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Floral Corners set 3

For PS CS and higher.

Credit me, please
Let me know how you used my stock (comment or note me with the link to your work)

You don't need to ask my permission to use this stock for DA prints.

FAQ #602: How do I download Brushes?

To download the selected Brush: click the "Download" link located next to the piece and select "save the file to disk".

How to install brushes:

1. Save the file in your Photoshop Brushes folder: Your disk:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop\Presets\Brushes.
2. Open Photoshop and choose the load brushes feature on the menu.

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nice brush bro...

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Thank you for sharing your brushes! I used some here: Milla - Christmas

Happy holidays!
thank you for sharing!
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Thank you for the gorgeous brushes!!!! I used them to create a pretty background for my shop :-)…
smiley089's avatar
They are beautifull!

I have a question, how do you do this brush?
Wisp-Night's avatar
Thank you =). I used it here:
Thank you. Beautiful.
EmpressEliana's avatar
GORGEOUS!!!! Ever since I started using your brushes...I have a taste for elegant plant life and exquisite styles! Love these !Thanks Lil!
crazylady111280's avatar
beautiful brushes.....will use them soon. i hope so ;-)
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Oops! Sorry, this is the correct link: [link]

Sorry for the mix up. :(
Psychosomatic-Psyche's avatar
Stunning brushes. :D I've used them here: [link]
Psychosomatic-Psyche's avatar
Weee! Another amazing brush set! :eager:
These remind me of jellyfishes for some reason. :ohmygod: ^^; Gorgeous FLOWER-Y jellyfishies!
(Ignore my babbling.)
Lileya's avatar
I only saw jelly-fishes in the Black Sea and they didn't sting and looked like a small deep saucers. Maybe somewhere in an ocean there are jelly-fishes that look like my brushes. :)

Thank you.
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You do better ones every time Lileya ! I am trying to get some art done today !
Lileya's avatar
Thank you! I trying to do something different every time. I'm so glad that you like it! :hug:
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I am your number one brush fan hehehe !i was trying the brush's & it made into a picture i love them Lileya & i always tell my friends about them you deserve it sweetie. I especially love the one with sparkles on they are beautiful haha i think i have all of them in my photoshop now ! hehe !
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