Highlights of the week -35th Edition 2014

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Red Roses to your feet,
soft fragrance of incense floods your realm
while the candles flicker with the wind,
Ancient hymns are sung for you by unforgivable souls...
Lilith,forbidden Goddess of the Sheol,
your eternal walk is bounded to the night,
the stars wane their glow before you,
your beauty glistens bathed by the moonlight,
merciless dark angel with seductive smile,
your crimson kisses unleash bliss,
enrapturing men with the psalm of your hips
enshrouding them with your wicked desire,
plethoric ecstasy between your arms
surrendering their souls to you...

Hail to Lilith the Immortal Queen!


Lilith's Realm 2 by Villenueve   Stamp for Lilith's Realm by PhantomShayle

This is our 35th Highlighs of the week edition!

Enjoy the best jobs this week :star:

Mystery. Moon goddess by Vasylina

Leaving Wonderland by Poetrymann  

Fallen by Shinobinaku  

Mature Content

Stunted by AbbeyMarie


Gothica by Iardacil

Thank you for sharing this excellent works in our Lilith's Home

:iconvampirekingdom: Security Chief at Lilith's Realm

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J-u-d-a-s's avatar
Thank you so much for the feature :skull::heart::rose: 
Poetrymann's avatar
Thanks very much for including my art!
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absolutely beautiful works from our members :heart:
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Superb Highlights of the week edition my dearest sister!,thank you to my wonderful staff!:hug:
Congratulations to our Highlights of the week artists!:clap: