Highlights of the Month: Halloween Edition 2014

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Highlights of the Month: Halloween-Day of the Dead Edition!

Lilith's Realm 2 by Villenueve   Stamp for Lilith's Realm by PhantomShayle

Lilith, Immortal Queen...  

Dark Goddess,
bewitching creature of sweet smile,
your eyes have caught men's soul
while your lips have made them your slaves,
the soft cadence of your hips
weave a velvet blanket,
unleashing their craving  for possessing you,
they fall to your knees
surrendering to you,
lost in ecstasy and desire,
trying to subjugate you with lust
and unpleasant demands,
wanting you to be the servant,
imagining you belong to them
without knowing and understanding
that you are superior to men,
your rose fragrance
intoxicate the ones who want owning you
crimson kisses deceive their thoughts
while your delicate hands caress their bodies
and leading them towards the sheol,
Where men realize the power you hold,
An immortal Queen reigning in her own paradise...

:rose:   :rose:    :rose:

Liliths-Realm continues growing wonderfully and there is no day in which the superb art from our artists makes me speechless and marveled.

As Guardian of this home -which I love deeply- we try offering the best of dark art for our dark Mother Lilith, this edition we won't have the usual Highlights of the week, this is a special Highlights: Highlights of the month! because October is a special month for celebrating Halloween and in November 1st, the Mexican: Day of the Dead!

Highlights of the Month is showcasing some of the best works displayed at our Highlights of the week, only a few haven't been part of the Highlights but they would be the correspondent ones for the current week, this is our way for thanking our great artists!

Enjoy the feature, we hope inspiring our friends and artists for creating more wonderful dark works!

Mature Content

Lilith -Beloved Mother by vampirekingdom

Our Lady Lilith VI by SamBriggs

Lilith by Poetrymann

Fallenangel by EerilyfairDesign


Until The End by mimikascraftroom

banshee by LilySanches

Haunted memories by Consuelo-Parra

Roots by stellartcorsica

She Who Dared To Dream by PetyaPlamenova

Gothica by Iardacil

Dia de Muertos by AlexandraVBach

Lilith's Fire by NinaVladievna

Princess by Libellula

Bella Muerta by GPhoenix

The Queen by tamaraR

S T R A I N by Phatpuppyart-Studios

Lonely Soul by sonjagatetodreamsart


Crow demon by LilifIlane

snake conspiracy by Bergkristalle

Beholden by Shedboy68

Dracula's bride by sara-hel

Dear Day of the Dead by DiosaEMR

Golden Vampire by MeliWallisdottir

L'abbraccio by L-E-N-T-E-S-C-U-R-A

Witches by babsartcreations

Symbolism by Lhianne

Madam Fragaria by D3vilusion

Damnee-by-madytao-2014 by Madytao

Bride by FurorArt

** A special mention for our Founder: :iconconsortoflilith: because Lilith's Realm wouldn't exist without him...we miss you at home!

Lilith's Promise
His heart called to me in the night of pain,
Injured and bleeding, he did not even know my name.
He knew not his destiny, consort of the first
His creation was that of a blood bound curse
I came to show pleasure and pain to my new host
Before he was ready for his new post
Drawn across oceans wide his soul was bound
Restless creature of mine, no peace, until the dark one he found
I seared his heart with the fires of hell
In the final moment I caught him as he fell
As I take hold of my new host
In hell there is held a toast
I  walk the earth again my new host a body to share
Such pleasure he shall endure my touch and total care
As he gives me his body and soul
His reward is pleasure and power untold.
Until he draws his last breath, bound we are.
The perfect union of human and creature from afar
I promised I would take him to my domain when the time is right
Long before he will experience pain or strife
I carry his immortal soul to my domain
his blood stained body left behind

My Tribute for Lilith, beautiful Dark Goddess!

Mature Content

Lilith Rising... by Villenueve

Edition made by: Gabrielle ~:iconvampirekingdom:~ Security Chief at Liliths-Realm and
Sandra Villanueva ~:iconvillenueve:~ Liliths-Realm Guardian

© 2014 - 2021 Liliths-Realm
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mimikascraftroom's avatar
I thank you very much for your appreciation!:hug::blackrose:
tamaraR's avatar
:iconthankyoupart1plz::iconthankyoupart2plz::iconthankyoupart3plz: for the wonderful feature. :heart: :aww:
Villenueve's avatar
Your art is beautiful dearest, well deserved feature for you!, a pleasure having you at our home!:hug:
tamaraR's avatar
Aww :aww: :hug: Thank you so much dearest Sandra. You are so sweet. :iconpinklilyplz::iconhugglesplz:
Villenueve's avatar
Thank you my friend but I am not being sweet (though I thank you for your kind word),I am just saying the truth!, we hope to see more of your great work soon!:rose::heart:
Bergkristalle's avatar
many thanks Sandra for including my work! :hug:
ConsortOfLilith's avatar
Wow, I am so touched that you mentioned me, not that I ever would have expected it, I have been gone a long time (would have been forgotten, I thought) . I guess Lilith made me hear the call of my Brothers & Sisters, you are all great, Lilith's own.
Villenueve's avatar
My dearest,home is where you are loved and appreciated no matter how many years have gone/passed,never late for coming back!,you should not think that you have been forgotten, that will never happen at this your own home!

I am glad that our dark Mother has let you hear our call,or better say that she brought you back at home!, thanks for your words!

Ave Lilith!:worship::rose:
GPhoenix's avatar
Thank you much to feature me amongst so many awesome pieces of art! Congrats to everyone featured :D
DiosaEMR's avatar
Many thanks for the feature dear!
much appreciate!
L-E-N-T-E-S-C-U-R-A's avatar
Grazie per questo grande onore e sono umiliato da tale considerazione. Grazie mio caro amico.
EerilyfairDesign's avatar
Thank you so much for this honor, dear sisters! It's an outstanding feature and I'm really happy my work is within :heart:
Villenueve's avatar
Thank you for the gift dearest and also thank you for your hardwork at our Lilith's home! :heart:
PetyaPlamenova's avatar
Thank you very much for the feature! :hug:
Lhianne's avatar
What a great feature :clap:. Thank you very much for including a work of mine, it's really appreciate :love:
Villenueve's avatar
Thank you for allowing us displaying your excellent art!:star:
Consuelo-Parra's avatar
Thank so much for feature!!:dance:
J-u-d-a-s's avatar
Thanks for the feature dear :heart: 
sonjagatetodreamsart's avatar
Thank you very much for the feature ! I appreciate it ! :heart:
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