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Sailor Cyberluna and Sailor Darksun

Another couple of Senshis. I usually post these dolls made using this game, to create something that I like, but not making you wait too much, while I am drawing something else that is hand-made. These dolls here are two OCs of :iconcyberluna1994:, in the Transformers universe but depicted as Sailor Senshis like my old dolls... heh maybe you've already understood I like Sailor Moon very much. :-)
Add the fact of these characters I've already depicted who
1) fight for a particular world, or cause... like the Senshis do (every Senshi of the manga and anime represent a planet and Earth): so, representing planet Cybertron, or the Decepticon faction, and in this last picture. Here's the common element with the other characters I chose to make dolls: Artemis, Sari Sumdac...
2) they have even magic powers, like the nature elements in Sailor Moon.
The two OCs in fact are two twins who use a magical power of their VOICE to fight, as in Mermaid Melody, and represent Earth and some thing else... NO SPOILERS MORE! ask :iconcyberluna1994: for her fanfiction, Transformers Melody

Cyberluna and Darksun belong to :iconcyberluna1994:
Transformers (c) Hasbro/Takara
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