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X x Alia
RockmanX/MegamanX © Capcom
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Vile: hunt X down! I don't care, what you'll have to do! Just bring me his head!!

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Are they hiding from Vile?
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Well...I hadn't thought about that but your ideas make sense.
Anyway, Thank you for your comment.
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No problem! It is a lovely work! ^^
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i luv

ill add u 2 watch

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Very very :iconsparkleeyeyuiplz: great job ! 
You're fantastic !
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really awesome!!! :D loved the way how you drew Alia !!!! :D
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Like the movement shape in background... ~♪♫ Great artwork! ♥
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CAPCOM, please put something like this in the never going to be made MMX9. PLEASE!! :iconmanlytearsplz:
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Awesome, can't say anything else :U
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Wow, the lighting and worn effects are gorgeous in this work! :wow: :iconclappingplz: :+fav:
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Really nicely done scene.
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You better be careful with her, X, or else you'll get as whiny as Zero xD
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Sorry it's too late he's already too whiny, it took zero about 1000 years to get over his girl, X has even started the relationship of these already complaining and whining, oh wait no least a relationship with Sigma.
Seriously X need stop complaining about fighting all the time! I know your ex just won't leave you alone but sometimes you just got to deal with them. And figure out the proper method of finally finishing him off.
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Uh, wow, I......trying to figure out what you're saying is giving me a headache.
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Okay I'll paraphrase it, zero doesn't complain about his dead girlfriend every two days, versus X youth says can we stop fighting I really don't like fighting, three hours of nonstop complaining about fighting, look I know classic mega was a child but he complain about fighting to at times but it wasn't this boring, nor is while like the X series a little bit better is because it time though voltages deeper into the science of why we should care about these robots more.

Also does anyone else get the same the creepy vibe that Sigma wants to have some relations with X and zero, I know there's the rumors of the gay relationship between X and zero(thank you X for making me think you think you really need a therapy droid) but it feels like Sigma wants to be inside one of them.
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Basicly your right , you see megaman x as person that wants stuff more than zero does but your forgeting that X is diferent to classic megaman

You remember that doctor light made rock (megaman) and roll and he even made blues (protoman) and all three of them worked like an ordinary robot (needing the help from a human) but For X Doctor Light actualy made him diferent for 3 main things that he inserted into X , The abilities to think , feel and act all on his own making him a independent robot not only that , Doctor Light wanted X to live with peace and without any wars. 

(BTW sorry for the response being so way ahead of time but hey better later than never.)
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X still needs therapy! and judging from comic books, rock & roll can think pretty well for themselves,I think it's more hardware than software. Also X was built as a adult, rock is built as a child! just saying that there's proof reasonings why you need to grow up in your character, because you notice rock is a bit more well-adjusted. 
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meh... i was only trying to help you the best way i could, 
But i guess your the one who assisted me.( and by that i say thank you!)
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Is there a paleontologist in the house? We need to decipher what the fuck is this
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I watch a lot crime dramas were they have therapists. Doesn't help when I have to correct lawyers as yours though. I still don't understand why in the long order episode where girl paralyzed a young man that they did not file it as a self-defense situation and instead try to have one parent this own the child just so that way they could do a legal defense system, so what if she has two mothers rape is rape, you wouldn't get on to her if she was an adult when she paralyzed her attacker in the first place, just because their kids does not give you the right to ignore basic legal disjunctions, her actions were in self-defense. God bad cases often stick into my head. Feel free to ignore my rants on law and order.
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