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Struthiosaurus transylvannicus



Class: Sauropsida

Superorder: Dinosauria

Order: Ornithischia

Suborder: Thyreophora

Infraorder: Ankylosauria

Family: Nodosauridae

Genus: Struthiosaurus Bunzel, 1871

Species: S. transylvanicus Nopcsa, 1915

Cladistic analysis of Struthiosaurus (Osi, 2004) indicates that the taxon is a basal member of the Nodosauridae and suggests it may be one of the most basal ankylosaurs in the clade Ankylosauria.

Originally described in 1871, many species have been referred to Struthiosaurus, most based on very fragmentary and nondiagnostic material. Three valid species are currently recognized by paleontologists: S. austriacus Bunzel, 1871; S. transylvanicus Nopcsa, 1915; and S. languedocensis Garcia and Pereda-Suberbiola, 2003. Along with Hungarosaurus Osi, 2005, Struthiosaurus is currently one of only two valid members of the Ankylosauria known from Europe.

derwent pencil on bristol graphic paper, 29x42cm, 2009.
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Fantastic work - love the detailed aspect that you have with all of those small scales