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Part 2

Part 2 of 2. How did Pelle Ohlin - Dead?

Per Yngve Ohlin was born in Stockholm on 16 January 1969, the eldest child in a family that would include a sister, a brother and later also two half brothers. He grew up in the suburb Västerhaninge, a half hour train journey south of Stockholm.
  That Pelle was a bit odd was noticed early.
  -He had a rather peculiar feature in some way, said his brother Anders Ohlin. One could say that he was very pragmatic, he worked constantly in one direction. He could not have more balls in the air, for better or worse. Once he did something he did it incredibly well and to the point. But he found it difficult to determine if the case was reasonable or even possible.
  Pelle was unpredictable as a child. A favorite story in the family is in Pelle, which soon became a member of Field Biologists, sat on the train, pointing accusingly at a lady in the leopard coat and demanded to know if it was false or true. The lady turned red in the face and did not answer. Then raised Pelle voice and asked again: "I said, it is false or true?"
  When parents had guests at home, they could be afraid that he would say something inappropriate. Other parents seemed to notice that he was a little different and he was often blamed for the mischief that other children did.
-My father told me once that Pelle was over and played with one of his best friends, but that he had come home unusually early. Pelle said that his friend's mom said, "Yes, Pelle now, you go home to Frederick
to have birthday party." He had not invited. He did not seem to care but wanted to build Lego instead, but my father thought it was incredibly tough, says Anders.
  Interest in music came stealing and exploded when heavy metal became commercially successful in the early 80's. The newspaper Okay read the brothers of WASP, Kiss and Venom, and like all metal fans hungry Pelle devoured everything that came his way.
  Soon it became a total ban on all cozy and soft music, instead started the arms race, it would always be wilder and wilder.
  To metal to thrash metal to speed metal. While Pelle developed a great interest in horror movies. The bloodier the better. He had always been fascinated by comic books and nursed His Arnolds old horror comics this week's shock from the 60's and 70's particularly fondly. Self-signed him all the time, monsters and bombers.

  Around the same time as Pelle went into the teens were separated parents and the family split up. Anders experienced divorce is difficult, and the hardest hit of the children were Pelle. When he had lived for two months at home with his father, he refused to move to her mother. Parents had to pull over him and he was pissed. Then there was the same when he would return.
  -He came and went like a cat in the house. Everyone wanted to always have him. He was the one who had taken most pole of the conflict so that was a small profit to have him home. Everything was black or white. Not until Pelle died were my mom and dad talk to each other again, only then it became a little peace and quiet in the family.
  At the same time became increasingly difficult in school. In the autumn of 1982 begins Pelle in seventh grade in Ribbyskolan in Västerhaninge. After he passed in a close-knit class in middle school he comes to a new class with all other groups, who did not understand who he is or have patience with his idiosyncrasies.
  -He was incredibly hard bullied when he started in high school. Everything back then was very categorical: they were either synthesis or hard rock. But he ended up in her own little compartment where no other bastard was, and then it became very easy to poke him. There was a whole bunch that was on him and beat him all the time. Classmates from middle school Pallade not to back him up.
  It was at this time that the famous near-death experience occurred, which would affect Pelle deep. But it was not about that he had fallen ill during a skating, which he would later tell Mayhem bassist Jorn "Necrobutcher" Stubberud, or that he had eaten poison mushrooms, which he said to another friend. Anders has been told that Pelle came home from school earlier than usual one day. He said he had vomited and lay down to rest.
  -By chance, our stepmother's home.
She thought he looked well pale and walked beside him. He was unconscious and had no pulse. She's sick sister as she grasped immediately that it was serious. She gave him artificial respiration until the ambulance arrived.
  First, Pelle said he slipped on a patch of ice outside the school and happened to turn his elbow in the stomach. But in fact he had been beaten by a gang at school, so badly that the spleen had cracked. He had to be hospitalized for several days.
  At school blevdet conversations with counselors to reach the best solution. It was decided that Pelle would change schools. Mid-fall semester in seventh grade, he started in Tungelsta school, a bit south of Västerhaninge. There, he came directly into a good class and met a bunch of friends who shared his interest in music. It was not long before he came home and recited that he formed a band. The family was surprised, for he thought nothing instruments.
  As Pelle was the driving force in the band suggested someone that they would rename the band to Ohlin Metal.
  -He did a shit-ball logo, the band, as he walked around and sprayed in Västerhaninge. My dad found it on the train platform and grasped immediately that it was Pelle because it was both forskolin and Metal. He was waiting with his neighbors and said he was ashamed ass of himself.
  Just a few months after he was nearly beaten to death in school spray his band logo across the field, with his own surname. Anders says that it was typical Pelle not linking bullying with their own personality.
-I can imagine that he thought that there was not his problem. Someone else had a problem with him and it could not he do something about. Then he came to a new school and was at square one again. He still had his agenda and it was only to drive on.
  While he took great offense at the event.
  -He was incredibly scared and paranoic. He began to look much at kung fu movies, and started practicing Aikido, but maybe it was my father who persuaded him to it. So probably put the damn track. But I have not thought of that he actually had the nerve to praise himself that way.
  The music and horror interest in taking up more and more of Pelle's time. When the rest of the family is on vacation on Gotland, he fills his half of his and Anders room with cobwebs, which he bought at Butt Rick.
  -My mom said, 'Well, what is here for something? "
And I was afraid of the dark like a son of a bitch and did not want to sleep there, says Anders.
  While valleys grades and parents' despair Pelle let his hair grow. The fascination for the morbid going deeper and deeper. One day, Anders through the pockets of Pelle's denim jacket on the hunt for candy and finds a dead frog.
  Interest War, which has existed since childhood, but most previous observations in drawings of the bombers, take on new proportions. Pelle looking for Volunteer officer training in the belief that he should be taught to shoot machine guns. But after the first day, which is entirely devoted to orientation, he jumps off in anger.
  -Officers who stood and shouted suited him not at all. He was very passive. Amazingly calm, a little sluggish would probably perceive him as, says Anders.
  Pelle starts to go into town and hang out in record stores Heavy Sound in central Stockholm, the hub for the growing local death metal scene. He comes home with a completely different type of disc.
  One day he sees an ad upptejpad inside the store. A band of Åkersberga looking for a singer and a bassist. They should call themselves Armageddon and say they are influenced by Slayer. He calls and makes contact with guitarist John Hägström.
  -We talked on the phone and he thought it was funny that we had come on so hard music.There were not many bands back then, said John Hagstrom.
  The first rope was in the music room at Söraskolan in Åkersberga with John and his neighbor Sandro Cajander who then played in Mefisto, one of the early bands in the burgeoning death metal scene. It clicked instantly.

  The band changes its name to the Scapegoat. The logo has g: et horns and a small goatee. Around the same time, Pelle decided to call himself Goat.
  Sandro jump early and replaces the various band members coming and going after Pelle's taste. From the outset, he had a clear plan for what the band would be.
  -There was no discussion of what to sing or how it would sound, he knew exactly. Right from day one, he steered the band and was very determined. He was a bit special. Very nice, but he would always give the impression of being evil.
  Pelle's high standards for members, especially guitarists, makes the scapegoat will never really started, but instead decides he and John to start a new band - Morbid. This time it will be even harder. Through a note on the Heavy Sound of Pelle knows LG Petrov, who some years later would achieve great success as a singer with Entombed, and recruits him as a drummer. During the summer of 1986 hits Pelle Jens Näsström at a concert in the park and Morbid basic configuration is complete.
  -I am tormented by the thought that it was Treat we saw in Kungsan, says Jens Näsström. But there was nothing else. We were too young to get into the restaurant, there were no youth clubs. Ultra-Huset was the only one. Free Concert in the park, what do you do otherwise on a Saturday afternoon? And so they met in all cases thrash people.
  Neither Jens and Pelle were in high school. They are instead at the home of Jens on Fridhemsplan.
They are united in the theatrical ambitions of Morbid and interest in the dark. They work up alter egos to be in the band. Pelle call themselves already for the Dead, and begins to apply makeup to his face white with black rings around the eyes. He does a t-shirt with the stapled obituaries he cut out of newspapers. Jens takes the name of Dr. Schitz and occurs with doctor's coat and IV pole on Morbid first gig at the Ultra Hall in hand in April 1987.
  Hardcore Nisse and Rille, Nils Gullbrandsson and Rikard Synstad, often hung with the band at rehearsals and remember the gig as chaotic. Morbid had hired a smoke machine that no one knew how to steer.
  -Someone at punk house would operate the machine and drew on the full, he just stood and pressed and pressed, saying Rille. Suddenly you could not see the stage anymore, but stood and headbanging with the band in the back.
  -It was a slow start, continue Nisse. Ultra was the world's smallest stage. But Morbid got cult status directly.

  Morbid repaired three times a week and Pelle have high standards for how good it sounds.The technically skilled guitarist Uffe Cederlund, who also will play in Entombed later picked up. John Hagstrom remember Pelle bothered themselves very if someone played the wrong. Was there a riff that does not set properly, he could force the band to take on the song ten times until he was satisfied with how it sounded.
  In 1987 Morbid play live several times. Pelle writes the band's most famous song "Disgusting Semla", after having tasted one of Jens rolls and thought it was disgusting. They work on stage during the show and gigs chestnut buns on the audience. Sometimes filled with cream, sometimes filled with pudding, if money was not enough. During a gig at Birkagården, a youth center in Vasastan, the band has decorated the stage with candles and borrowed a coffin from SVT's set design stores where Uffe Cederlund's dad works. Pelle has recorded the intro to the horror movie "Evil Dead" on repeat and crawls out of the coffin with smoke machines at full power. Jens Näsström says that Pelle had an unusually strong ability to design.
  -It is very difficult to capture in words, but I think it is one of the things that people have caught on to. We knew immediately that he was not disguised themselves, there was nothing he did to be cool. He was a true inspiration, and when you have the real link, it will power. He could get up on stage and people tanned in 15 seconds, then tanned they are no longer. It concluded that "wow", there is something happening here. The guy has make-up, which is the coffin COCKEYED, there are 15 people in the audience and standing in a living room. One can not hide anywhere.
  It is precisely because they, with the era's standards, spectacular stage show that Morbid is best known. That, and Pelle gives a strange and painful impression on people who do not know him. He works hard to be quiet and odd, he was not laughing out loud and not joking about it is someone new in the environment. LG Petrov describes Pelle black metal through and through.
  -It was the same clothes all the time, the same denim jacket with patches, cartridge belts and rivets. Bathory was the only thing that was good enough. In this way, he was unconditional. It would be right, no other music player. When we set for ourselves so we laughed the whole time. Then when we went out it was on with the evil mask.
  Although many friends talking about Pelle's fascination with evil, was an image is many who remember that his thoughts were in unusual orbits.
  -I remember one time when he was on his way home and had gone into a cemetery at night, says Nisse. Who the hell does that matter? It does so not. He had looked at the graves and thinking, "hm, what if there were large eject button on the graves as you press and then popped up the corpses." Such, he could think about. Self was one of the tan themselves to death, but for him it was a thought.
  -He talked a lot about death, already on Scapegoat times said John Hagstrom. But I never reflected on how serious it was. It was more the metal was a cool thing, it was believed. We never discussed the lyrics.
  Neither Anders thought so much about what kind of texts Pelle wrote, but remember that he often talked about near-death experience. Even several years after it had occurred.
  -He told how he saw it, he thought it was really strange and that he did not get it together. It was so unreal. Then he got out he had indeed been dead. I do not think he was so obsessed by it when it happened, because he was more into bombers and listening to hard rock, but the death obsession grew later.
  Pelle's large household gods are one-man band Bathory, it really only Swedish heavy metal band at this time. So when Quorthon will sign her third album "Under the Sign of the black mark" on the Heavy Sound in May 1987 Morbid members go there and stand in the long signing queue.
  -The image of Quorthon split for many that day, says Nisse. He came walking in sunglasses, leather jacket with a lot of metal stuff that was hanging on. He looked too much like a rock star. Someone took a card, then he made a thumbs up. What is this? He was not bad enough!
  -He was some Yngwie Malmsteen says Rille.
  -Pete was very disappointed, continues Nisse. He turns his attention pretty fast to Norway
and Mayhem. They became the new evil gods who replaced Bathory.
  The disappointment of Quorthon leads to Pelle decides to send a letter to him.
  -When we were at the home of Jens once so we wondered where Pelle was said Rille. He was in the basement and would dissect a hamster. Jens was quite upset.
  -I was with and would take pictures, says Nisse. But when he began to chop the poor hamster with a scalpel, I had to stop. I stood and held his ears, it was such a horrible sound when it beeped. He would rip it up to put it on a cross and send it to Quorthon. That was the whole thing. It was so damn disgusting. And then it was not that he sent it. After a week, he submitted it at the reception of Bathory record labels and the stench of the fucking letter. It was directly into the trash, I can imagine.

  At home with the family is not seen Pelle's intense music and horror interests over-generous with. Parents think that hard rock is a harmful influence on the younger siblings, but above all they fear that the music takes up all his energy. Bred in the 50's, they have fed on the importance of having an education to fall back on, but Pelle's ratings are disastrous, and he is completely uninterested in reading further. He works on printing, but all money goes to the microphones, stamps and Rs.
  -They were challenged by the fact that he managed the music so fine and well-kept, while everything else fell - grades, hygiene. It was a complaining trap while they knew that music was something he could not let go, because then he had absolutely nothing left. It was his spark of life, says Anders.
  -Since they were so very proud when he began to perform, as when Morbid made his demo and played their first gig at the Ultra. I think Dad was filming without being asked and wanted to document for the future because he thought it was just a temporary thing, something to show the bachelor party.
  In early December 1987 Morbid go into Heavy Loads Studio Thunder Load to record a demo. After two days of intense studio sessions are four songs ready. The demo will be renamed to "December Moon". The cover of the cassette is adorned with the bat shaped Morbid logo and the words "In nomine dei Nostri Luciferi Exelsior Satan". Pelle and John begins to copy the tape and go to the post office to make the covers of the copying machine. John delivers boxes of cartridges to the Heavy Sound for sale at cost price, while Pelle take care of the tape trading scene, and sending out demo tapes to overseas, including to Slayer Mag and Mayhem.
  -We went in every week to Heavy Sound and delivered tapes from 0.15 to 20 at a time, said John Hagstrom.
  He estimates that the demo sold several hundred copies in total. Although he was pleased with the recording and liked to play with the band jumps John Hagstrom of Morbid early 1988 He got a job in the telecom industry and can not keep up to scratch with the band.
  Pelle take John's defection hard. For him, it is inconceivable to have other priorities than the band. Putting a job in music was not okay in any way. In addition, John, who wrote many of the songs, a musical anchor Pelle played with throughout his active time in the band. Disappointed, he starts thinking about what to do now.
  Without anyone knowing it, he has corresponded with members of the Norwegian Mayhem after a while. Just a few weeks after John dropped out of Morbid, sit Pelle on the flight to Oslo. Anders remembers that the move happened so fast that the family barely knew what happened.
  -He told me that "there is an awesome band in Norway, I have to go there and check out the situation, they are rock hard." We took nothing. Then he was gone.

  End of April 1991 takes Pelle Ohlin's burial place in Östrhaninge church, a big old stone church built in the 1300s. Already on hold can be seen that the church tower is slightly twisted and leaning in towards the nave. According to local folklore says that the builder was so heartbroken when he saw the lopsided result that he hanged himself in the tower.
  Many friends thought that the funeral would be at Woodland Cemetery and had gone there, but Randy and Rille, LG Petrov, Uffe Cederlund, Jens Näsström, John Hagstrom, Fredrik Karlén and Erik Wallin in the Merciless and many others participate in the funeral services which the family opted out of the psalms and instead playing Rod Stewart's "I'm Sailing" and "Imagine" by John Lennon. After the funeral, the coffee in Pelle's father's townhouse in Vendelsö.
  Jorn has flown in from Norway
as the only Member Mayhem.
  -I felt welcome, but when I sat there, people began to come forward and ask questions, and suddenly I realized that they had very little contact with Pelle the last three years. At first I felt very uneasy. His uncle wanted to, for example, to know how he got hold of the gun. It was not a good experience.
  All his friends were shocked by Pelle's suicide, but few were surprised. He called himself still for Dead and all his songs are about life after death. But while he was a cheerful and humorous kind, even if his humor was of the darker variety.
  At least surprised were the Norwegians.
  -We had talked a lot about that he did not feel at home in this world, remember my friend Jon "Meta Lion" Kristiansen running fanzine Slayer Mag. I got the impression that there was a lot he did not tell. But he gave some signs, little things that made that I was so surprised. In the letters he wrote often that it was too cold in this world and it probably had a lot of feelings to do. That people were too cold.
  Jorn was the only one of the Norwegian friends who had no contact with family after Pelle's death. Meta Lion says that there never was time for him to go to the funeral, or talking to Pelle's family and friends.
  -At the time, not as much contact with their emotions. You may remember that we were young boys and we wanted to be tough. We did not know how to behave when it came to things like this. Most responded to think it was tough and cool done. It was difficult to manage, because it was so new.
  Few believe that Pelle killed himself completely of their own volition. Nobody goes so far as to say that he was murdered, but virtually all believe that MAYHEM guitarist Oystein then "Euronymous" Aarseth differently Pelle drove to suicide. Even Mayhem drummer January Axel "Hellhammer" Blomberg and Jorn exclude the possibility that Oystein had direct impact on what happened to Pelle.
  In the Swedish group of friends were far-reaching plans for a gross act of revenge, to go over to Norway
and beat the crap out Oystein, but it never materialized.
  -It would have been difficult to live with, says Nisse. I think they used Pelle maximum.When they felt he was on his way back to Sweden
was the him to take his life. Just such a thing as the photo and everything afterwards, then you are ice cold. Such a man, I do not have difficulty finding a person who is Pete, unstable in that way, going so far.
  -Pete had always had the impression that he would become famous, it was just a matter of when and where he would get money for it, says Anders. Pelle was obsessed with money and I have been told that Oystein used to manipulate him with, "Once we get a record deal and then we get money". I think that was such a hard blow for Pete, that once it came off, when they received good feedback from the concerts and got a record deal and could pull up and running - then it was all too late, the band was falling apart. The only one who had not taken it was Pelle. He must have felt so damn disappointed, totally fucking broken. Meta Lion out that it is important to distinguish between private person and Pelle Dead of Mayhem.
  -Although Pelle wanted things with Mayhem and had visions that he was also a human being. He could not be like the Dead all the time. It was probably the problem.

  The police in Ski Municipality
remembered the case clear. A police detective who served time in the area says that there never was any murder investigation, although there were suspicions of police that there was something suicidal. The police report is filed for a long time and are not public.
  Suicide letter was the only one of Pelle's belongings which were sent to the family from Norway. Anders store is still in a plastic sleeve. The paper is yellowed and bottom smudged with blood. The family has never questioned that there was no question of anything other than suicide, mainly because of how Pelle was and how the letter is written.
  -A few days after he killed himself, a package from Pelle to me at the post office, says Anders. In the low-"Lord of the Rings" - trilogy, which he borrowed from me, which I in turn borrowed from a friend and pestered him to return. He had written a note that the books were cruel, but he only managed to read one and half a book. I thought that I could read a lot of Tolkien in the suicide letter.
  The shock after the suicide has not had time to fold before the next shock comes. In the summer of 1993, more than two years after Pelle's death, murdered Oystein in his apartment in Oslo. Soon sentenced Wolf "Grishnackh Count" Vikernes, the man behind one-man band Burzum and temporary bassist for Mayhem, to 21 years in prison for murder. The reason is said to be an internal power struggle within the black metal scene in Norway, and Oystein owed Vikernes money.
  Not only that. Another two years later released bootleg disc "Dawn of the Black Heart", with the picture of Pelle's corpse on the cover.
  The first time Anders saw the picture was in a record store. He turned, as usual in Mayhem tray and first became happy when he saw a disc that he had not seen before. But then came the shock.
-I knew the picture was, but I had deliberately kept me away from den. We in the family had not taken that picture was on a disc. I dare not look at Pelle online for that fucking picture is everywhere. For many years the family has contacted the websites that published the picture and asked them to remove it. A little bit have agreed to it, others have refused.
  -I think of course that it is totally disgusting that Oystein photographed Pelle. But I know how much they took this seriously. And therefore I can in any way accept, no, do not accept, but I can understand what drove them and what the thought was.

  In spring 2009, the former members of Morbid a few reunions and offers with Anders and his half-brother Daniel. They plot and scheme to collect all your footage with Pelle and give out the disc. Anders also contacts Jorn, to finally put all the questions about Pelle as he always wondered about but were not ready to hear answers to.
  When Mayhem is coming to Stockholm
on tour to celebrate the band's 25th anniversary meet Jorn and Anders for the first time since funeral. Mayhem live in a shabby hotel in Årsta Party Halls. Together with his half-brother Daniel Anders sits and talks with Jorn and Jan Axel for several hours. The next day we'll see you at Mayhem Concert on the club.
  The singer Attila Csihar, who has taken over from Pelle and sings his lyrics on the album "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas", progressing into the smoke-filled scene in a full-length priest hood. He wields a cup of incense and messes with his guttural voice.
  It is the first time Anders looks Mayhem play. He is leaning against a wall and still consider what is happening on stage. He is tough after the long evening in the hotel bar last night.
  -I was as nervous, but it felt good to be seen. It was a little So Mat meet subpart pelleted again, it was damn strange. Viewed good late into the night a talking and drank super bad beer.
  As Oystein had a will when he murdered his possessions went to his parents. This also applies to all rights related to Mayhem. Then a few months, Anders had contact with Oystein father Helge Aarseth about to take over the rights to the image on Pelle's corpse.
  -To write those letters was like to sit and carve himself in the frame. I was prepared to Helge was bucking, but he was very cooperative. He is not so happy about that picture either. I know that he burned all the other images he found.
  The plan is to get control over the image and thus try to stop the bootleg copies which even today is spread by "Dawn of the Black Hearts." The album is said to be one of the most Bootlegger in the metal world.
  After the gig is Jorn on lousy mood. With pupils as big as saucers he yells "No interviews!"so we sit together with Jan Axel in a room.
  Mayhem will always be associated with the deaths that occurred within the band. There have been several documentaries about the dramatic history and interest in Pelle shows no signs of cooling. The small movie clips that are on Youtube, when Quorthon sign Pelle disc, horseplay outside the cabin in the woods and especially Jonas Akerlund's video for Candlemass 'Bewitched', where Pelle seen do "doom dance" with other very young parts of Stockholm's metal scene, the always new viewers.
  When Morgan Håkansson of Marduk selling of his letters and drawings from Pelle and Oystein on Ebay in 2007, he several thousand dollars per document. The pieces should have been, however, he left.
  January Axel has lost his piece, which he carried in a leather strap around his neck.
  -The disappearance of a Darkthrone party at the home of Fenriz. I cleared and bang and suddenly got caught in a jewel with electricity time six who sat on the wall, then it was gone.
  He shrugs his shoulders as the glossy black curls bobbing and say it was just as well.
  -I thought the necklace was a nice thing conducted to honor a good friend. In our world, everything was completely different. What we thought was normal then find other people, including me today, is insane.
  When the mayhem was on tour in South America
in 2008 tried to contact Jorn Bull Metal to, as he puts it, "talk seriously" that he published "Dawn of the Black Heart." But Bull Metal was dead. AIDS, says Jorn. Suicide, according to several online sources.
  -It was very special to meet Anders and Daniel yesterday. I understood already on the phone that they were peaceful people. It was as I had thought, he says.
  -They are incredibly similar Pelle says Jan Axel.
Jorn had been concerned about the stories he would tell me, what the brothers would possibly want to know.
  -They asked to hear the stories about him and had several questions of detail. It felt good. Imagine that they begin to process the grief is only now, so damn many years later. They really had it hard.
  Mayhem tour manager sticks his head and announcing that the band should have been out of the premises for ten minutes ago. Jorn sighs deeply. He is tired and wants to go back to the hotel.
  -I turned out to be damn cracked so I can imagine how the family must have had it. Keeping in touch is the least we can do for them.

Pelle's suicide note:

The famous line excuse the blood, but I have cut up the wrists and neck. The idea was that I would die in the woods so it would take a few days before I could possibly found. I belong in the woods and have always done it. The reason for this will not yet make. To give someone a reasonably explanation, I am not a human, this is just a dream and soon I will awake. It was too cold and blood was frozen all the time plus the new blade is too dull. If I fail to die by the knife as I blow out the crap from the skull. So I don't know. I left all my lyrics in "Let the good times roll"  plus the rest of the money. Those who find them may be shit. As a last greeting, I get permission to present "Life Eternal". Do what you want with the crap.


P.S. I did not come to this now, but seventeen years ago.
Part 2 :)
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