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Alex Hawke p.1

Tonight I'm sorry but I can't draw anything serious, so I opted for something stupid.
here is how it was born Alex Hawke, a foolish rogue (he reminds me Phelin, a little) with little experience in matters of love and not very sensitive in general ... I think ... but I'll find out from time to time, in this comic, I'll tell you, will often badly drawn and quickly.
but that's okay.

Possible implications yaoi, because ... yes.

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I just realized you've been working on this for 8 years now :heart: I'm really glad you're still doing it, and coming back to this page really shows how much you've grown as an artist. Please never stop :heart:

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If you go on phelin page number 1 the difference it's even bigger! 😅
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How it all began... incredible that four years ago you just "opted for something stupid". I'm glad you did. And I'm glad that you are still sticking with Alex. I love him so much, seriouly, he's my precious by now. I'll never get enough of him!!!
Hey, hey! You, you!
I don't like your girlfriend
No way! No way! 
I think you need a new one

Sooooooo.... I meant to post this to p.134. oops. I blame multiple tabs and squeeling in between pages. I love this story so much <3

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Best story-start ever! xD
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Definitely not reading this through for the third time... Nope. Defs not......
Okay I lied.
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And thus, it has begun
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Oh my god ! Alex was so.... "idiot" before XDXD
Lilithblack's avatar
ahaha yes XD totally!
But i miss him a bit
Istriel's avatar
Yeah, me too ! XD
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Looking at this a bit silly begin I am nicely suprised how serious and serious this story became. And how rise draw quality.
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Hawke truly reminded me of Flynn Rider there xD
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"He's not conscious of flirting" :rofl:
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And so it begins. Rereading for the sake of rereading some lovely story telling. Oh Alex, you're so naive it's adorable.
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That was me in this dialogue )))
Really didn't want to romance Anders then, but this was the only non-cruel reply (or so it seemed)
Cool expressions, btw.
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Love this comic :D
Lil-kyuketsuki's avatar
*facepalm* oh hawke
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Been laughing at all your work, love it so much but Alex in this one, makes me think so so so much of Phoenix Wright XD I adore it so much!!!!
Lilithblack's avatar
I did not know this character, but it's true! he looks like him so much! ^^
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Alex... *facepalm*
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I like your art style. Good job!
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Ignitz Amell: You should watch what your saying, Hawke. This might end bad for you O_O

Me: I see Zevran coming :D

Ignitz Amell: :sprint:
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I adore how you draw Anders. :heart: Bring on the yaoi!
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