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the day you went away

First time trying my tripod! :)

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1/6 second
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30 mm
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Date Taken
Dec 26, 2009, 8:30:12 PM
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Oh dear, was there really someone who went ? :worry: :hug:

Very nice photo, the atmosphere is unique! :heart:

But but, when you use a tripod and photograph static things, you may also use ISO 100 to increase quality. ;) ... the longer exposure doesn't matter then. :) :hug:
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Nope, I took this our cemeterys "memory-place" where you can light the candle and reminisce persons whom are died but their graves are other country/town, or what ever sad things happens...

I just want to go there and take a picture... snow, candles and graveyard.. for me its really special place... Mind is in peace there and I want to try if I can capture that atmosphere to the photo :heart: (:paranoid:but theres still missing something in my thought...)

Heh, I try to remember that. Thanks for the advice Linus! ;) For this photo I use automatic ISO settings cause I´m unsure what you can use and where... So that was suprise for me as well that ISO speed was 400. :blushes: Actually I just notice it now when you say it! ^^;
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Ah kay, thank you! :heart:

You really captured it very well, my dear. :heart: ... what's in your thought then ... let me think let me think ... more flowers ? :aww:

Oh ehem. ^^; ... I never use ISO automatic, only manual or time automatic ... ISO automatic is dangerous! ^^; ... I think you can find it in the menu of your camera (I had a look at a photo of your camera ;)) ... :hug:
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:iconcocoglompplz: aww, thaanks dear again! :heart::hug:

Yeah.. at christmas eve I was first time here when I get the idea that I want to photograph this place (or I photograph then too... but becouse I haven´t my tripod yet, I was soooo fed up the result) there was more flowers, but then comes snowstorm and everything go missing under the snow! So even this place looks gorgeous when I was there again... I was pretty sad that i couldn´t capture that special atmosphere what I saw at christmas eve..

Yeah, it is! And even dangerous it is,that I have no freaking idea what meaning ISO has. (oh I mean that before.. gladly I´m not so stupid that I dont know where I could chance my ISO-settings! ^^; Sometimes I chance and try.. But I dont see the point, becouse i dont know what ISO means.. Thats why I use the dangerous ISO automatic!! :stupidme:)
Seriously... thats why I´m so nervous all the time. I want to learn these stuffs butbut.. sometimes it seems theres somekind of stupid-button on my brains, becouse I dont learn anything... :(
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You're most welcome, dear Lina! :heart: :tighthug: :iconsoftglompplz:

Aww, that's really sad. :( ... but you could at least capture parts of it ;), and next time you have your tripod already. :aww: :hug:

Oh, I should hurry to write you a little text then. :( ^^; ... I'll type now. :giggle:
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aww, youre sweet dear Linus! :iconsmoochesplz:
But please, dont hurry, I have whole life time to learn what ISO means! :nod::giggle:

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Oh my, I wrote a whole book for you yesterday ^^; ... I'll send it you in a note. :tighthug: :heart:

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WHAT!!? :wow: Oooh Linus, you are just way too adorable my deardeardearest Sunshine! :tighthug::heart: thank you so so sooooo much! You cant even know how happy you just made me right now! :happycry::heart::iconkissmeeplz::heart::hug:
I go to read it tomorrow so I could learn so much as I can. :excited: (well.. my fingers itching go to read everything now, but I know I cant concentrate on that this moment so much as I wish becouse today comes new baby for our family- little french bulldog boy and he want to stole all time of mine! :matteo::giggle::heart:

Thank you Linus dear! :iconsmoochesplz:
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Whoa, this is really cool!
What are those?
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Cool, thanks! :)

those= grave-lanterns? Ooor, footstep middle of lanterns?
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and oooh, thaaanks for the fave Kris! :)
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