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Where to go next?

Harley made a mess of their plan again and they lost their hideaway AGAIN.
Now the moment Ivy has used up her patience!

Thank you for waiting!
Finally! At last! Eventually! At length! In the end! I finished my thirrrd Harleeey after a very lengthy period of time!!!
I began to paint this one in February. Which month is it now?
But never mind. I've finished it. In addition to say, I have some works in progress started six and eight YEARs ago on my HDD!
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Sexy ladies, nice assets. My favorite version of Harley, that costume is pretty scary.
runninkool's avatar
This looks terrific . What medium did You use ?  ;) (Wink) 
Melgor101's avatar
Awesome work and So sexy
DJWill's avatar
:icondatass: Dat Ivy Ass! x3 ASSombrozo!

great job buddy! You speak Spanish? :3
LILFIEinaBOX's avatar
in the fire? lol
FeaturingHermione's avatar
Wow, amazing work! So detailed! 
LILFIEinaBOX's avatar
Thank you so much and welcome to dA. 02
Jiggeh's avatar
ふふふ~ 本当に素晴らしいお尻!スバラシリィ~!ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ
LILFIEinaBOX's avatar
そーゆーダジャレも好きよ? ほほほ
U shuld do 1 with Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn both full figured Plz
you can see her bush ^^
Dionisante's avatar
LILFIEinaBOX's avatar
Thanks for three ! marks!!!
LILFIEinaBOX's avatar
Which part did you gaze at? :)
At Ivy of course...she is so sexy and smart! Who wouldn't take a peek or two or three. I love the vines and outfit.
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