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Neptune, Lord of the Fluid Realms

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"Neptune, Lord of the Fluid Realms"
Copyright, 2012, by Lilipily Spirit & L.O.Hennig

Please respect my right to make a living from my work.
Do not freely share this image.

I've dedicated this one to my Dad, who had a long career as a sailor. :-)

The words on the poster were written by me. They read:
"Deep in sage Neptune’s glassy thralls, where only trace of sunlight falls, reside the secrets of our Souls."
These words are copyright. :-P



Thank you to all providers of these elements. I had great pleasure working with them.

Text Font = Loosiescript.ttf = [link]

Background Water stir and light rays = 286_underwater_lagoon_by_tigers_stock-d41ddbt.jpg = [link]
Background (started with this one, but it kind of got hidden in the overlays, thought I should still mention it) = background_23_3000x3000_by_frostbo-d4gyi7v.png =
Seabed Sand = seabed-11298206659oa7.jpg = [link]
seabed Rocks = river-bottom-112785873433vYg.jpg = [link]
Rock wall poster sides = mystic_cave_pre_made_by_brandrificus-d4wdocq.jpg = [link]

Long Grass (removed seed heads) = grass_03_by_justalittleknotty-d4wbkg0.png = [link]
Short Kelp = grass_04_by_cheyenne75-d3by61t.png = [link]
Shadowy plants at temple and throne base = wall_vines_03_by_justalittleknotty-d4weuaw.png = [link]
Shadowy plants at temple and throne base = wall_vines_09__by_justalittleknotty-d4weuee.png = [link]
Large bubbles = bublesssornaments_by_scriss-d4q91mb.png = [link]
Small bubbles = psddude-sparkle-brushes = [link]

Neptune Male Figure (upper only) = Barbarian_Warrior___18_by_mjranum_stock.jpg = [link]
= Photographer is Marcus Ranum of Model is Josh P.
Upper part of Neptune's hair = hair_1_by_amosha-d377uxe.png = [link]
Lower part of Neptune's hair from personal photography.
Neptune's Legs = stock_man_02_request_by_ecathe-d34dg56.png = [link]
Neptune's filmy drapery = Models_Avantgurd_by_Mo_01.jpg = [link]
Neptune's Diadem = diadem_02_by_cheyenne75-d4fqlie.png = [link]
Neptune's Trident = Neptune_statue_virginia_beach.jpg by RadioFan = [link]

Mermaid (except for face) = sirene_hors_de_l__eau_09_by_cheyenne75-d4ue90z.png = [link]
Mermaid face = Lilipily Spirit's personal photography stock.

Temple Ruin structure - temple_ruins_by_jinxmim-d50rc0s.png = [link]
Neptune's throne (upper parts removed) = fantasy_bench_stock_2_by_mihraystock-d3ea52z.jpg = [link]
Seahorse statue curling around a column = Seahorse_3_by_Fairiegoodmother.jpg = [link]
Buried vase = medieval_objects_07_by_cheyenne75-d3fp1vy.png = [link]

Fish placements = indic_ocean_fishes_i_by_ybsilon_stock-d4t8y7k.png = [link]
Little fish in grass = Fish_Transparent_PNG_by_AbsurdWordPreferred.png = [link]
Giant clam = sea_stock_9_by_mihraystock-d483c60.jpg = [link]
Little blue crab in the shade of Neptune's throne = [link]
Green turtle (top left) = Lilipily Spirit's personal photography stock.
Blue Moon Jellyfish (left coral wall) = Photograpy by Petr Kratochvil = [link]
Orange Coral (bottom left) = [link]
Other placed corals = Lilipily Spirit's personal photography stock.


POSTER TEXT - All words copyright by Lilipily Spirit, 2012.

(At first, I tried to work with poem elements by Keats, John Hughes and Ann Radcliffe):

Deep in the wave, where little sun-beam falls,
A crystal court of cool arcades and glassy halls,
Is washed with em'rald green and sapphire blue,
As rainbows dart between the domes a changing hue.

There, Neptune sits upon his mossy throne,
With gay festoons of thready sea-flow'rs overgrown,
And softly chants his wisdom to the brine, 10
Till white crests stretch to far-foamed sands with his design.


(My next attempt was to create a poem, similar in nature, of my own):

Deep in Neptune's glassy halls
No doors bedeck the coral walls
The sun is but a distant glimmer
Yet living rainbows dart and shimmer
Here is peace, and sailor's respite
Held within the fluid night



(But I decided that the above poem was too complex for the poster, so I came up with this, instead):

"Deep in sage Neptune’s glassy thralls, where only trace of sunlight falls, reside the secrets of our Souls."

~ As an astrologer, I feel these words are quite apt to describe this god and what he represents in the cosmos. :-)


(Here are the original poems and words that first inspired me):

From out the Rock's wide Caverns deep below
The rushing Ocean rises to its Flow;
And ebbing here retires; within its sides
In roomy Caves the God of Sea resides.

But far within, upon a mossy Throne,
With washy Ooze, and Samphire overgrown,
The Sea-green King his forky Sceptre rears;
Awful his Aspect, numerous are his Years.
A Pearly Crown circles his Brows Divine;
His Beard and dewy Hair shed trickling Drops of Brine.
- John Hughes

...and the God of the Sea, Sophist and sage, from no Athenian grove, But cogitation in his watery shades,
Arose, with locks not oozy, and began,
In murmurs, which his first-endeavouring tongue
Caught infant-like from the far-foamed sands. "O ye, whom wrath consumes! who, passion-stung, Writhe at defeat, and nurse your agonies! Shut up your senses, stifle up your ears, My voice is not a bellows unto ire. Yet listen, ye who will, whilst I bring proof How ye, perforce, must be content to stoop: And in the proof much comfort will I give, If ye will take that comfort in its truth.
- Keats

...Then, swift we seek our crystal court,
Deep in the wave, 'mid Neptune's woods.

In cool arcades and glassy halls
We pass the sultry hours of noon,
Beyond wherever sun-beam falls,
Weaving sea-flowers in gay festoon.

The while we chant our ditties sweet
To some soft shell that warbles near;
Join'd by the murmuring currents, fleet,
That glide along our halls so clear.

There, the pale pearl and sapphire blue,
And ruby red, and em'rald green,
Dart from the domes a changing hue,
And sparry columns deck the scene.

- Ann Radcliffe


From Wikipedia:

Neptune (Latin: Neptunus) was the Roman god of water and the sea in Roman mythology and religion. He is the counterpart of the Greek god Poseidon. In the Greek-influenced tradition, Neptune was the brother of Jupiter and Pluto, each of them presiding over one of the three realms of Heaven, Earth and the Netherigions.

Unlike the Greek Oceanus, titan of the world-ocean, Neptune is associated as well with fresh water, and is in charge of all the rivers, springs and waters.
He has a parallel in Irish god Nechtan, master of the well from which all the rivers of the world flow out and flow back to.

Neptune is a god of universal worldly fertility, particularly relevant to agriculture and human reproduction. He was an ancient deity of the cloudy and rainy sky in company with
and in opposition to Zeus/Jupiter, god of the clear bright sky. He was the father of all living beings on Earth through the fertilising power of rainwater.

Nethuns is the Etruscan name of the god. On a mirror from Tuscania, Nethuns is represented while talking to Usil (the Sun) and Thesan (the goddess of Dawn). Nethuns is on the left hand side, sitting, holding a double ended trident in his right hand and with his left arm raised in the attitude of giving instructions. Usil is standing at the centre of the picture, holding in his right hand Aplu's bow, and Thesan is on the right, with her right hand on Usil's shoulder: both gods look intent in listening Nethuns's words. The scene highlights the identities and association of Nethuns and Aplu (here identified as Usil) as main deities of the worldly realm and the life cycle.

NOTE from me: The Amerindians version of Neptune would be Kokopelli - a god of rain and rivers, who helps crops flourish, and for women to become impregnated.
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Great synthesis!Lovely work :love:
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Wonderful,masterpiece i love it.
You added details description and its greatly appreciate.Everything is fantastic.
Keep the good work

And welcome to DA

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Wow, so many details :love: it :clap:
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:wow: Excellent work! Thanx for using my stock in your masterpiece :love:
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that is really cool!
thanks so much for have used my stock :smooch: