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About W. D. Gaster (The Scarstale one, that is)
It appears, lovely :iconlilienwald: still remembers, I exist, and tagged me. And, tbh, I was thinking about doing one of these recently anyways. So, here goes ^^:
1. Post these rules
2. Post 8 facts about your character
3. Tag 8 other people; post their avatars + write their oc's name next to them.
*8 facts about W. D. Gaster (Scarstale)*

1. The scars on his skull were the result of an experiment he contucted.
2. He actually has 7 mental conditions, each related to a different SOUL-trait.
3. He wears glasses, whenever talking about his work in public, because he beilieves people to easier accept the fact, they usually don't understand a word, he is saying, as glasses are associated with smart people.
4. He is related to Scarstale Sans & Papyrus, but their relationship is... complicated...
5. He despises taking risks, triple-checking his every word and move constantly.
6. Mistakes drive him crazy; especially his own...
7. Gerson, Amegnys, Asgore and To
:iconbucket-guy:Bucket-Guy 3 17
Tag #5 and #6
Tagged by :iconlilienwald:
1. Post these rules
2. Post 8 facts about your character
3. Tag 8 other people; post their avatars + write their oc's name next to them.
*8 facts about Shoe*
1. He is obsessed with #ShoeTheTape, obviously.
2. Used to be just as lazy and chilled like Undertale Sans, but once the trend broke the Undernet, he became very much similiar to Swap!Sans. However, he's only like this when something about the trend is being mentioned.
3. Always finds a way to tick off his brother without any effort.
4. Has a silent rivalry going on with Chara/Chancla due to both of them being obsessive with mainly their slippers/flip-flops.
5. He's definetely the most popular and most loved Sans out of Triple Strike, followed by Vile because of Castle's Pet(, an X Reader book on Quotev and Wattpad).
6. Tends to act like a child, but
:icongirlgamer121:GirlGamer121 3 3
About Grillan
I've been tagged by :iconSturmius: to know more about Grillan.
1. Post these rules
2. Post 8 facts about your character
3. Tag 8 other people; post their avatars + write their oc's name next to them.
*8 facts about Grillan*
1. Always seen wearing a vested suit but usually in different colors of his choice. (So it is not just orange he wears)
2. He is a quiet and firm but fair skeleton yet he hides the fact that when his mood changes, so does the color of his fire.
3. He doesn't usually travel outside his void bar but he has his employee, Rogue, go out and get the items he needs.
4. Grillan does have blasters that are of dragons but they are rarely seen for he tries not to get angered so easily
5. Left his world because he burned it all down in a fit of rage in a timeline and thought to just leave it when the cycle restarted over again.
6. Very good with keeping secrets especially his own.
7. Can serve any 'sans' a drink or food they request with no p
:iconblackrosechanofsteel:blackrosechanofsteel 5 10
Commission to BladeyART101 by IziloTale Commission to BladeyART101 :iconizilotale:IziloTale 17 3 Is this the demon child that you WANTED by IziloTale Is this the demon child that you WANTED :iconizilotale:IziloTale 26 2 IziloTale  Prologue by IziloTale IziloTale Prologue :iconizilotale:IziloTale 28 18 I'll do what I can by IziloTale I'll do what I can :iconizilotale:IziloTale 17 2


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