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Pixael and Le'all

Pixael & Le'all © Liliy (me!)

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Another ten year time split drawing. XD One to go after this~ But I'm not doing it tonight. ^^

Let's see. Better proportions, outfit is basically the same...didn't go crazy.

Not happy with Le'all at all. Even after 10 years. XD *smacks him*

And yes, I stuck a random apostrophe in his name. So there!
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I love redrawing old things to see how much better I can make them. It makes me feel skilled.

Winking's a hard thing to draw. :/ Other than that, I think Le'all looks good. Unless he looks different in your head....
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His proportions are off. I think his body from the waist-down is bigger than it should be. ^^;;
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Hm, looks alright to me...
Still, such improvement from the 2001 picture. It's beautiful.