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X under the rain

By liline
X with his design from the game Megaman:Command Mission. I was inspired by the intro video when he appears under the rain.
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drj300's avatar
Twelve years later this is still pretty awesome.
Rima345's avatar
Trop beau ! >////////<
J'adore ! ^^
MasterEni2009's avatar
It's absolutely amazing. I love the rain effect that you made, it's great.
VegasBerry123's avatar
Awesome job!!!! I've practically fallen for this! :D
CronoCain's avatar
I really liked X's design in that game, it was new yet classic... I dunno it looked good!!! Nice work with both the colours and X's awesome expression. ^_^
saster43's avatar
Zalgradis's avatar
Fantastic work :D
... back to snes9x.
mattheanimenerd's avatar
I honestly really like command mission, and thus just jumped up my fav game meter ^^
AgleamShadow's avatar
Very Very Awsome
wich programm did you use for this rain?
Colossobm's avatar
beautiful work!!
arielmmx's avatar
nice work *-*
riemtiem's avatar
X looks so sad, but still super awesome.
Drawloverlala's avatar
cool! the color, the light, the effects are so nice..
GiygasSubliminal's avatar
great!! looks awesome :D
Zeroswift's avatar
I cant belive I still have this game lol awesome work :D
larazero's avatar
speechless... it's perfect.
MightyD-Pad's avatar
Wow, this is really beautiful! Nice work:D
SpyroGundam's avatar
wow Command Mission i play this before but i quit because i never see X7 when X meet Axl and X9 when X got his new armor i think
chooper561's avatar
wow. this is really REALLY good
great job!
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