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Dedicated to Artiquer: Fairy Eyes 8

In the story of Mermaid Melody, the Princess of Orange Pearl Sara at a certain moment disappears, and her little sister Seira inherits her pearl. Before :iconartiquer: deleted Fairy Eyes, in the meanwhile she was making a first version of another crossover Magic and Extraterrestrial (it dosn't exist anymore) where some characters of Transformers Animated appeared. So, I suggested her to make two orange pearls appear in the first Fairy Eyes, the biggest one for Gwen Tennyson (Sara) and the smallest one for Sari Sumdac (Seira). Here's the hypothetyical eight Lightsinger!

Blue Pearl: [link]
Green Pearl: [link]
Pink Pearl: [link]
Yellow Pearl: [link]
Purple Pearl: [link]
Indigo Pearl: [link]
Orange Pearl 1: [link]

Sari Sumdac belongs to Hasbro
Fairy Eyes belongs to :iconartiquer:
Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch belongs to Michiko Yokote and Pink Hanamori
Game: [link]
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Ottima scelta di....tutto!
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tutto cosa? le pinne che vorrebbero ricalcare la forma del vestito? l'acconciatura?
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