Haiku for the second week of December

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Arizona Winter Walks

A cold wind blowing
my jacket keeps my chest warm.
Must unzip, too warm.

Cold wind still blowing.
Ears, cheeks, and fingers aching.
No earmuffs or gloves.

My Car

Best feature ever!
It is totally paid off.
Horrah, no payments.

I think it smells cash,
warning lamps are lighting up.
A bill, no cash left.

Drive Space

One gigabyte free!
Undreamable in my youth,
today gets warning.


Do not take daily.
Death has occurred when taken so.
Take it all at once.


Soft mumbling again comes.
Acknowledge it and stress comes.
Ignore and stress comes.


Meant to write today.
Meant to write yesterday too.
Where are those hours?

Archive Binge

I click on Next Page,
Yet nothing new displays.
Caught up. How fleeting.
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