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Dragon: Guardian of crystal

So there is a dragon, protecting a magical crystal.
If you want to see more details: Details:The Reaper and Dragon: Guardian of crystal

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So much detail
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Awesome design! :D
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This is absolutely stunning work! I love the coloring, and I admit that I'm a bit greedy, because I would love to see a larger image of this.

The horns are positively gorgeous, and the pearl color is a very nice contrast to the purples and blues that dominate the picture. I like the way that you've depicted the claws, and how you have the wings curling around the dragon. They serve to hide not only his bounty, but also the truth of his size, as I'm certain that he's far larger than what we're seeing here.

Your effort shows brilliantly in the detail you put into this - each scale carefully crafted to make this creature look like something that could actually exist. And the way they glow in the light of the crystal is also very nicely done. I do love how you've shwon the glow on the wings and underside of the dragon as well. It truly brings out the work you did with shadowing that helps to make this a wonderful three-dimensional piece.

And even though the dragon is, of course, the center of the piece, you spent a great deal of time on the background as well! Not just mountains, but crystal mountains, with each of the gems drawn individually. You even included the part of the cliff that juts out behind the dragon's wing. The clouds are a lovely touch.

Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

Viewing your art through The-Dark-Arts.
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At the begining, I was planning to make a larger drawing to show completly the dragon but I found more interesting to crop for the crystal and the dragon's protection stay the center of interest.

Thank you very much for your comment and fav, I really appreciate.:love: 
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You are most welcome - thank you for sharing your art! :squee-love: - PLZ 
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my wife loves the purple!!
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I :heart: Dragons and your Art is AMAZING!!!
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Thanks you so much!! Thank for the fav too! Spread More Love Emote - PLZ  :love: Spread More Love Emote - PLZ 
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You´re always welcome :huggle:
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nice work ^^ , I love
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That dragon looks so cool! :D I love the purple glow on it's scales
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Thank you :aww: and thanks again for the fav :)
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You're welcome :3
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wow...great work
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