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"The power of discrimination? I didn't think people admitted that so casually anymore. Are the wraparound sunglasses the new pointy-hoods?" Rick grinned and laughed at his own joke.

"Not that kind of discrimination dork."

"Then why do you call it that?"

Nolan gazed up at the ceiling counting to ten in his head. "Freshmen, they think they know everything already. For your knowledge powers terminology was developed almost a century ago."

"Whatev', what's it mean."

"It means. No, let me show you so you will actually understand. Hand me the note." Nolan pulled a white silk glove off his right hand and held it out for the note that had told Rick where to find him. Let it rest there for a moment before rubbing it lightly between finger and thumb. "Cellulose, silica, not enough fiber to really be rag paper but enough for a marketer to brag about it on the packaging." Lifting the note to his nose he pulled out a pair of nasal plugs and sniffed at it once. "Trace amounts of polyvinyl alcohol, with the silica I'd say this was sold as a matte inkjet paper... Not from the campus store, it still smells a bit like the Paperclip Office Supplies store on Seventh Street. The ink is pigment based rather than dye and certainly isn't the Paperclip storebrand refill."

Nolan pulled his glove on again before returning the note and re-inserting the nasal plugs. "That is what I mean by discrimination."

"You got all that just from a rub and sniff?"

"Those were just the highlights. If I wanted to go overboard I could mention the signs that show Sandra wrote the note and point out yet again that I wish she'd lay off the garlic. " Of course the text from Sandra saying she was sending them over also made it obvious. But telling them that wouldn't do anything to build his reputation. "Or I could tell you to switch to the generic allergy pills as I felt residue from your fingers that transferred to the page. Seriously, why are you paying top dollar for pseudoephedrine?"

"Damn, what's your codename, Bloodhound?"

"First off, that codename is already taken by a guy in Toronto. Second, I've got enhanced discrimination with the five traditional senses and a few more beyond those. Third, tradition be damned, I don't feel like giving away my powers to everyone who hears my name. Call me Cyrono, don't bother looking it up it doesn't mean anything. So if Sandra sent you to me what do you need identified?"
This became the 'Discrimination' square on my January Prompt Bingo card, based on a prompt from Dreamwidth user Dialecticdreamer. Set in a school for people with superpowers that I am slowly developing (and coming to feel is probably a different setting that the supers world Tonya is in). An earlier rough draft version was posted two weeks ago and is now in my scraps folder.
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August 17, 2014


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