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Hey, howya doing ?

Some changes are going to take place here ^^ !
First of all, I don't do requests anymore, just trades ! I hope you'll ask in the comments below if you are interested !
Next, I would like to take point commissions, for the moment, just sketches, of about anything you want, 10 to 20 points per sketch, on my decision, if the subject is complicated for me ! ^^

Bonjour, vouzallezbieen ?

Je vais changer quelques petites choses par ici !
Déjà, j'arrête les cadeaux et request, mais je continue les art trade ! Si vous êtes intéresses demandez dans les commentaires !
De plus, je voudrais commencer les commissions à points, seulement des sketchs, sur tout ce que vous voulez, de 10 à 20 points par dessin, sur ma décision -dépendant de combien de temps je pense que ca va me prendre-.

(any animal/person/object||| N'importe quel animal/personne/objet)
(1 perso) 10 points
( Ex : Heinrich; Azel; Father & son)

(2 persos) 15 points

(3 persos) 20 points

Have a nice day ! Passez une bonne journée !
Hellow, how are you guys ** ?

Okay, It's soon holidays in France ! So I'll have time to finish old resquests ... And do new ones !
And I've also decided to prefer art trades -so these will have priority over requests-

So comment below if you're intersted **

Pleaaase comment **
Hii !! I've decided to open requests, and art trades, so that I can have more thingds to draw ^^

Please send me a not if you are interested !!
Have niec holidays, if you have theeem !