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This is made as a quide to help you sell your art. Please check out my other Journals On how to be a better look out for my upcoming journals: Tips on how to be a better writer and tips on getting published. Also if you would comment and tell me how you feel about all this information. Did i miss something? To over whelming? Just right?

Remember getting your art exposed is an important role in selling your art. There are many ways and sites for your to not only show off your art but sell as well.

:bulletred: Try some online store:

These are free to list
:bulletyellow:Yardsellr:  Easy to list and sell. The blocks are kinda annoying but its gives you a etsy and ebay importer and it has an exporter for and D&K. You can also link your email and facebook page, make tweets, and pins. plus you get bonus money to spend on the site
These cost some money to list and possble other fees;
:bulletyellow: Etsy: a good all things craft site. it cost like 20 cent to list something
:bulletyellow: Ebay: a popular place for shoppers but is cluddered by so many items to buy. also costs to list
:bulletyellow: Amazon:
:bulletyellow: Craigslist: : I wouldnt recomend this for younger users but i have sold a few things this way and its worth a try. In certain cities, people use Craigslist for everything. Think of it as the world's largest classified ad.
:bulletyellow: Zibbet: Here is another site where you can set up a shop and sell your items

I Havent used these sites yet but as i do ill have the information about them and if you use them please let me know what you think.
:bulletyellow: Yessy – buy, sell art gallery
:bulletyellow: Foliotwist – ready made art websites w/Paypal shopping cart built in you can sell your art and crafts here
:bulletyellow: DailyOriginal… – feature one piece of art each day on the site. vary simple site for selling art.
:bulletyellow: Art Brokerage Sell all kinda of art. Paintings, prints, jewelry, ect.
:bulletyellow: Art-exchange – high end artwork. This site is designed for professional art buyers and dealers.
:bulletyellow: Discover Original Art Buy and Sell Art
:bulletyellow: Zatista: sell art here
:bulletyellow: Artweb: store
:bulletyellow: Storeenvy: store
:bulletyellow: Society6: pod
:bulletyellow: ArtFire: store
:bulletyellow: Zhibit: store
:bulletyellow: BigCartel: store
:bulletyellow: TopHatter: auction house
:bulletyellow: Payvment: store

:bulletred: Creat your own website:

There are a few site where you can make your own website here i some that i know of:
:bulletyellow: Wix- this site gives you the option to have a free site or to buy for premium
:bulletyellow: Go-Daddy-… This site you have to pay a small fee for a domain name
:bulletyellow: Izzonet: set up websites

These are places you can sell to the local public.

:bulletred: Swap Meets/ Flea Markets/Farmer's Markets
These are a type of bazaar held indoors or outdoors where you rent a space to sell your goods. These markets can vary greatly, so it's a good  idea to do a little research first. Here's a link to a site that searches for markets by area.…

:bulletred: Art and Craft Shows, Expos, Festivals, Fairs
This could provide opportunities to network with others or just meet people with common interest. Here's a link to a site that searches for these events in your area . Here's a site link that does searches and has helpful articles.
Art Galleries and Groups: Heres a link to find galleries and groups:

:bulletred: Ask local shops and businesses to display your work/Consignment:
Many thrift stores and some localy owed store will offer commisions this is called consignment

:bulletred: Advertising
Adwords – Google's advertising program.  If you have a website where you sell your work, Adwords is a highly effective way of targeting those looking for art to buy.

:bulletred: Enter competitions: There are lots of different kinds of sites that host compitions. DA also host many different compitions
Here are some photography sites that host competitions:
(you can also use this site to sell stock images) worldphoto organization
these are magazine sites that host comps. many magazine site will host compitions from time to time these will also be good for learning tips in photography and learning about new gear.
:bulletyellow: popphoto:
:bulletyellow: outdoorphotographer:
:bulletyellow: Artshow: art shows and exibits

:bulletred: Search for local compitions in your area:…
these sites post regularly on compitions online:
:bulletyellow: Artistnetwork:…
:bulletyellow: Art show:

Places to Sell Your Photography Article:…

:bulletred: Submit to stock photo and imaging sites/ POD Sites:POD sites are Print On Demand - which means that as an artist all I have to do is design something up load it and when a customer finds it - either through a web search, Facebook, or directly from my own marketing activities, they place an order and the product is then printed and shipped to the customer - all I have to do is collect a check.
:bulletyellow: Deviantart is a POD site - when someone orders a print of an artists work they print it and send the artist the check.  Depending on how active the artist wants to be in marketing their own work will determine how much money they will make.  Using key words and good descriptions of the art helps place the product in searches and helps people see the art to buy it.

:bulletyellow: iStockPhoto - can be a bit of a challenge to join. You have to join their site, read their manual, and take a quiz. Then you have to submit samples of your best work, and if accepted, you can start selling your photos. If you sell to multiple sites, you can earn 15% through iStockPhoto, but if you decide to become exclusive to their site, then you can earn anywhere between a 22-45% royalty rate on your photos. If you fulfill certain requirements, you can sell your images to the entire Getty Images Family.

:bulletyellow: ShutterStock - It is free to contribute. All you have to do is sign up, and you can earn anywhere from $0.25 all the way up to $28.00 per image download. This can be very lucrative if your images are common or very general in subject, while being professional at the same time.

:bulletyellow: Fotolia… - Fotolia has a huge library of images available for professionals. You can sign up for a free account. Then, you just upload your images and give them relevant tags. Fotolia breaks down your ability to earn into 2 categories. The first one is for single image downloads and you can earn anywhere from 20%- 63% for each image, but this rate depends on if you are exclusive to Fotolia, and what your ranking is. The second rate is for when your image is sold via subscription download. You can earn 0.25 credits to 0.40 credits.

:bulletyellow: Shutterfly… - Shutterfly does things a little differently. Instead of selling your photos directly on their site, you pay an annual fee and they allow you to set up a gallery to market and sell your photos. The nice part about this is that you pay a reasonable annual fee to set up your gallery. $99 gets you 5GB of hosting space for your images, and $199 per year gives you unlimited hosting space, so if you have a very large collection of photography that you would like to sell, that package is for you. Another great aspect is that you set your own prices for your photos, which means that you make what you want to make from your work. People can order prints of your work and you get paid, or they can buy your work via digital download.

:bulletyellow: ShutterPoint… - Shutterpoint makes it easy to join and start selling your photos immediately. All you have to do is sign up. They also accept all types of photos, so there isn't a test or acceptance process before you can start selling. They also mention a bulk upload tool, so you can upload many photos quickly. They have a payout rate of 85% for Full Royalty Free images, and 70% for Standard Royalty Free images.

:bulletyellow: BigStockPhoto… - This site allows you to sign up, but you have to complete a tutorial before you can begin uploading your images. Before you start selling your images on BigStockPhoto, their review team must approve them. Pay As You Go purchases will pay you 30% of the US dollar price when someone downloads a single image. This can equal up to $29.70. When someone buys your image using BigStock credits, you will receive $0.50 for every credit spent.

:bulletyellow: 123RF - 123RF is another good site where you can sell your photos. Simply sign up, upload your images, and you get paid depending on how they downloaded your photo. If someone pays for your photo with credits, then you receive 50% of the selling price. If they download your photo when they are on a subscription plan, then you will receive $0.36 per download.

:bulletyellow: Dreamstime - Dreamstime allows anyone to become a member, but to sell your photos, your work has to be reviewed and you have to be accepted. The pay that you receive depends on the level that you photos are on when they sell. Every image starts at level 0 and the more times the image is downloaded, the higher its level will increase. Each level has a percentage, based on certain criteria. The whole process is rather complicated, and to understand, it would be best to view the chart on their website. There are 5 levels, and different pay scales depending on size.

:bulletyellow: Corbis - Corbis is a professional stock photography site that also allows for photography submissions. The difference here is that they are very vague on the details of being a contributor. You have to fill out an application, but it doesn't say anywhere on the site what your compensation will be, the rates, how it works, or any details. Corbis is not as user-friendly and straightforward about compensation as the other sites listed here are.

:bulletyellow: CanStockPhoto… - CanStockPhoto makes it easy to sell your photos online. Sign up for an account, fill out an application, and once you are accepted, you can begin uploading your photos quickly. You also receive money for referring other photographers. Exclusive rights photos earn 50% commission, and different sized images and assets earn different amounts of commission. To see a detailed list, click here.

:bulletyellow: DepositPhotos… - DepositPhotos makes it quick and easy to get started with selling you images. Sign up for an account, pass a quick exam (they assure you that it is easy), and then you can start uploading images. The only snag is that each image has to be approved before it is officially displayed on the site to be sold. Their pay scale is similar to that of Dreamstime, where your images increase in level when they sell a certain amount. The higher the level is, the more money you make from each sale. They have a chart with examples available on their site. One stand out feature that they have is that you can sell vector images as well, but you have to upload them in the format specified.

:bulletyellow: CafePress used to be the BEST ONE EVER - not so anymore - it can be free, BUT they only pay 10% of the sale to the artist - You can set your own prices if you host your store on a website and redirect to their cafepress store like I do - here is the one store I redirect FARFROMUSEN [link]    I also have several other stores that I just use Cafepress URL's  - I have not done anywork on these stores for some time - (years) and I get checks each month - Another downfall of Cafepress - it allows people to right click on the designs and save to their computers - I find my tee shirt designs ALL OVER Facebook with no credits back to my site at all - very frustrating that people love the saying and have no idea they can buy it on a tee shirt

:bulletyellow: Zazzle -  - this one is good - you can set your own prices - it is a little harder in setting up the stores - but it can be done if you are good at CSS it will be easy to do a great store front.the products are wonderful - and varied - you can do skateboards, binders, coffee mugs a lot of cool things - and it is all free!  -

:bulletyellow: greetingcarduniverse - -  now this one the pay varies depending on where the customer comes from - they have several sites they advertise - Big Dates is one of them - and the card commissions can be 15 cents to 60 cents - it goes down if they have coupons or buy a lot at once - it was easier to get a card approved for sale since then they have started a review process, they don't take all cards submitted and they will go back through stores and decline cards they once accepted - EVEN IF THEY HAVE SOLD!  which is frustrating - but they now have thousands of artists and I have no idea how many cards -

:bulletyellow: Red Bubble - - awesome tee shirt site  

:bulletyellow: Smug Mug This is another place you can set your prices and change things. The bad part about smug mug is you pay $150.00 a year for it and they only pay out once you get $100.00 For Photography

:bulletyellow: Zenfolio costs $100 a year - BUT You can show unlimited client galleries, I can make them private, I can sell from their, set my own prices, I can sell art prints, I can do coupons, packages and a lot more!

:bulletyellow:  … high quality printing & framing, community, and marketing tips.

:bulletyellow: POD site

:bulletred: Online Galleries:
:bulletyellow: Foliolink: online gallery
:bulletyellow: RawArtist: networking and online showcase

:bulletred: Networking & Blogging; go to networking functions at local museums & art galleries or online networking to get yourself out there. DA is also a good networking site. Networking helps get you out there people can see you your that they might never have seen. Take advantage of this by sharing and taking the opertunity to meet others. It always helps to know somebody.
:bulletyellow: Pintrest:
:bulletyellow: Facebook:
:bulletyellow: Twitter:
:bulletyellow: Tumblr:
:bulletyellow: ArtistNetwork:
:bulletyellow: Spitestitch: these is a blog and forum site for stichers. you can use these to post pics of your work and add links to where people can buy them
:bulletyellow: Flickr: Here you can post and share your photos a good way to get our image out there.
:bulletyellow:http Wordpress: // Blog

If all else

:bulletred: Try art consulting and ecourses:
:bulletyellow: Artbusiness: This may get pricy i would say that this is for advanced artists that would like to take it to the next level.
:bulletyellow: THE ABUNDANT ARTIST: is a good website to read blogs about how to sell art and they also offer a ecourse  I found some good advice here… and they offer coaching by the founder of the website:…

The sites Yardsellr:  ;,   ,Da…:  o… a phone line to call so you can talk with someone to learn how to sell your products faster.

:bulletred: Read some articles about what people have to say about selling art and getting into galleries
DA is also a good place to learn about selling art: here are some other good links to articles in getting into a gallery:
:bulletyellow:  Artbistro:… ,
:bulletyellow:  Art Business… ,
:bulletyellow:… ( FASO is a blog site about selling art )
:bulletyellow: – the most comprehensive guide to selling paintings on the internet. They also Feature art work.
:bulletyellow:– a marketing guide book for artists

When selling online you would like to get paid for your art. Here are some sites that offer online payments:

:bulletyellow: WePay: payments online
:bulletyellow: PayPal:

I have not tried all these sites though I am working on it and has I do I will Continue to update this. If I miss anything or if you try a website before me please let me know your experiance so I can add it to the update and also if you know of any other good sites that i miss feel free to send me a link

I did not gather all this knowledge on my own i would like to thank From My Jungle Studios:… angelaleonetti:… making the journal Selling Stock Images:… &  Where to Sell Your Art:… and quasi-virtuoso:… making the journal ways-to-sell-art…;. I have taken these and some of my own knowledge to make a super journal to help sell art. As i learn of more site i will continue to add them here. Please feel free to let me know of any sites to add to help our fellow devaints.
© 2012 - 2021 LilithsSmile
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thank you. regrettably life has taken me away for a bit and i havent logged on in months. im actually going to be shutting down this page soon and making another. i may keep it up so people can still get the article though
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I sell on storenvy. The site is awesome. Store design is easy to meddle with,great community, its FREE, products turn up at the top in search engines and however trivial the problem the support team always replies,almost immediately. I know I sound like a rep :):) Nope!! the site is awesome:)
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What a great list! :)
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Thanks for all the info!

Etsy isn't going well for me, and I'm still stuck in retail, so can't get the time off to do shows more than onc or twice a year-I'll have to try to figure some of those sites. Thank you for delineating so many options!
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your welcome :) i hope that many of these sites help you out in the future :)
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