemorphs" but bleh, this is off the topic anyways =p (Razz) ).

I like the design concept of human Scar. n_n Very much like the tyrannical lion we know and love. I also like the addition of the bands around the elbows to match the tufts of fur on the actual character, and the hair on this guy just rocks. *wants to see the hyenas as humans* X3
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April 29, 2003
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