Commissions: OPEN [Updated 2019]

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Pixel Icons V1

400 Mini Points Icon by Gasara/ $4.00
CORE: Android 15 icon by LiliumLilyy Icon Commission: Minty-Berri by LiliumLilyy

Button Eye Version:
Icon Commission: IzzyArt54 by LiliumLilyy

[blinking animation included, and please choose between regular or button eyes! If not stated, then I will chose regular!]

Extra animation: +100 Mini Points Icon by Gasara / $1.00
Icon Commission: PrinceMarshall by LiliumLilyy Icon Commission: PrinceDoodles by LiliumLilyy Icon Commission: Fluu-chan by LiliumLilyy Icon Gift: SilentBunnny by LiliumLilyy Icon Commission: kunniki by LiliumLilyy Icon Commission: kunniki 2 by LiliumLilyy

Expressions for these icons include:
' A ' ) ' v ' ) ' o ' ) ' ^ ' ) ' . ' ) ' w ' ) ` . ´ ) ` v ´)

Pixel Cursors SWEET-ness Icon 04 by Gasara

500 Mini Points Icon by Gasara/ $5.00
Android 15 Cursor! by LiliumLilyy Cursor Commission: Zerro by LiliumLilyy
I can also make it so you can use it as a document/folder icon as well!
[blinking animation included, please choose between happy, neutral, or sad expression!]

Pixel Icons V2

500 Mini Points Icon by Gasara/ $5.00
New Icon Style V2 by LiliumLilyy

[blinking animation included]

Custom Page Dolls

(± 200x200 pixels)
2000 Mini Points Icon by Gasara/ $20.00

Anything CRAZY detailed is $5.00-$10.00/500-1000 Mini Points Icon by Gasara more!!

Digital Sketch Commissions

Headshot: $10 USD / 1000 Mini Points Icon by Gasara
Halfbody: $15 USD / 1500 Mini Points Icon by Gasara
Fullbody: $25 USD / 2500 Mini Points Icon by Gasara
Sketch Commission: Katsumi-chu by LiliumLilyy REQUEST 2 ~ TARU SAN by LiliumLilyy REQUEST 14 ~ MILA by LiliumLilyy REQUEST 8 ~ ERIS by LiliumLilyy

Fully Colored Commission

Headshot: $25 USD / 2500 Mini Points Icon by Gasara
Halfbody: $40 USD / 4000 Mini Points Icon by Gasara
Fullbody: $60 USD / 6000 Mini Points Icon by Gasara
S I M U L A T I O N by LiliumLilyy [SPEEDPAINT] C: Egg-san by LiliumLilyy K U M A by LiliumLilyy C: Shiyoma by LiliumLilyy
I N  B L O O M by LiliumLilyy [SPEEDPAINT] AT: Zewdi by LiliumLilyy s p i d e r by LiliumLilyy [SPEEDPAINT] C: hippiefreakeater by LiliumLilyy

Emofuri Animation Commissions

6500-8000 Mini Points Icon by Gasara/ $65.00-$80.00

These can be used for profiles as well!
C: Kavasiki [CLICK!] by LiliumLilyy C: THXCC [CLICK!] by LiliumLilyy C: Zerro [CLICK!] by LiliumLilyy

Click here for more info:…

If you're looking for custom (hand drawn) animations like this:
S T A R E I N T O S P A C E by LiliumLilyy A W A K E N by LiliumLilyy C l i m b by LiliumLilyy
Please note me regardless so we can discuss more and I'll give you a quote!

Reference Sheets

2500 Mini Points Icon by Gasara / $25.00-$60.00
Please note me for an exact quote on these~
C.O.R.E. - Android 15 Model Sheet by LiliumLilyy C.O.R.E. - Android 21 Model Sheet by LiliumLilyy
RS Commission: Ardra222 by LiliumLilyy RS Commisson: sloth-hatter by LiliumLilyy


♪ Add $5.00 ($15.00 full colored) for each additional character~!

SWEET-ness Icon 01 by Gasara Note me these details: SWEET-ness Icon 01 by Gasara Exclamation Emote by Gasara

Commission: (ex: Icon with extra animation, Half Body flat colored, etc..)
*Expression: (*for V1 icons only)
Reference: (pictutres only)
Points or Paypal:
Anything else?: (special details I need to know)

I do NOT draw: Anger Emote by Gasara

R 18+/Naked pictures (yuri or yaoi OK)
Your character paired with a character from a real anime (friends are OK)
Super gore or guts spilling out (blood is fine)
Mecha Robots (Gundam, etc..)
I will NOT draw anything I feel uncomfortable with.
I do have the right to turn down your commission request.

Please remember to note me all the necessary details!
Any questions please ask.

D I G I T A L E Y E S [PIXEL] by LiliumLilyy

PS : Don't ask if you can commission me, because of course you can and that's a silly question.

© 2013 - 2021 LiliumLilyy
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HarleyTheHamster's avatar

hello! are these open? also if i got a reference sheet, would that be considered a custom? because i don’t have a human oc to get a ref sheet of

LiliumLilyy's avatar
Yes I am open! You can note me and we can discuss more!
PharaohFaro's avatar
Oh,are your commissions still open? Х)
LiliumLilyy's avatar
dollibon's avatar
are these still open? omg
LiliumLilyy's avatar
Yes they areee~ :heart:
Mayoomi's avatar
type: pixel icon v2
refs:   Kishi | Commission by Mochilli   Commission - Blue Bunny by iGalactical
LiliumLilyy's avatar
Please note me this info along with your type of payment!
Mayoomi's avatar
What do you mean by that? Sorry if I sound a bit stupid
LiliumLilyy's avatar
A note, on my front page there's a button in the corner where you can send me a private message by note~
Nippono's avatar
May I note you about commissioning a pagedoll?
lunastyczna's avatar
can I get page doll of this oc ---> Design ?
 in points of course 
LiliumLilyy's avatar
Sure, please note me these details! :heart:
Milizapiainc's avatar
oh these are absolutly adorable! i would like to order a pixel icon v1! i'll send the note!
Marritime's avatar
Hello! Are you still open? Just want to make sure haha
LiliumLilyy's avatar
Marritime's avatar
Great, I'll note you! 
Undead-Autumn's avatar
How much would it be for a couples icon for Pixel Icons V2?
1zara-uchiha1's avatar
Would it possible to get a full body digital sketch?
I have a small character sheet ready for her as I don't actually have any art of her yet T^T
Is that okay?
LiliumLilyy's avatar
That's fine! Note me details about the character! :)
1zara-uchiha1's avatar
On second thought... could I do a reference sheet instead??
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