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Kumoricon Mascot Entry 2011



As you can tell by the title, this picture is for Kumoricon's mascot design contest. The Kumoricon staffs has already picked/voted the winner(s) for 2011 Mascot design. But it won't be announced until the last day of the CON during the "closing ceremony"

My lil' sister, Mokie, was the one that line art-inked my design and I did the rest like coloring and whatnot. I pretty much slaved over and changed/improved on my techniques on this entry for hoooours and weeks :XD:

Anyways here are the competition entries [link] and this year competitions is tough. If we don't win, OOOH-well, there's always next year.


Weee out of "contest mode" and into "Lili Neko crazy mode"....Duuuude I don't remember the last time I've done an OC that wasn't related to pokemon ish :XD:

Hahah so I have to say it was fun creating "Li Shui Yu" , Oh yeeesh, I had to name her, as her name breaks down/means "Beautiful Water Rain" . Ohohoh, the panda umbrella was so much fun to draw ((no surprise huh?)) I'm so gonna make that umbrella design sometime later ;p And the CLOOOUD(s), zomfgosh it's sooo cute I could die! LOL :XD:

Seriously, this drawing and coloring style is waaay different then most of my drawings. As I'm hoping I can start practicing it more when I get the chance for my future fan-arts :D

Well thankies for checking out the picture, sending my love to you all :blowkiss: Ta-ta for now!
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Aww she's so cute I really love the combination of blues and her sweet smile.

Hayley :D