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Room of Maggots by Grey Liliy. A Horror Short Story, Approx. 5000 words. Self-Edited.

While retrieving a glass of wine for her husband's dinner party, Rosie finds herself trapped in the dark with a dead body when the door vanishes. With only a single light, and the smell of rotting flesh assaulting her senses--how is she to get out?


This is the product of forcing myself to write something in the first person.

I do not like the First Person point of view--in fact, I can rather say that I despise it. I barely tolerate reading it (though I will force myself if the subject appeals enough), and I can't stand writing in it.

However, I wanted to challenge myself--so I sat down and forced myself to write something in first person. A year or so later, I finally forced myself to edit the work and make it presentable enough to share.

If you need a true example of my disgust for this particular point of view, consider this: I forced myself to write in first person, and what came of it is a room full of maggots.

Edit: Fixed a sentence or two that slipped into 3rd person. :)
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I am so confused in such a good way.