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Lorax - Once-ler Looks Good In Green

By liliy
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The Once-ler from The Lorax (Film Ver.)

Guess what movie I saw yesterday? :D

My Lorax Journey:
1) Saw Trailer. Never heard of this particular Suess tale. Thought it looked okay & liked the lanky dude with the ax. Debated seeing.
2) Saw Nostalia Chick's destruction of the film and all it stood for and decided I'd wait for the DVD (she mentioned it was on par with Horton Hears a Who, which I happened to like quite a bit).
3) Saw a someone draw Once-ler in a green suit and went "Hold up. What is this?" as it appealed to my most-likely-existent suit fettish.
4) Saw the rest of the Once-ler fanart and fandom featuring this thing called "Greed-ler" and all sorts of fun-ness & delved further.
5) Came across this clip on Youtube of "How Bad Can I Be?" Aka The Once-ler's Villain song aka that thing the Nostalgia Chick DESPISED, and went : "Hot Damn." (You can watch it here until someone takes it down: [link] )

So yeah. My mind was made up & I saw the film that very afternoon. Loved it. XD I might actually have to write a blog post about it if I'm still fangirling tomorrow--especially since 'critics' are bashing it so hard right now, but the point is:

There is a REASON Once-ler has such a huge fan base. The guy is freaking adorable. o_o And He looks AMAZING in that suit.

Also. Ed Helms is hilarious.

Thank you.

EDIT: Fixed his coat-tail. The reference I was using made it look like a solid piece, but after watching "How Bad Can I Be?" A few more times I realized it did in fact have the standard split most coats like that have. It just does this weird rounded thing at the bottom. Looks great, hard to draw just right with low quality vids and him continually moving. Heh. So, not perfect, but better now. XD
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Yes, yes he does! I loooooove him in that suit... :iconhurrplz:
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I almost saw this movie with my younger cousin but a bad sore throat (could barely speak) made me stay home and had my dad take my place. On the plus side both of them loved it. My dad got a kick out of the Mission Impossible and other Suess stories nods that got put in. When I saw the Once-Ler in trailers I thought he looked cute. For some reason his design reminded me of one of the Jones brothers, might be the outfit and hat in that case. Though I'm waiting till it's on Comcast On Demand cause I want to save my money for the bigger summer movies like The Avengers (Iron Man is the best, nuff said) and Dark Knight Rises.
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Ha ha. It is good to have a proper movie budget. :3
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Yeah. I'm looking forward to them especially Avengers. Hoping me and my dad can get the special midnight showing the local comic shop is doing that one. I can't wait to see it cause then I post a video on my YouTube channel of my review of the movie. I've been needing to do that review stuff for movies, games, comics, manga, anime and other stuff I'm into.
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I'm glad that you didn't take Nostalgia Chick's word! You would have never made this awesome piece of fanart
What I don't get is when haters draw fanart of him. Makes no sense to me. Oh, well. Stupid, hating, jealous trolls.
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I'm glad I took the chance to see it, too. :D
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I wouldn't be surprised if the Once-ler has inspired a new W&M Character, possibly either a villain or an artifact spirit (My bet is on a artifact spirit, his style of clothing and the personality it inspires would suit a greedy spirit)
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Onceler is a beanpole. He is currently wearing green which is the color of money but also of beans. SO MUCH SENSE WAS MADE.

feel free to ignore this, I'm tired and crazy.
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Great job on the chain and stripes! Pinstripe pants are always a fave of mine. The background looks like you used Copic markers, so that's a treat, even though I know you didn't--it looks FAAAABULOUS! :D Red is always a win with me. X3
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Who doesn't love pinstripes? XD
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from the thumbnail i thought he was a new character you were going to be bringing into WaM as one of the artifacts. only mildly disappointed now that i know its just the Once-ler.
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You drew him awesome
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this looks awesome li! :D I love the suit you've drawn!
I've not seen the film myself - but it's one I do want to see :D

I really like his hands for some reason...
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I love the suit I've drawn. Why do villains (even anti-ones like Once-ler) have such good taste in clothes? :D
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there must be a villain outlet store they all go to... Mordred should go!!!! :D :D
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I know right? He's totally behind. *puts on cool shades*
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DUH! OF course! ONCE-LER IS LOVE and he is an Adonis! :3
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He is quite addictive. <3
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