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subject: CD Art Display skin
software: CD Art Display, adobe photoshop CS5

This skin has been ported from the wonderful work of cypher7 for bowtie.
Give him all credits.

And now, also CDA users can enjoy it.
For covergloobus users, another porting is here
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hast du eine dt. anleitung dafür?
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ich habe auch nicht gesagt dass du es machen musst, es war nur eine bitte!!
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Ahhh, das kam halt nur anders rüber.
Wie gesagt, ich habe keine Freigabe. Müsste mir entweder was eigenes basteln (geht mangels Zeit gerade nicht) oder einen anderen Fragen, der mir die Freigabe erteilt.

Deswegen hatte ich ja den Do-It-Yourself Tipp gegeben. Damit umgeht man alle Probleme, verstehste. ;)
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there are no toolbar, progressbar, thats not good.
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It's extrem minimalistic! If u need one, have a look at 'Zukunft Condensed' Bowtie Theme and do it yourself. It's not as hard as u think ... ;)
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why do you have it not intergrate when its so easy?
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I did, but I didn't released it, cause I got no permissions from Laurent Bauman to use his script.

And btw. dA is not a place for: "you wish - I build" this is an inspirational place. And I don't integrate every individual need for somebody - I did it this minimalistic way 'cause that's what I like/need.

P.S.: Are you german or is your signature a fake?
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great, really great!! is the wall within?
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Great! But it wont fit lots of wallpaper :( !
May i have the Wall on the ss ? :)
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Use this one here -> [link]
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Very creative of the skin ~
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