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Close everything, silent patient
Close everything, numb everything
for the stitches were wrong
the stitches were rot
close everything numb everything
for the afternoon
the lunch
the upcoming birthday
have become heavy
heavy and laden with the
pains of the newest haunting of the hospital.
Close everything numb everything,
but at least try to do
a better job than the surgeon,
oh mortician.
Close everything,numb everything,
like the undilated eyes
of the wife
after the news
that ripped open
the minds of the family.
Close everything, numb everything,
oh work, oh routine
and think not of the
hitching its voice
like the grammar and the punctuaction
of all the emails and texts
to the relatives abroad.
Close everyrthing,
useless doctor,
but why?
it is time for the
:iconoviedomedina:oviedomedina 7 4
DFC 2018: 5. No Absolution
Disrepair and dissolution, naught a thought nor a conclusion,
Touches minds who breathe pollution, shredding love and evolution
“Oppression! Pain! Persecution!” Millions scream for Revolution.
Hatred, greed meet prosecution.
                                                There will be no absolution.
:iconkiwi-damnation:kiwi-damnation 6 8
Poems for My Uncle Dan
1. Sister
my mother is ten
and her brother
shows her how to build
a bike from spare parts
their hands move together
-circles rippling
through an open pond
later they would
test the hours against
a setting sun
wheels turning
long shadows
in the fading light
2. Family
four daughters
first the dawn
and then the sun
four sisters
to each side
-my uncle
in the middle
palms open
holding life
like water
in the shape
of his hands
3. Girlfriend
they meet
together in
another night
his hand touches
the bare
skin of her shoulder
the road follows
stretching blind
on both sides
she loves him
and she
4. Death
how does
this start?
with the car sputtering?
stuttered breath
that it still
had too far
left to drive?
his girlfriend watches
her eyes follow
his hand as
it opens the door
he steps
growing headlights blossom
bringing a death
that he does not see
5. Girlfriend on a Bus
she is
she watches
the length
of the road
pass by again
and she thinks
to herself
there a
:iconpelicandeath:PelicanDeath 4 9
Standing Through Lifes Storms by LibraryDragon8 Standing Through Lifes Storms :iconlibrarydragon8:LibraryDragon8 3 4
The Ubermensch in Armor
You just saw me take
five shots
in under a minute
and I am grabbing at your lapels
and begging
this is not who I am
you are a monolith
the übermensch in a coat of armor
and I am weak and willow
not even a thing that you can burn
like rifts in minor ballads
are never dark enough
to capture quite that quiet
of the red dress that I put on
I am a package for a prince
his father was a titan
and I was the riffraff
who saved his son
the empire rose
held glorious pose
we sang accolades to the savior
and I was starving
blue with suffocation
and now I am your robot
give me a shot
I spread my legs
the sobs are just a side effect
of a thing that you deserve
:icontiger--eyes:Tiger--eyes 4 15
I used to call it
eating only unsaid words
watching smoke billow
    from the bathtub,
    the bed
the line on the decanter
falling, hour by hour
I learned to swallow words
to let my body eat itself
until stars encroached
and hollows grew too deep
and the lithe was glory,
    art to hungry fingertips
    a sculpture titled:
    the satiety of words unsaid
:icontiger--eyes:Tiger--eyes 21 2
Every Fall is Deadly (DFC Day 11: Ya Du)
Death is crispy.
Every leaf,
any flower
comes showering
down, dead or dying.
:iconkadreshi:Kadreshi 1 7
observable limits
time as a staircase:
ascending, descending steps
reach between dim plots,
between rooms
and lights on the veranda
where every blade of grass becomes a garden;
every garden decays
swallowed back into the mouth and mortar
of a learned star
drifting in, floating out
backward, forward
between forefinger and thumb,
held up, pinched narrow
born into perception
parsecs, in speckled space
unfolding a universe
:iconnawkaman:nawkaman 21 7
Hedwig on books Paper Sculpture - Harry Potter by KarineDiot Hedwig on books Paper Sculpture - Harry Potter :iconkarinediot:KarineDiot 65 10 Lemon tea (Wingardium Leviosa!) by dinabelenko Lemon tea (Wingardium Leviosa!) :icondinabelenko:dinabelenko 256 14 Reindeer (Powdered sugar) by dinabelenko Reindeer (Powdered sugar) :icondinabelenko:dinabelenko 114 6
DD Discussion on December 15
The Holiday period can be quite frazzling for a lot of people.  If reading helps you unwind, you should definitely check out some of the great Literature Daily Deviations from last month.  Then treat yourself right and take the time for a stimulating but non-stressful discussion with your fellow DeviantArt community members.
All are invited to the CRLiterature chat room this Saturday, December 15 from 11am-1pm Pacific Time - see what that is in your time zone here.  Keep reading to the bottom of this journal for the short list of November literature DDs that will be discussed.
We believe that discussion with friends and peers is a valuable part of how a reader expe
:iconjessamar:JessaMar 4 3
Countdown by yuumei Countdown :iconyuumei:yuumei 82,169 7,668 Conversation by BeatrizMartinVidal Conversation :iconbeatrizmartinvidal:BeatrizMartinVidal 599 27

Random from Accepted DD Suggestions

:Farewell letter: by Blookarot :Farewell letter: :iconblookarot:Blookarot 218 18 Reflection by NicoDauk Reflection :iconnicodauk:NicoDauk 431 37
Mature content
After breakfast :iconjessamar:JessaMar 28 18
recovery crawl
is kinder 
than leaving.
sometimes I wish
your last words were 
a hand against my cheek,
a fist to my chest, 
an arm around my neck,
nails on my wrist.
the ache more real
and easy 
to find. 
every night I ache and
I point all over. 
mostly my heart,
mostly my mind,
to the words stuck 
that won’t loosen 
that wedge themselves
in my teeth and fall out when
I’m drunk,
in his lap. he doesn’t need them, boy
that loves me until his
teeth rot, who says I don’t
deserve you who constricts 
my waist with his hands and who
whispers I love you before 
we fuck. he’s got courage like
the front lines of warfare, 
throwing himself into the densest dark
he’s ever felt up. thinking he can 
map it and find me waiting 
white and red on the other side.
the boy that says I love you knowing
he will gnaw the silent night
in return. who says it anyway. 
what does he do w
:iconkaitforest:KaitForest 147 21
Mature content
My Ex, Beretta :iconmozartsnemesis:MozartsNemesis 46 11
Falling Spark pt.1
They called him a hero, said that he was an example of the Empire, and lauded his actions for the good of the Sahalyian people. He had single-handedly brought down a great evil and saved the life of one of the Emperor's sons, a shining beacon of wisdom and justice that they all looked to for leadership in such troubling times. With war to the east and rebellion stirring in the Empire, Captain Lassiter was an inspiration to them all.
Or something like that. Frederic wasn't actually paying attention.
The orator had been going for nearly half an hour now as the noble lords and ladies in attendance looked politely interested, and the subject of their praise grew slowly more and more wooden in appearance. He was at least dressed for the occasion, but the man held to the belief that a dressmaker’s dummy would've looked more appropriate in the expensive hosiery he wore. He thought that same dummy would have made a far more interesting dinner companion among the nobility than him, but as
:icontinkertype:tinkertype 43 26
The Third Sibling
I don’t know why I assumed
it would be a boy. Intuition,
maybe. Or perhaps, little
brothers were all I knew.
My third sibling paused
in the first trimester
and never hit play: a frozen
picture on the ultrasound.
Mom came home, stole
to bed, and shut the door
with a clack soft as thunder.
My third sibling is a silence,
forgotten outside the quiet
moments alone, when I wonder
what his name was.
:iconsilverinkblot:SilverInkblot 167 78
Miles to Go
“Can you move your leg over the edge of your bed?”
Already it’s been roughly two weeks since my rail platform accident. Still I’m bedridden, still my left leg is all plaster and bandages, and already I’m growing dangerously thin by comparison to my usually slim build.
I concentrate all of my energy into moving my leg. That’s when the excruciating pain quite literally kicks in, taking the form of a spontaneous muscle spasm.
I don’t flash back completely, but my leg does. I feel terrified and am ashamed when I break down crying with childlike abandon. But Jessica doesn’t scold me the way the therapist in the hospital did. Her voice, colored by a hearty Michigan accent, contains realism and optimism in equal measure.
“That’s all I need from you today,” she says, placing one hand on my shoulder and one on my leg. “I just wanted to see where you’re at.”
:iconhopeburnsblue:hopeburnsblue 106 74
A Sudden Flight
Ink-black birds scatter,
Writing lines of free verse
Across a paper sky.
:iconfrank-jaspers:Frank-Jaspers 206 93
Roar by LeneMa7991 Roar :iconlenema7991:LeneMa7991 607 141
Frozen Faith
    Hand carts are a strange mode of transportation; the longer you use them, the lighter they get, the lighter they get, the harder they are to move.  I've been pushing mine for three months.  Mine feels like I've got an entire team of oxen in it, but it's just my little Lucy.  I'm not even sure there's any food left in it.
    It's November.  Had we stayed in England this would be crisp, fall weather.  Green would have given way to royal scarlets and golds.  The only red I see now are the prints of my bare feet in the knee high snow.
    I push on.  Brother Brigham has called as all to Zion in the tops of the mountains.  Captain Martin thinks we'll get to the valley before Thanksgiving.  I told him the day we get there would be thanks giving.
    Last night we ate my boots and put my socks on Lucy's hands.  She can barely move them.  I pray to God at every foot fall that I can pull just onc
:iconpsycocat:psycocat 30 35
Peanut Adaar by perditionxroad Peanut Adaar :iconperditionxroad:perditionxroad 972 55 Something of Nothing by autumnicity Something of Nothing :iconautumnicity:autumnicity 340 62
How to Write a First Draft Without Perfectionism
Maybe you’ve heard that first drafts are supposed to suck, but what does that really mean? What does a sucky first draft look like? How do you allow yourself to suck? Why would you even want to allow yourself to write something that sucks in the first place?
Because otherwise, you’ll most likely be crippled by the writer’s arch nemesis: perfectionism.
Did you just cringe? We all experience it when we sit down to write, arrange everything just so, type a sentence or two (or a bit more if you’re lucky), and then it strikes—your inner editor. It smacks you across the face and demands that you fix that grammar mistake right now. 
Or worse, you’ve written multiple chapters of your epic novel when you suddenly get a great idea for a new direction to take the story that will make it so much better! But you can’t just keep writing as if you’d written in that awesome new idea from the beginning. No, your inner editor screams at
:iconilluminara:illuminara 357 134
How to Suggest a Daily Deviation by ItsaBumbleDee How to Suggest a Daily Deviation :iconitsabumbledee:ItsaBumbleDee 219 94



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:sing: On the Third Day of Features, DA Gave to Me :sing:

Poems from this year's ProjectDFC!

DFC - Day 12 - moon-stillmoon-
on ashes;
numbly, your name falls
adder-dead on my lips, ashes
(f a l l)ing on my tongue, stain-black my teeth, stifle my speech
black as the petals - black as your laugh - black as the ice - (your ice) - of the tears of the moon
We Come with LoveCome lay me down upon your bed
to consummate the bonds that wed
to each the other, let us show
the love that only souls can know:
From halves, a whole new life is bred.
To drink from lips of rosy red
while hands acquaint with flesh has led
to beg our passion overflow—
Come lay me down.
And from the other, pleasure pled
through song of voice and arms to shed
our loneliness in passion’s throe
until at last, euphoric glow
in aftermath of where we tread…
Come lay me down.
DFC 2018: 5. No AbsolutionDisrepair and dissolution, naught a thought nor a conclusion,
Touches minds who breathe pollution, shredding love and evolution
“Oppression! Pain! Persecution!” Millions scream for Revolution.
Hatred, greed meet prosecution.
                                                There will be no absolution.

You can find the rest of the entries for 2018 HERE
and the challenge sheet HERE.

Join in on the #12DaysofFeatures event hosted by communityrelations!
Get all the details here: 12 Days of Features 2018: Share art and spread joy

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