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Only the need to for surprise kept Mina from stomping and slamming doors on her way down. Well, the need for surprise and her sense of professionalism. Even if this wasn't at all among the normal tasks of a personal assistant.

Finding the right room she leaned against the wall in the darkened room, waiting near one of the doors. At least she knew the thieves wouldn't be long in reaching her. Not as loud as they were to her. Only a few moments later the door opened and the three men entered with low light goggles over their eyes and infrared flashlights sweeping across the far wall.

Annoyed with her boss she was sorely tempted to flip the lights on. She recognized their goggles and knew wouldn't turn down the glare nearly fast enough. If only she too wouldn't get hit with the pain and three times over at that. So she simply enjoyed the feeling of surpise when she reached over and locked the door they'd entered through.

"Gentlemen, I would appreciate it if you hurried. If my boss catches you in here... well I'd rather not watch and as her assistant I'd really have no choice. Ah-ah, no reaching for that knife Edwards, I will defend myself if you insist on being foolish."

"What the hell, why would you help us?"

"Did I say I would help? I said I'd rather my boss not catch you." The other two could understand the difference, but the confusion in Edwards' head was annoying. Worse it seemed to be leading him back towards foolish thoughts. "Fine, if it will get you out of here faster. Second workstation on the right, the password and keycard your boss gave you should work. The files you want are listed under the tag 'Arclight.'"

While Edwards copied the files she decided to take the thoughts of the other two onto something other than silencing her. "I fear I filed orders for a new guard rotation at the beginning of this shift. The hatch you came in through is blocked but Moon Pool Two will be accessible for another ten minutes. You'll walk ahead of me if you want the entry code. And Edwards, reaching for that pistol is just as foolish. Even with the silencer it would be loud enough to bring guards running."

Five minutes later found them entering the moon pool chamber. Two blocky RSVs hung on cranes over the water while a sleek mini assault sub was already waiting in the water. Upon seeing it Edwards whistled.

"A Boeing-Westin Moray, there haven't been any reported missing, there shouldn't be any of these in civilian hands!"

"Money can be magical Edwards. However, if you don't want it in civilian hands then by all means take it. And yes, Mister Stein, disconnecting the scuttling charge would be smart. You will find my boss also placed a second under the sonar station. Quite right Stein, you have figured it out, listening to dying minds is extremely unpleasant. I will be quite cross if any of you forces me to endure that."

Three minutes later she was back in Professor Bancroft's office and didn't need her gift to see she was furious.

"Mina Four, explain yourself! I sent you down there to catch them not help them steal my research and escape!"

"Mistress, you made me, you know perfectly well I couldn't beat three trained agents in a fight. At best I'd have shot two before the third killed me. You also know perfectly well why I wouldn't want to shoot them to begin with."

Allowing herself a smile she set a small remote on Professor Bancroft's desk. "Anyway, you didn't say kill. You said to deal with them. They took the sub that fool Kensington planned to use in his coup. If you would like new test subjects the blue button will activate the delta wave inducers. If not, now that they are out of my hearing range I don't mind if you use the red button to flood the sub."

Mina didn't bother waiting to see which button the Professor Bancroft chose, turning for the door despite the flash of irritation she picked up from her Mistress's mind. "But I'll take my leave now, after dipping into Edwards' mind I really need a bath. Good day, Mistress."
This is a revised version of a short fic I wrote to one of aldersprig's prompts for my January Prompt Bingo card.
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Submitted on
April 14, 2014
Mature Content