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This comes from the swedish book "Blod Eld Död" written by Ika Johannesson and Jon Jefferson Klingberg. Forgive the syntax error but i've translated with google.

This is part 1

It's Monday, 8 April 1991. The clouds are heavy over Kråkstad, the village is over 2 miles outside Oslo
where the Norwegian black metal band Mayhem have their headquarters. The large red wooden house is located right in the woods and opens onto the vast field. The view is magnificent, even on a cloudy and cold April day like this.
  22-year-old singer Pelle Ohlin, better known by his nickname "Dead", spent the weekend alone in the house. The other band members are at home with their families. It was long since they rehearsed together. The guitarist Øystein "Euronymous" Aarseth devotes most of his time to the band's newly established record label DeathLike Silence Productions, whose headquarters situated in one of bedrooms at second floor. He forges big plans for mayhem and talks all the time that "now, soon, we let's record an album." But none of what he says is true. Pelle and Oystein haven't had such good contacts in recent months.The atmosphere in the house was printed.
  Bassist Jorn "Necrobutcher" Stubberud stayed more with his pregnant girlfriend and he was rarely there. And drummer Jan Axel "Hellhammer" Blomberg has been so broke that he had gone and sold the audio system that band used and forced Pelle sing through a guitar amp.
  Moreover, the dad here recently. Again. The family in Sweden
are worried for him. they together looked a college's catalog in the arts. Perhaps Pelle take and look at it. There he told Dad that he would.
  Now he sits in the basement and cut himself with his new knife. First, he averaged his wrists several times in the woods behind the house, but it was not deep enough. He has cut himself earlier, but mostly on stage. Blood drips onto the floor and the instruments that are arranged in the large recreation room.
  Then he writes a farewell letter. This weekend, he has written a lyric, which he dubbed "Life Eternal". It puts him in the letter.
  It doesn't bleed nearly as much as it should. The blood coagulates too fast on his slender wrists. He's looking for the aorta in the neck and cut a deep incision. His white t-shirt with print "I Love Transylvania".
   On the second floor, he went into his bedroom. There, he took out Oystein's shotgun. It has been in the house ever since they moved into.
  He puts the barrel at his temple and fired.

On Sunday afternoon Oystein to the house in Kråkstad. He knew that Pelle will be there, but door locked and he had no key. He rings the doorbell but no answer, so he went to a pay phone and talked with Jorn.
  -He asked if Pelle was at my house. But he wasn't. I was going to go out to the house earlier in the day to see him, but I never did. Then said Oystein to Pelle safe hanging and dangling in the room. It was a little weird saying, I think, remember Jorn.
  On Monday, Oystein go back to the house and climb in through a window. When he comes into Pelle's room, he discovered that singer dead on the bed with a rifle and a knife beside him. It is the brain and blood all over the messy room. But instead of calling an ambulance, Oystein to the car and drive to the nearest store to buy a disposable camera. He drove back to the house and photographed the corpse carefully. Then he went to the phone booth and called the police and first since Jan Axel in his parents home.
  -Oystein called and said that Dead came back home, says Jan Axel. "What the hell, did he come back to Sweden?" I replied. "No, he didn't come back at home," said Oystein again. "He has shot his head off." "Oh, hell." I was shocked. Oystein was very excited and said, "but don't worry, I have taken pictures!" It was definitely a very odd situation.
  Jorn learned of his death later that day.
  -Oystein called and said that Pelle did something damn cool. "Cool?" I asked. "Yes, he killed himself," he said. I didn't mean that it was especially cool, but I was shocked as hell. Then said Oystein that he has taken pictures of the corpse and we can use them to Mayhem. When I said that I will never question, and there was a dispute about it during the call. It was really sad, everything.
  After, ambulance arrived and picked Pelle's body. Is still a large amount of blood and body residues left in the little room. For some reason, it was never a thorough decontamination. After a few days, when the smell became unbearable, Oystein asked the help of Jan Axel, my friend Jon "Metalion" Kristiansen, who run the fanzine Slayer Mag, and a few others for clean up. Then they discovered there are fragments of skull left in the room. Oystein decided to save as many pieces as he can. The largest pieces were a little bigger than a cigarette, remember Metalion.
  Following months Oystein sent out the parts to people within the black metal scene and he thought to deserve them. Among other things, he sent pieces to the Swedish guys Morgan "Evil" Håkansson of Marduk, Tony "IT" Särkkä of Abruptum and Richard Cabeza in Dismember, members of Swiss band Samael and a guy in the Masacre band in Colombia.
  And there were more who did, says Meta Lion.
There were also pieces of record store Helvete in Oslo
that Oystein opened later that summer. And so, he made jewelry that he and Jan Axel used.
  It has also been rumored that Oystein took part of Pelle's brain and ate, to test how it felt to be cannibals, but few in the inner circle believe that it was true.
A week after Pelle's suicide, hit Jorn and Oystein. Oystein evoked images of body and store them in an envelope which he took out to show.
  -I told him directly that I didn't want to see them, says Jorn. He said he was going to use the images to the new Mayhem CD. "In that case I will kill you," I said. And he understood that it was in earnest. He was very disappointed because he thought I could find it a great idea.
  Jorn left the band of Mayhem for protest.
  Seemingly unmoved by the death, Oystein began with a skilled marketer, using Pelle's suicide to promote Mayhem.
   In a letter to the band's international network of fans and other musicians he wrote at length about how Pelle's action is real evil and the Mayhem is the only band that lives as they learn. Jorn dismisses as a geek who doesn't pallets pressure. In particular, he advanced a theory that Pelle killed himself because he thought about underground scene became diluted and attracted people who are not sufficiently evil.
At Swedish metal magazine Close-Up, he said, in June 1992: "As regards the Dead, he was a very evil man / goat. He hated everything that was alive. The only thing that made him not to shoot the head off his former black metal / death metal -lifestyle, with a vicious band worshiped death and left in black clothes, studs, leather, cartridge belts, and all things of real life to. (...) We support what he did and we respect deeply his never-ending ondhet.
  When it started rumors in metal circles that Oystein would have something to do with suicide, perhaps even himself murdered Pelle, denies he is nothing. He realizes that if people allowed to fantasize freely about what may have been created much better stories than he would write up something. But he told friends that Pelle asked him to stay away from the house during weekend and they repeatedly talked about Pelle should commit suicide because it would benefit the band.
  Soon spread rumors that there are pictures of corpse, and it recognized Oystein happily. When I asked if there was a sick act of taking pictures, he answered a reporter Close-Ups:
  "We are in hell no humanitarian fun band, when we say we live only for death metal, it means we worship death. There is nothing that is too crude, disgusting and sick. People don't understand can go to the hell."
  Oystein sends the images to Bull Metal, a member of Colombian band Masacre. It is a very sharp and detailed image. Pelle's body lain on the bed with a gun and knife beside him. Wood-paneled walls were spattered by blood and at left of his head, his brain.
  A few years later gave to Bull Metal out a bootleg  "Dawn of the Black Hearts" from a concert by Mayhem in Sarpsborg 1990. On the cover, he put the picture with Pelle's corpse.

The same year that Pelle committed suicide, exploded the Swedish and Norwegian metal scene. In Sweden, death metal developed and disseminated worldwide. Norway
became the center of black metal, and soon began to burn churches across the country.Satanist headlines lights black in the newspapers.
  In light of suicide and everything that happens in Norway, it's growing legend of Pelle "Dead" Ohlin as more and more interested in mayhem. No one decorated the stage with the severed pig heads in the past. Pelle cut his arms with a broken bottle and nurtured dreams about to put rotten meat in gaming space ventilation system to really spread the feeling of death. He collected dead animals and buried their costumes in the forest before the gigs that they would began to stink of decay. No one had ever seen anything like it.
  Even today appeal to both old and new bands reverently about Pelle's devotion.
  -It was the Dead who spent his soul, says Morgan Håkansson, songwriter and guitarist in Norrköping band Marduk, which corresponded closely with Pelle years before his death.
  -He took extreme metal to a new level. As he stood and smelled a rotten bird when he could add vocals to feel the vibration of death. It was very inspiring that he did it in such earnest.
  Only Mayhem Materials recorded with Pelle, there are two songs on the collection album "Projections Of A Stained Mind" from 1990 and the live album "Live in Leipzig", in 1990 too. His fascination with the cold and darkness immortalized in lyrics of Mayhem's second album "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas", which published in 1994, a
record that still considered among the best and most important black metal album made.
  Erik Wallin in Merciless knew Pelle since adolescence, noting that he now turned into an icon of the genre.
  He's definitely a sort of Jim Morrison, a black metal icon. I think everyone who at all interested in black metal genre traces back to him and all what happened.
  Rather than made a pilgrimage to Père-Lachaise goes Mayhem fans to Osterhaninge cemetery outside Stockholm
and drinking beer at Pelle's tombstone.
  Erik Danielsson, singer and frontman in Uppsala
band Watain, he was nine years old when Pelle Ohlin committed suicide.
  He's a great inspiration to me. What he looked like visually and his texts summarizes much of what formed the basis of my idea of black metal.
  Many of Pelle's ideas live on by Watain, which today considered to be Sweden's most extreme black metal band. Erik Danielsson believe that Pelle was a source of power that defined what black metal should be.
  -Because of him people understood that when the genre has taken too far, it's not fun anymore. If everyone would have the perception that black metal is harmless, it would be.Those who were inspired by him brought something good that benefited black metal and those who thought it was sick disappeared and consequently lost their feeble-minded. He contributed to a more suitable climate.

Jorn "Necrobutcher" Stubberud live in a converted yellow cottage on the hill Nordby at E6, three miles south of Oslo. His living room cluttered with things.
He has recently had a craftsman home and changed all the windows and built a proper porch overlooking the large frost-covered fields surrounded by pine forests.
  Inside a small room behind the kitchen, lives his adult daughter Sabine. On the walls hang Mayhem cloth picture and a classic Burzum poster with Varg Vikernes who stared grimly at the camera. Over the closet hangs Mayhem first backdrop, that Jorn and Oystein painted home in Jorn's boyhood room.
  -To get to pentagram straight, we used my mother's skis and designed for, says Jorn.
  He served tea in a white cup shaped like a woman's torso and says he is working on a book about all his friends who died. It is a remarkable number, about 100, he argues. The idea came when he was in prison in 2002 for weapons and drug possession.
  -I lived a hard life and I have been caught several times. It becomes so when one is you. I like guns and girls! And hashish, he says and grins.
  Norwegian security police have him under surveillance and has turned up unannounced at home in the house on several occasions. Jorn took out a worn photo album from the well-stocked bookshelves and make room for the messy table.
  -This is my new project, he says, pointing at a paper that is below a plastic apple and a few slices.
  There is a bill for his daughter's driving lessons.
  -1100 Norwegian crowns per lesson, he sighs. But she has to learn to drive.
  He opens the album. Each page is full of carefully pasted pictures from either party or on the tape. It begins in 1984 with fluffy pictures of a teenage Oystein. Soon, pictures of Pelle, horseplay spirit or with staring, painted eyes and stiff fingers. On a picture playing Oystein and Pelle with fake blood, but Oystein have taken too much in his mouth and begins to drool.
  -Pete sees it and starts to smile just when the camera takes the picture. The glory I remember Pelle. That face. Happy face. He always had a black and white on a stock - when you were alone with him. Getting there any alien he did not talk at all.
  Pelle Ohlin's first contact with Mayhem was via mail. He sent a letter with a crucified, route the mouse to the band's post office box, along with a demo of his band Morbid, a Stockholm-Band with great theatrical ambitions.
  -At the time I drove the pickup truck and opened the letter inside the car, says Jorn. It was the first time I had animal carcasses at the post office so I was very surprised, plus it smelled something awful. I put the mouse and the letter on the back of the truck. The only thing I took into the driver's cab was demon. Unfortunately flew all of the truck when I drove off, so I never got to read the letter, but the music was damn good.

Mayhem was formed in 1984 and quickly made a name in the then very little international stage for hard metal. Their minimalist band images where they often showed faces quickly spread within metal circles, thanks to Oystein talent for networking. Mayhem was inspired both by the early metal bands as Venom, Merceful Fate and Swedish Bathory, and the more Experimental, avant-garde music as Brian Eno and Diamanda Galas. They searched the most extreme in every genre, since it did not matter what kind of music it was.
  Mayhem debut mini-album "Death Crush" from 1987, preceded by "Silvester drop caps", a piece of music by the highly respected German, experimental musician Conrad Schnitzler. He was an early member of Tangerine Dream and is considered one of Krautrock (fan?) anfädrar. Oystein was a big fan and had simply gone home to him in Germany
on a hot summer day and rang the bell. When Schnitzler not opened the door, he lay down to sleep on the porch and had to get into the next day. As Oystein some time later wrote and asked Schnitzler compose a work for Mayhem so sent the German "Silvester drop caps", a piece he had just finished writing.
  The combination of avant-garde innovation of extreme aggression Mayhem gave a hard reputation as impressed Pelle. As lead singer of Morbid he had cultivated his stage personality Dead, which was based on his fascination with death and the other side. Although Morbid only played a few times live, they were known within the nascent Swedish death metal scene as a band with spectacular stage shows.
Oystein playing a rehersaldemo with Morbid for Jon "Meta Lion" Kristiansen, who runs the fanzine Slayer Mag, the first newspaper on the death and black metal in Scandinavia. Meta Lion takes direct contact with Pelle.
  -In those days there were not so many bands that were good. And then came this band from Sweden
that sounded like Bathory! "Damn, him, I know," I thought.
  Through correspondence Meta Lion and Pelle good friends and they start talking on the phone often.
  -He could call for one-two in the morning and talk for four hours. He tried to call Mayhem too, but Oystein had quite a special dialect as Dead did not understand what he said.
  During their many conversations talking Meta Lion and Pelle about everything. If the bands in Stockholm, Bathory, and Pelle's growing dissatisfaction with the situation in Morbid. The other members do not share his ideas about what the band should be and he is frustrated. There is no tape in Stockholm, which is unconditional and hara enough for his taste.
  "I talked with Euronymous on the phone and he explained his view of how the most brutal scene, the show would be, and we discussed the problem that everyone wants everything to be so normal, boring and nerdy. We were all agreed that I would go over tests and sing on some rope, to see if I would fit into the band, "says Pelle in an interview with Slayer Mag first published in 1994, three years after his death.
  Meta Lion and Pelle also talk a lot about death and the other side. Pelle often tell if a near-death experience he had as a child.
  -He was talking about the light that he saw. I think it affected him quite a lot.

In February 1988 lands 19-year-old Pelle Ohlin at Fornebu airport in Oslo. Actually, he barely talked to anyone in the mayhem, but virtually all contact with the band has been through letters.Jorn and Oystein pick him up at the airport. They do not know what to expect, the decision to the Swede should be taken so soon. But they are reassured when they see that Pelle has long hair and dresses like a heavy metal fan. Language problems are continuing. Pelle did not understand a word of what the Norwegians say that they will switch to English. Jorn remember that he was worried. The most important thing in a band is to have a functioning internal jargon and what would happen if they did not understand each other?
  On the road from the airport takes Jorn home with him any friends. He says Pelle sat in a corner and read the Phantom Newspapers instead of talking.
  -Someone pulled out a little hash pipe and passed around, and I think that Pelle felt compelled to taste. He would not have done. He was pure white on the face and I knew immediately that I would not send the barrel in his direction if he had not asked for it. It was the first little insight into who he was. He did not like to smoke either marijuana or cigarettes, and I saw him drinking alcohol are very few times, maybe twice in three years.
  In a few days staying at the home of Pelle Jorn and his parents in Langhus south of Oslo. After a few more days in Oystein parents accommodated him in Mayhem rehearsal studio, an apartment in nearby Ski. Slowly the band members understand each other and develop a black sense of humor to agree.
  The band quickly takes the decision to Pelle's their new singer and takes a lot of new bands pictures to send out to their network. On the photos bears Pelle make-up white with big black circles around the eyes and often a black makeup trickle from his nose.
  Jan Axel "Hellhammer" Blomberg start playing drums in the Mayhem a few months of Pelle come to Norway.
  -The others have told me that when it became clear that Pelle would come so he came right away, the next day, and had brought a bag of plastic insects and a lot of Dracula magazines and books. He was really strange, but absolutely indispensable for us.
  Before Pelle took over as lead singer was Mayhem a respected metal bands, fast and rock hard, but without the dark sounding and fatal ideology that they would later become notorious for. Jorn had previously stood for the text piece, and above all inspired by the horror and splatter films, with a humorous undertone. Now begins Mayhem make new songs and Pelle are working with texts. Both the musical and ideological direction changed completely.
  -I had always thought that the texts were our weak point. But Pelle came with lyrics like "Freezing Moon", great lyrics about his own spiritual life. All the songs are about what it's like after death. He believed in life after death. That was how he lived. There was nothing he designed, says Jorn.
  Together with Oystein Pelle starts to create a new setting for the band. It will be harder, disgusting and more Satanic. The scheming of severed pig heads and blood.
  "I want people to feel disgust When Do They see us live. I think of the HAVING rotted flesh in the air conditioning. Work out something more with the cutting into myself and Have something morethan Impaled pigheads, maybe an Impaled cow or something," says Pelle in an interview in the fanzine Putrefaction, published 1990th
  Pelle, who had always been naturally slim, eat less and less to see as death and pale as possible. The goal is to not have to wear make-up at all. Jorn remember he talked about death all the time and that he often mentioned his near-death experience.
  -He was ten years old and skated on the ice when he fell so badly that his spleen ruptured. He was clinically dead at the hospital and then he saw a light. After that he became fascinated by death and began collecting obituaries and information from funeral homes.Then, when he started with music as he called himself Dead. It was an entirely feasible concept.
  When Pelle came back in Sweden for a visit over the summer will break in the rehearsal studio.The band loses some guitar pedals, and the thieves are taking Pelle's fake blood and comics. In addition, they are of the contract on the premises.
  Jorn, who tend to be out and shoot with a rifle in a nearby forest, have seen an abandoned cabin that Pelle has moved into in. The house has been empty for 30 years and have no water and electricity, but it's a hot summer. January Axel moves into solidarity with Pelle. The cottage, which they quickly rename to "Evil Dead", spend the summer, until the forest owner will with a shotgun forward to fall and forcing them to move.
  Just like the rest of the band was Pelle started to receive social assistance from the Norwegian government, and together, they move to a combined camping and cabins at E6, where the National Treasury quarters of their clients.
  While waiting for a new rehearsal space devoted members of the majority of the time to respond to the letter and send demos to Mayhem fans worldwide. Expanding the distribution network and find the owners of small record stores in other countries is of utmost importance.
  Pelle had contacts with other musicians in the Scandinavian black metal scene. Among other things, he corresponds with Tompa (Tomas) "Goatspell" Lindberg, lead singer of Gothenburg band Grotesque.
  -We had corresponded a long time and was standing right near each other. We thought about the same things about everything, both the music and Satanism. He was passionate and romantic in its view.
  When Meta Lions have New Year's party in Sarpsborg 1988 hit Tompa and Pelle the first time. Several musicians from Sweden and Norway have come to the party.
Pelle and Tomas together, they turned out in chaos, especially at the time, remembers Meta Lion. They went into my parents' bedroom and sat and cut in there. It looked like a crap. We had to throw everything it had blood on it. The evening was Pelle completely, totally insane.
-We drank champagne Meta Lions mother, Dead, and I, in his parents' bed because they were not at home, says Tompa. And so we begin to talk very intense. "Tonight we will travel to Transylvania, you and I Tompa," he said. Somewhere in the fog, I thought, however, that "no we will not do tonight." I remember that it ended up letting me hide myself in Meta Lions place, not that Pelle was aggressive towards me, but because he was so set on us to make this journey together because we were so close.
  Pelle was flying around with the knife and was so excited to Meta Lion and Oystein wrestled him down on the ground. Rene of the Norwegian band Cadaver took out handcuffs and fastened Pelle at a lamppost in the street because he would calm down. The problem was that no one had keys to the handcuffs, so they could take with Pelle to a police station nearby to get help to cut them.
  -But I remember the evening when we were lying asleep in the basement, so we listened to "At War with Satan 'with venom, says Tomas. Oystein and Dead slept in the same room and then it was nothing more to it. It was a damn good session.
  Mayhem continues to scratch and keep in touch with their network, but everything is slow.Oystein has just started up the record label Death Like Silence Productions, with the goal of releasing Mayhem own records. First band on the record company is Swedish Merciless from Strängnäs where Pelle know forefront Fredrik Karlén and Erik Wallin from metal festivals in Stockholm. In June 1989 goes into the Merciless Studio Tuna in Eskilstuna and recording "The Awakening". Oystein, Pelle and Jorn drove over from Norway
to visit. Erik Wallin remembers that he thought that Pelle had changed.
  -When we hung with him at parties in Stockholm, he was more of a curl and have fun, man. He was never a dominant personality, it was other people who appeared and were heard more. But he was different with the Norwegians. Not as open as before. In studio he was the most silent and the right dodgy, we thought. We wondered a bit what happened with Morbid-Pete.They were quite distanced them all.
Oystein are happy with what he hears in the studio and the whole gang goes and eats hamburgers after recording is complete.
Pelle keep in touch with their friends in Sweden by phone, but mostly by letter. He corresponds with Jens Näsström in Morbid, who pushed the band forward with a new singer since Pelle quit. Death mystery that characterized Morbid sound is gone and the band seems to have lost energy. Without saying anything to the members of Mayhem are planning Jens and Pelle a reunion with the old Morbid sales. It goes so far as to even book a gig for 9 September 1989 at the Frost house in Stockholm, along with four of those days most metal bands. Pelle draw a flyer that depicts a tombstone with band names inscribed. A bat silhouetted against the moon in the background. They also discussed plans for a single to be released in conjunction with the reunion. The provisional title is "Ancient morbidity" and the cover depicts a monster with bat arms. But the reunion is not, and the gig is canceled.
  However it's finally starting to move for Mayhem at home. The band has booked his first gig with Pelle as a singer in Jessheim, east of Oslo. The planning stage the show thoroughly. The inspiration include a live video with Venom that contains a lot of pyrotechnics.
  Mayhem buy severed pig heads, from a butcher, as the lace on stilts on the stage. Before the gig dig Pelle down their costumes in the forest so that they begin to rot and smell bad. He also saved a dead crow in a bag that he plans to breathe in before he goes on stage, to really conjure up the feeling of death. On stage, he leads into the behavior so that when he cut himself in the arm with a cut off cola bottle, he takes in too much.
  -He cut himself a damn with the bottle and started spraying blood on the people, says Jorn. But the wound was too deep. He had to get off the stage and usher in place, a People's House-like room, was taping up his arm with electrical tape.
  Pelle goes up on stage again and sing the last song before he staggers off, faint after losing a lot of blood. Jorn says Pelle never went to the doctor to get the wound stitched scar that looked like a crap.
  -He cut a lot, but it was the worst scar he had. He cut himself only on stage, never at home.Oystein thought it was just good that he cut himself, but I did not like it. I was always fucking nervous and tried to provide him with dull blades. What he did was good enough. The audience did not have shocked even more.
  The fame of the spectacular show in Jessheim, where Pelle in addition to bleed over the audience even thrown pig heads on them, is spreading fast. When Meta Lion organizes a fund-raising for Slayer Mag in Sarpsborg, near the Swedish border, Mayhem is the main attraction along with other bands like Cadaver and Equinox.
  -It was in a room called Pine Heim, says Meta Lion. People came with plastic bags with vodka, but it was us who were guards, so it was enough to invite us as it was submitted. But there was no trouble, everything went well. Mayhem had almost no light on stage so it was very dark in the room when they played, it was very special.
  Eager to further test the limits of what can be done on stage, writes Pelle Morgan Håkansson and scheming for an imaginary gig with the Grotesque in Norrköping. He asks to come a few days earlier for hanging pieces of meat in the playing hall for them to have time to smell properly.
  -I bought even a meat the Dead that he wanted to cut himself on stage, says Morgan. But everything was too complicated and the gig never materialized.
  Morgan correspond closely both with Pelle and Oystein and receive reports on the mood of Mayhem sours more and more. The band has long been looking for a place where they can both live and rehearse and get to the end of a large villa in Krakstad, located in Ski Municipality. Jorn says he was shocked when he saw how beautiful it was. Rooms have carved wooden items in the old Norwegian style, in the basement there is an equipped gym and various rooms for band members to live in. The house is approx. 200 sqm and is owned by the parents of a classmate to Oystein.
  Although the band now has a place to scratch on the ratio between Oystein and Pelle, which initially was very creative, everything worse. They bicker about little things and can not agree on anything. Oystein run with Pelle and test his patience. And Pelle starts to notice that Oystein talk about the mayhem about to record an album, soon to be out on tour, not true. Jorn, who had known Oystein since childhood, making the most of it is empty talk.
  -He fantasized aloud all the time and Pelle began to believe it. It was crazy plans. Oystein thought for example that we should establish a Death Like Silence Productions office in Moscow
and use it as a cover for selling computers to the authorities and make a lot of money. He talked until almost me. There were many ambitious plans.
  In the end, goes one of the plans through. In November 1990 go Mayhem on the European tour, with gigs booked in Germany, Greece, Turkey and Holland. They travel by train, the Inter Rail Card. At first, the three gigs in Germany, in Zeit, Leipzig, Karl-Marx Stadt (now called Chemnitz). Then the whole band train home to Norway again to sign for their welfare and go directly down to Turkey for a gig in the seaside resort of Izmir. Jorn remember that Pelle was bleeding nosebleeds large parts of the trip because he was so malnourished.
  On location in Turkey is not as planned. Power is interrupted several times during the show and the band have to bribe the organizers to get it turned on again. When they finally meet, they must not money they were promised.
  -The equipment was scrapped and the people were hopeless, says Jan Axel. They had not fixed anywhere for us to bo.Vi got into trouble with customs. On top of everything was Pelle's wallet stolen on the train. I have never been worn in my entire life.
  The concert in Ankara will be canceled due to the related Kuwait War. At home in Norway had Pelle misunderstood a letter and thought that the gig in Greece was canceled, so Mayhem pull directly up to Holland. But there is no organizer, Bacchus in the Dutch band Asphyx, at home as Mayhem, three days early. So they ignore the tour and go home to Norway again. Back home, it becomes again clear that it does not happen so much with Mayhem. Oystein are also increasingly involved in building up his label and he is planning to open a record store inside Oslo. Jorn's girlfriend is pregnant and he spends more time with her than with the band, something that drives Oystein to murder threaten her. January Axel has distansierat from the band and had to sell the PA system as Pelle use to sing, because he is broke.
-Pete was stuck in the house, says Jorn. The rest of us had our families that we could take home and eat dinner with and be away for a few days. We had friends. It had not Pelle. Pelle could not flee to a world beyond the band, so everything was more intense for him.
  In spring, the atmosphere in the house deteriorate. January Axel remember him, Pelle and Oystein fought constantly.
  -To me said Oystein that Pelle had become quite ill and was unable to live with. And Pelle said he wanted to go home. They almost started to hate each other towards the end.
  When conflicts in the house became too annoying, it happened that Pelle took the pillow out of the woods to sleep, to escape Oystein.
  In Sweden, the family is also worried. For each visit becomes Pelle ever narrower and they try desperately to help him. When parents discover that all the money they send to Norway
that he should be able to buy food, go to the stamps to send out demos Mayhem stop the sending. The father travels across a couple of times to talk with Pelle and check the situation.The last trip he makes in March 1991.
  January Axel was one of the last who met with Pelle in life. They bumped into each other by chance on the train platform in Ski Friday before Pelle died. Pelle said he had bought a new knife. That in itself was not surprising. But he pointed out several times during their brief conversation that the new blade was very sharp.
  As far as Jorn know is the last who met Pelle their neighbor, the only person they had contact with throughout the area.
-He told me afterwards that Pelle had seemed very happy for the first time in years.

Jorn proposes a ride past the house in Kråkstad. He the way through the Ski Centre, a small town with a remarkable number of roundabouts, and pointing out various buildings that played a role in Mayhem history. His grandmother's house where he lived for several years, Øystein childhood home on Bekkestien, and grocery store which is located about five minutes walk from the house in Kråkstad. Previously, there was also a post office.
  -That was where we sent all correspondence.
  As we approach the big red wooden house at the edge of the forest, we see that someone is moving inside the garage. Jorn urges us to drive forward and not slow down.
  That's not good to come here in a Swedish registered car. It's been a little too much black metal tourism over the years. Just run past, he says, crouching in the back seat.
  The house is still owned by the same family as 1991. Over the years they have been sympathetic to the interest in the site. Some time ago they let in and shown around a fan who called on. He had hidden a movie camera in a sports bag and the film material from including Pelle's place since appeared in a documentary about Mayhem.
  -There is Pelle's bedroom.
  Jorn nods towards a paned window on the short side of the house that faces toward the woods. Immediately below is a brown-painted garage. It was the roof that Oystein climbed up on to see into the room.
  Jorn pointing toward a church-state rising out of the trees in the distance, on the other side of the village.
  -Over there is the phone booth as Oystein drove to to call the police. It is five kilometers away.

  Although it's been almost 20 years ago Pelle Ohlin died he still arouses strong feelings among their friends. Many decline to be interviewed in this book. Partly because most of Pelle's Swedish friends were shocked by the suicide difficult, partly because many are still angry at how Oystein exploited the death for profit. Each time the album "Dawn of the Black Heart" appears in a record store or the image of the dead Pelle published online, they are reminded of the incident, and anger may be reignited. It has happened to friends moved into record stores and demanded that the disc is removed from the shelves. When Sweden Rock Magazine used the cover to illustrate a rock history Article 2006, the editor Erik Thompson quickly a hateful letter in which he was accused of being tasteless and insulting to the dead.
  Jens Näsström, bassist of the Morbid and one of Pelle's close friends, heard from half a year after he first turned down for an interview. He has changed his mind. Today he works as a psychologist in Strängnäs and feel that the myth around the figure Dead have adopted out of proportion just to be exceeded to death.
  -Something happens psychologically when people idealize, projecting, and it's very clear in this particular case. Myth Dead has become a egregore, a kind of mental etnitet with his own life and that has some similarities with Pete, but also adopts features which never existed in him. He is often portrayed as a humorless person, for example. And as asocial.
  A remarkable number of Pelle's Swedish friends are anxious to know of the rumors and myths that have become truths in books, movies and the Internet. They do not recognize his old friend at all. Johnny Hedlund, lead singer and bassist of Unleashed, socialized intensively Pelle years before he went to Norway
and remember a social guy who was on all parties and often slept on the living room table.
  -All you heard and what was written about him after he moved to Norway
was nothing that I and Frederick (Lindgren), who knew him, understood how it could be possible. You can not even comment.
  Although Pelle's brother Anders Ohlin is at first hesitant to talk about his five year older brother, but we agree to meet to see how it feels. It soon becomes clear that Anders is still strongly influenced by big brother's death. The night before, he has been at a party and drank champagne until late. Nevertheless, he woke up at five this morning and could not sleep. He says he got a big lump in my stomach after we called and he was curious, but unsure. First he talked with his mother and then his half-brother Daniel, both of which were skeptical.
  Their opinions bother him in the end not so much about. He wants to tell its own sake, he says.
  -When I was studying to be an architect for a couple years ago I walked past the gallery Boman, an exclusive gallery of Östermalm. Suddenly one day they showed sheets sized pictures of her brother and his band. There were pictures in which they were full, and drank beer on a bonnet, and a few Concert.
  Anders went in and found out that it was an exhibition by Norwegian artist Bjarne Melgaard.
-An old woman inside started to explain that this Dead was an incredibly evil man, and rattled off completely wacky things. "What is it she stands and rambling about?", I thought. "Is this how he will be remembered as an evil man?" It is not the entire picture.
  Myth is problematic because the entire basis of the Pelle wanted to do based on being the worst. Should I let the one-sided picture of the relentless hard rock breaker who crucified mice survive, or will it be qualified? Meanwhile, just myths messed up in the mourning.
It's incredibly frustrating not being able to respond to what is true or not about him. Because I do not know. In these circles is, of course all about provocation. I've been fucking pissed off at him, he need not suffer all that he has been building up, says Anders and becomes silent for a while.
  -I guess I'm not quite worked Pelle's death at all, if truth be told. I was angry at him and then I put it aside. It's not the best way to go. Then it will be this lump that comes when someone calls and asks if you're Dead brother.
From the Swedish book "Blod Eld Död"
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