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Banned from Heaven...  by Sandra Villanueva :iconvillenueve: villenueve.deviantart.com/art/…

Chained and judged by God's militia
because of her rebellious attitude,
the heresy of her beauty,
her soft fragrance
and the eloquence of her lips
wrapped innocent angels teaching them to sin...
She was dragged towards God for her last sentence,
a thousand angels wept for her
as she was banned from heaven,
rejected from the warm light
forsaken in a deep sea of sorrow,
the darkness enshrouded her
as she fell into the sheol,
the merciless whirlwind lashed her out,
bruising her to death
as her soul was dying slowly,
she knew pain,
her heart was stopping its beating
and her life fading away
when dark wings embraced her in the shadows,
taking her to a new home,
delivering her immortality
with his crimson kiss,
she was born,
entwined in passion,
forbidden dance of lust
and bliss within his arms,
he surrended to her,
making her the Queen of his dark kingdom.

Lilith's Realm 2 by Villenueve

:star: We are proud to present the 15th edition of :iconliliths-realm: Highlights of the Week! :star:


Cornix Reginam by angel1592

Sgula by BigBad-Red

Maleficent by elenasamko

Thirsty Again - Dani Alarcon Fan Art by rafater

Vampir by LilifIlane

Forgotten and Never Heard by Lady-Symphonia

Congratulations and big thanks to all the above artists :iconhggdlasd: :iconangel1592: :iconbigbad-red: :iconelenasamko: :iconrafater: :iconlilifilane: :iconlady-symphonia:  for submitting their amazing art to our Lilith's Home! :heart: :clap:

Also, deepest thanks to our Liliths-Realm wonderful staff! You are the best!!! :iconbigheartplz:

Much love to all of you! :iconflyingheartsplz:


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humbled by your work
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awesome works :heart:
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Amazing as always!!!!!!!Maganificent artworks!!!!!:love:
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Thank you my lovely and wonderful sister!:iconspiderglompplz:
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Superb edition!,congratulations to each one of our selected artists!:clap::worship:


Thank you my wonderful staff!,each one of you are excellent!:hug::iconbigheartplz:

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Amazing poetry my dear Tania!!!So wonderful :heart: and congrats to the artists selected this week :love:
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Thank you so much *_*!!!
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Very well deserved!, Congratulations!,thanks for allowing us displaying your art!:rose:
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Wonderful artworks as always:love:
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