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PoE Nostalgic Durance

Durance from Pillars of Eternity for 14th day of InktObsidian (Inktober)!

This is one of the scenes of "The Trials of Durance" when your Watcher see Durance looking at the circles on his staff, trying to rekindle them.
He usually is showed in a funny way because he is funny. He can create many absurd situations with his comments.
So I thought of showing him in one of those rare moments when he is serious and nostalgic.
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Świetna robota! :clap:
changelingtimes's avatar
The staff design is gorgeous.

And the world needs more Durance fan-art. Eder was a bro but Durance's seething anger and love of conflict made the game special, and hilarious.
LilianneRozess's avatar
Thank you!
And I agree - there need to be more Durance. He was an interesting and complex character.
With him many situations were funny, unpredictable but he also brought new perspectives, especially when he was serious. ;)
KhayalGhorban's avatar
Each and every next Inktober work is better ;D I like the hands especially, keep up the good work :)
LilianneRozess's avatar
Thank you! And yes I have to admit it that I am proud of those hands X3
JonJon-81's avatar
Love the detail like the effort you put into the tree branches. Reminds me of old fantasy book illustrations
LilianneRozess's avatar
Aww thank you!:hug:
I always wanted (and still want/dream) to do book illustrations *^*
So for me this is one of the biggest compliments I can get! X3
JonJon-81's avatar
You really should one day, good luck with that. So is art just a hobby or have you managed to make a career out of it?
LilianneRozess's avatar
No unfortunately not a career. It's a hobby. Which I love and I will never abandon it. :heart:
I only managed to sell 4 to 5 portraits. :D
Also I am still learning new skills (I am still bad with digital art).;)
JonJon-81's avatar
Good for you! Yeah it's a great hobby. I only just got back into it doing the odd sketch here and there but I enjoyed it again which is the main thing. What are you working on next?
LilianneRozess's avatar
Oh it depends on the mood. Now I look at inktobsidian ideas and draw them. Except for pathfinder because I haven't played it yet.
At those days I draw something different - like Baldur's Gate drawings and whatever will come to my mind at that moment :D
For 15th day I drew Bishop from NWN2 but he's not finished (I hope I will be able to finish him tomorrow) :eager:
JonJon-81's avatar
Sounds good. I've not played Neverwinter Nights 2 only the first one. I look forward to seeing your next one anyway 😊
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