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Lorax - Try It For Size

By liliy
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The Once-ler & His Thneed from & © The Lorax

There are so many things I should have been doing instead of drawing this. Like sleeping. Or working. Or...or....


Yeah. I have a Once-ler problem. Is there a support group? XD

EDIT: Apparently I uploaded this on Earth Day, which was The Once-ler's fan-appointed birthday. XD Neat. Yay good timing!

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© 2012 - 2021 liliy
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This is adorable. I love Greed!ler's expression, it's surprisingly affectionate with a touch of "come to the dark siiiide", and Oncie looks quite cute here.I love the little details on the thneed and how the chain on the suit hangs, but my favorite part is the limbs here. THOSE LEGS. THOSE POSES. YES. YES VERY GOOD. I am a fan.
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I am in love with his lanky limbs. <3
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If there is a Once-ler support group, I'd like to know about it too. I just saw this movie yesterday and have been swept up in love for him. So thank you for the beautiful art <3 This is a gorgeous picture in keeping with that long thin style and I love the way you have coloured it!
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Dude. I haven't even seen the movie yet, and all this cute fan art is making me want to draw the Once-ler. XD

Those legs!
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I know right? XD The cute fanart is what made me look up clips which made me go to the movie which made more fanart. It's a vicious cycle. o_o
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Oh gosh, this is cute <3
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There is a support group for Oncest, lol. They'd probably eat this up! Coz it's so good! :)
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I really like this style! The lankiness suits your drawings really well!!
If this is a problem I'd say stick with it!,!!
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That's probably why I'm so addicted to drawing him. XD The style is way too much fun. <3
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Wunderbar! It's so cute ^w^
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I have no idea why but I am in love with this

also this just became my desktop background, your once-ler is so cute
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:iconmegustaplz:*Once-gasm* nuff' said X'DDD
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ASFLDGHSF! It's so cute! *squee*
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This is awesome :D
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Very cool. Oncie is all hesitant and Once-ler is saying that's alright.
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