Dark Tales From The Sea Challenge-Ends Sunday 29!

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Dark Tales From the Sea -Challenge... by Villenueve

Challenge ends: Sunday 29th at 11pm!

**Very Important Update*

Challenge- from www.dictionary.com/ www.merriam-webster.com
*chal·lenge  [chal-inj]  
1.a call or summons to engage in any contest, as of skill, strength, etc.
2.something that by its nature or character serves as a call to battle, contest, special effort, etc.: Space exploration offers a challenge to humankind.
3.a call to fight, as a battle, a duel, etc.
4.difficulty in a job or undertaking that is stimulating to one engaged in it.

1:  to demand as due or deserved :  require <an event that challenges explanation>
2: a :  to confront or defy boldly :  dare
b :  to call out to duel or combat
c :  to invite into competition <he challenged his brother to a tennis match>
3: to arouse or stimulate especially by presenting with difficulties

I am an English Teacher and I love to point out the meaning of words because sometimes it seems some people forget the meaning of them, as stated above, a challenge is something that is NOT easy, it is hard to achieve for the ones invited or summoned for participating at, so as it is in every challenge, there is nothing easy and here is about rules, stock and groups, you must be a member of the main hosting: Liliths-Realm if you are NOT our member, no matter how great,excellent and beautiful is your work, your work simply won't qualify for participating.

The rules at the challenge are clear, we won't break them, we won't break our heads trying to make everybody understand what we want and ask for!

:iconliliths-realm: is not a soft/kind group, much less me,we won't baby sit art!, we have rules, we follow rules and what we give back is the best attention for our artists and friends, we support and promote.

**Simply said: Follow the rules for the challenge and your art will be accepted!**:iconvampplz:

Lately,there has been a decrease of good-quality dark art, I have always said that Spring and Summer are bad times for dark art, it shouldn't be but there is nothing more than mermaids or typical fairytale works.

When I was doing my most recent work, suddenly the idea about a challenge came to my mind, while I wish this could be a contest, I really couldn't consider organizing a contest right now, for many issues, especially lack of money and time, besides there are so many people and contests at DA nowadays, asking for donations and points that adding a newer one,simply wouldn't be wise, if something we have never wanted at any of my groups is asking for donations for contests, we accept gifts but we won't go and ask: 'Donate for our contest please!' -that is a NO for us at Liliths-Realm-

:iconliliths-realm: Proudly will host, teaming up with :iconwhen-darkness-comes: :icondaparanormal: :iconbeyondlife-da: and :iconsexy-evil: this challenge called: 'Dark Tales from the Sea', only staff and members of each groups can participate, if someone is not a member from any of these groups and wants participating, the artist will need joining with the explanation 'Dark Tales from the Sea' and with his/her work finished -*No WIPS please-
This is NOT the typical challenge where you will submit sea creatures, nor pirates,we want great imagination and original creations.

:iconliliths-realm: does not accept mermaids,nor male elements as the main character of the work,though this time we will ONLY accept dark mermaids (the scarier and darker the better!)

As said previously: This is NOT a contest, getting prizes or offering prizes is something I myself can't compromise right now and I can't make any other person to compromise either but we accept points, features and stock as donation (or any other kind of prizes, like art gifts,etc), since this is just a challenge, there won't be winners, though part of the awards or prizes that we offer is that the 7 best works will be part of the highlights of the week at Liliths-Realm, besides there will be a special feature at the groups teaming up with Lilith's (my own groups- read above please), I will also feature at my own journal and at my stock.

*This challenge started on Saturday,May 24th,2014 and ends on Sunday,June 29th,2014 and the rules are simple:

***You MUST be a member at :iconliliths-realm: for participating!***

1.- Dark Tales from the Sea will accept dark-gothic, esoteric, mystical, dark-surreal, macabre, etc.

2.- The work must depict a the dark-power of a female deity,female vampire, goddess, witch, sorceress, ghost,etc
*Mermaids/Sirens accepted but they must be dark-scary enough, otherwise they won't be accepted.
** It's ok combining with the Goddess/Female Deity a male or a sea creature but the main 'character' is female.

3.-No Weapons accepted: every Goddess, Witch or Sorceress is powerful enough as for killing even with the mind, it is why they are Deities or Supernatural/powerful beings!
*Only the ones who are depicted as humans can be depicted with weapons,but the supernatural beings never will need weapons.

4.-Stock from DA is a must, the main issue is using the great stock that we have at home!, NO purchased stock allowed!,we want to be fair with all those DA members who can't afford purchasing stock.
Complete/full crediting of stock is a must.
*Search engines sites like Google aren't stock, nor Wallpapers, much less FB.

5.-We are sorry, NO manga,NO anime, NO line art and NO Fan art.

6.-Digital drawings/art=accepted but must be great quality.

7.-The work must be done specifically for this challenge,this means that NO work with a date previously submitted to the 24th will be accepted, your work must credit the challenge: 'Dark Tales from the Sea' at: :iconliliths-realm: :iconwhen-darkness-comes: :icondaparanormal: :iconbeyondlife-da: and :iconsexy-evil:
*Only 1 submission per artist.

**Folder for this challenge is open and ready for submissions but any NON dark art work, will be declined..

Mature Content

Chaos at the Ocean... by Villenueve

Our wonderful friends have decided donating these prizes, the list will be updated if there are more prizes, thank you to our donors!:worship:


A texture-stock-package for the winners

A stock pack for the winners

One Premade Background for all winners

A feature to all winners at her DA and her groups: :iconin-obscuro:&
:iconthevoiceofmanips:,also premium content of her DD for first place (instead of donating
a print or a commission, she will give an original copy of her DD)

A feature and a work dedication to the best selected artists

Will donate 500 points for the best work -the artist-, her exclusive pack of wings and a feature of the winners.

Will donate a premium wing stock to the winners

Has donated 50 points for the first place

Feature for the winners.

Features and a work dedication for the 7 best works.

Sandra Villanueva ~:iconvillenueve:~ Liliths-Realm Guardian

© 2014 - 2022 Liliths-Realm
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Villenueve's avatar
Well, we check galleries and when we voted we did not see anything that were related to our themes, reason why we declined, when you requested joining us, you didn't specify it was for the challenge but I must say and sorry for annoying with this point, if you read the rules we specify that the work must be dark, supernatural, esoteric, gothic, etc and above all portray a dark Goddess, besides displaying some kind of sea monsters/creatures, like Lovecraftian style, or others, unfortunately your work has a giant calamari or octopus but those aren't supernatural and your depiction of the goddess is minimum -she is on the horse but does not even look like a woman, it could be a boy/man,etc- check our folders in order to see the kind of material we accept,especially check the challenge's folder so you can realize what we expect.

I know my words may not be nice for you but it is why this is a challenge, you will need to deliver the best and most appropriate work that complies with the rules.

If you want participating, there is still time, you just need to add the proper elements.

Good luck!
KarinClaessonArt's avatar
Thanks for reminding!!
ElwenDesign's avatar
I made this for the contest but after re-reading the rules I am not sure if it qualifies...its cool if it does'nt:D
Villenueve's avatar
Well done, it qualifies, please submit it into the specific folder and add the challenge's credits! :star:
Villenueve's avatar
@ jackodeco I can't reply you because you blocked me at your DA not long ago due to your lack of stock crediting and not wanting following our group's rules at BeyondLife-dA, I blocked you in reciprocity as well that time, due to the block issue, I can't reply none of your postings.

About this challenge, I can see you haven't really understood the challenge's rules, because we have clearly written that the main hosting for this challenge is Liliths-Realm and you aren't a member here but other problem is that we have a specific theme: the dark female power and beauty, we aren't exactly looking for sea monsters.

Even if I blocked at your DA, I don't mind, it is NOT a problem if you wanted participating at our challenge but you MUST follow the rules, otherwise you would not be accepted for joining us, nor your work would be accepted as an entry for this challenge.

We only speak english and spanish.
jackodeco's avatar
voici mon entrée pour le challenge: fav.me/d7jnqxn
TheDreamBelow's avatar
How do I submit my entry?
Villenueve's avatar
Just clarifying and specifying: The work you want submitting for this challenge is no dark, on the other hand, most of your gallery is dark.
Villenueve's avatar
If you are our member, you might have seen that we already have a folder for submitting the works, it is already open.

But I must say, unfortunately my work at groups is checking galleries and art, with all respect that your art deserves, your work is really beautiful, but non- dark...so if NO dark, it won't fit for this challenge. Sorry, I strongly suggest you to re-read our rules for this challenge, you have better works that fit into the dark theme: Isolation & The Beating Drum -2 examples, just for mentioning.
TheDreamBelow's avatar
Well I thought it was dark but okay then
Villenueve's avatar
Honestly, that work's style would not be accepted at this group,nor at the others that are in our team, not even as a normal submission because it is nor dark,not even dark-emotional.

We are exactly looking for dark art, the purpose of this challenge is inviting/inspiring DA members for creating dark art works.

I think you did not read too well our rules,though there is still time for you to participate at this challenge!
vampirekingdom's avatar
Wonderful initiative!!!! :love:
I'm anxious to see the great work that our members submit
I am delighted to participate
I want to offer a feature, and a  work dedication to the best selected artists
Villenueve's avatar
Thank you my dearest sister!, I am excited as well and I hope many artists will participate, while it is only a challenge, we already have great prizes!

Thank you for your prizes!, I will update the challenge's journal and add the prizes on Tuesday night. :hug:
TriZiana's avatar
I will donate a feature to all winners from myself, In-Obscuro and TheVoiceOfManips . Also premium content of my DD for first place.
Villenueve's avatar
Thank you very much for your prizes, features are always excellent, I will update the journal adding the prizes!, take care!:hug:
TriZiana's avatar
Villenueve's avatar
Dear, just a question, what would be DD content for the first prize?
TriZiana's avatar
Premium content of my DD. In other words, instead of donating a print or a commission, I will give an original copy of my DD to the first place winner. 
Villenueve's avatar
Thank you for your explanation dear!:rose:
Digitiel's avatar
Thank you very much for invitation, very interesting idea,  sounds more fun and demanding, will do my best :) (Smile) 
Villenueve's avatar
I am glad that you liked our challenge, it would be great to see you participating!, good luck!:clap::hug:
annewipf's avatar
It sounds great :D
Villenueve's avatar
You are a wonderful artist, it will be great to see you participating!:hug:
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