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CG Takeshi Kaneshiro

The reason why I took so long to submit something for the new year was this.

Second digital painting. First digital 'portrait'. Ever since that Squall piece I used as practice, I've never done airbrushing, so here it is! This is a portrait of Mr. Takeshi Kaneshiro. This hottie's a mix of Japanese and Chinese heritage, one of my favorite asian actors by far =) you can see him in House of Flying Daggers.

I'm soooo glad this is done. I have to say, I am quite satisfied with the result. Please, don't forget to click on the links below to see details and WIPs. This is NOT a photograph though it was referenced.

Reference: [link]
Work in Progess 1: [link]
Work in Progress 2: [link]
Detail 1: [link]
Detail 2: [link]

Medium: ArtRage for outline, Photoshop and Tablet for the rest (Smudge tool and soft brushes own me)
Time: Anywhere from 20- 30 hours
Note: The hair is hastily done, it's.. very.. bleh. I got impatient! Background was airbrushed too, the easiest part of the whole piece =)

EDIT: Minor changes to hair (more details and highlights on the right side) and due to popular request, I put up a BIGGER version of the image. Full view to see difference.
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Beautiful! I love his expression. <3
Zoliea's avatar
whoa o.O awesome details :D love it
pisces-hilda's avatar
he's a good actor, i like him ^し^
and great painting, too!
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What great artwork! You've really done him justice here. :)
michellexmacabre's avatar
Wow. this is amazing.
Nokimochi's avatar
WOWzers!It looks like a real photograph!!!
talespirit's avatar
thats...a PAINTING?!?!? i thought it was a photograph!! XD well done! i love him! he's my favourite actor!
christellepecout's avatar
Well Done, maaooow!!
rikku300's avatar
awesome work <3
DarthMuffins's avatar
That is gorgeous! For a second there I didn't think it was painted by you on photoshop xD
Wonderful job~
Valentina-Remenar's avatar
WOW...beautiful. It looks like a photo from afar. Fav for sure...:+fav: :D

Critique our art: [link] :gallery:
Vampiressartist's avatar
GOD, he's gorgeous! I almost thought it was a photo at first! Great job! :clap:
Bizenghast's avatar
I love him in House of Flying Daggers. Pretty :love:
teka21's avatar
what a sight
Spiderwebwings's avatar
Aha! I thought I recognised him. I love House of flying daggers.
Brilliant picture.
Arasghoul's avatar
yay takeshi!!!!! wonderful job, his eyes are so cute...
Zeba-chan's avatar

I have gone blind from pure awesomness~!!!!

U rock....
wish I could've stared at the pic a bit longer before it blinded me...with it's AWESOMNESS!!!!

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