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Eggs - Egg Heads

HAPPY EASTER 2009 from Crazy Lili :crazy: !!!

LOL, this is what happens when Lonnie and Lili ((yesh I'm addressing myself in third person)) are on lack of sleep and having the whole day off together, kekeke :giggle:

It's pretty obvious but here's the down-low of each egg...

~The "Cracked out" or "Psycho" egghead ((who's hiding behind the pan))

~ The "Crying" egghead (( TT^TT ))

~The "Token Black" egghead ((who's horrified thinking he's the next one to go XD ))

~The "Oh SH*T/OH NOOOOES" egghead (( I love that expression <3 ))

~The "egg-nibalism" egghead ((lol, I guess eggheads has to eat right :XD: ? ))

~The "Hella Shocked" egghead

~R.I.P. egghead (( ...You were delicious :drool: haha besides that, I am so mad at myself that I didn't draw the X_X face on it...I was in too much of a hurry to break it and take the picture since the frying pan was actually on/heated up ;p ))

Much lovelove and will try to catch ya later :blowkiss:

An old pic of random eggheads 2008 [link]

2010 EASTER PIC Devil and Deviled Eggs - [link]

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joycon's avatar
whats up with eggs?
not complaining just wanna know why are there so many eggs
LiliNeko's avatar
Lol, well way back in the day, I use to draw something for "Easter", but that year I was lazy and I also happen to make one egg (the one outside of the pan) at some kid event or at work and I took it home with me. From there, that was when I decided to do a real picture for Easter, so I gave the bloodshot eye egg some friends, hahah. That's how the rest of the eggs came about :XD:
LiliNeko's avatar
hahaha, right?! But when you can run away, you take the chance.
Legendary--Warrior's avatar
the one on the far left, outside the pan... lol
LiliNeko's avatar
Lol, right?! I think that is like my fav :XD:
LiliNeko's avatar
Lol, I looove that pun!
BluJayPJ's avatar
This makes me so hungry  Drool 

If I cooked them, I would have Bacon and Eggs with Avocado on Toast KirbyHungry 
LiliNeko's avatar
Lol, well for sure we were eating a lot of eggs that night after this pic :lol:

But yeees, I totally agree with you on the bacon, egg, avocado and toast ordeal! Haha.
SwordTiger8888's avatar
 this makes me laugh! gOOD work!
LiliNeko's avatar
This picture makes me smile and laugh all the time too, hehe. But I'm glad that it's bringing smiles and laughter to others! Thankies for the comment and enjoy the little things in life :D
oliverandjazz's avatar
lol.. how cute, 

you must be a great laugh first thing in the morning at the breakfast table
LiliNeko's avatar
Haha, Thankies for the view and comment! I can be a hoot and a holler from time to time. Hehehe ;p
xxGrapeHatzxx's avatar
the token black egg XD I'm dead
LiliNeko's avatar
Lol, he's great, right?! Gotta have the black guy/gal in the group :XD:
xxGrapeHatzxx's avatar
Oh my gosh you are just too funny, u have the best since of humor xD
LiliNeko's avatar
Haha, Thankies for the kinds words. Gotta have laughter in life, right? Also me being stereotyping can make the situation a bit over the top/funny ;p
xiaoshan-angel's avatar
It's really hilarious! I could imagine this image as part of a comic strip or short film.
LiliNeko's avatar
heheh thankies for the view and comment towards this silly egg picture of mine :meow: I did had super fun with it and glad it's still putting a smile on peoples faces :D !
moonheartmo's avatar
I like the insane egg. XD
LiliNeko's avatar
hahah thankies! They are all loved but yeah, I'm with ya on the insane egg :XD:
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