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Humanized Jazz

Humanized version of G1 Jazz for :iconpharaohxyuugi: I used refs for the gun and shamelessly traced the sunglasses from a pic from Google. I gave up trying to freehand that bit. :faint:

Since my humanized version of Prowl is a cop, I figured Jazz could be a detective. Or spy, now that I think about it.
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MRW0RLDWIDE's avatar
-mummers- no wonder he's second in command <3
cookiegirl14's avatar
so, is this prowl? it cool though.
Iliaytira5006's avatar
I think I like the way you did Jazz better than you did Prowl, he seems to have more life and personality to him. Great job!
loaves's avatar
This is really cool!!
DragonmanX-90's avatar
Love the shades. Det. Jazz, that has a nice ring to it. "If you're gonna do anything, do it with style"
primenatorgirl217's avatar
...He looks like that dude from Men in Black. :iconyayzplz:
Juliapopstar's avatar
I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVE YOOOOOOOUUU-R humanized Jazz. XD So b-a-d-a-s-s!!!
Shearkin's avatar
haha wonderfull work!! :D :D looks so cool!! :D
MoonWalker00's avatar
gjdshgsdhhgsk! Oh, this...bloody hell, this is just awesome! :heart:
foureverdreaming's avatar
Jazzninja545's avatar
oh hell to the yes!! :D Awesome! he looks epic!!
PharaohxYuugi's avatar
Woah, thank you so much, you finished him! *hugs* The funny thing is, if it weren't for the ID I would have thought of him as a criminal, one of the high ups of course, mind you. XD It's just by the way he wears his shirt and holds his weapon. Maybe even the weapon itself. So maybe, spy would be the best thing because as that he has to act as a criminal sometimes I guess? XD Anyway, I LOVE the cocky way he looks. And you did not forget of the cool glasses. XD Great work! *hugs*
liliwen's avatar
I guess he does look a bit like a criminal. :D I guess since he's a saboteur he has to do some shifty things sometimes like you said. So it fits. lol The one thing I really wanted to give him was a grin/smirk. I'm glad it turned out; mouths are one of the hardest parts of the face to draw, for me. And can't forget his glasses. :D
PharaohxYuugi's avatar
Well, I say you got it all perfectly down. The only thing I would personally have loved more would have been if Jazz had at least a bit longer hair, HOWEVER when you think about the fact that he is at least some kind of member for a police force, his short hair is perfect, because I imagine that they usually have short cut code or something like that, just like soldiers. Though it's just my guessing. ^^; Anyway, if I see it the way I am guessing it might be, then the hair is just perfect as well. It's just I am a sucker for longer hair. XD
Abejorro97's avatar
Awesome! I love Jazz
dinosapien's avatar
Wow, Liliwen, your photoshop skills have improved a lot! I'm not a Transformers fan but you did an awesome job with this digital painting! Really like the shading!
liliwen's avatar
Thanks! It's good to know I'm improving. I think drawing humans helps a lot. :D
dinosapien's avatar
Yeah, I saw your Mortis with Pax picture, and I can tell that it does help you improve! Mortis looked exactly like he was in the show! :) I didn't comment on it but I really liked it :D
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