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Pan Meets Kaa - Part 3 (Ending) by lileehilee

Pan was taking a bath for the lake to cleaning a hot sweet cleaning breast and butt, meanwhile. Kaa saw pan was in the bath lake to saw a sexy body. "ooohh... the sweet snack are juicy..." pan was relaxing in the jungle and sitting down on the ground.  and he saying: "oh man. that's was a good bath on the lake. my body is so clean now."   kaa is coming for pan to joining a snack and talks to girl. "hello my sweet little girl... how you feeling..?"  pan thinking saying: "um... yes. I think I am now." before his friends to thinking about doing. "just looks into the spinning eyesssss girl-cub..."  pan's eyes started spinning as "pink, blue, yellow, and green"  hypnosis begin to smile face. "ooh... yes... i am your friends..." kaa perils at pan to very soft. "my beautiful little one... you're wish is so nice..."  she's open his mouth to joining snack day, kaa swallows pan to deeper more wet slime soft perils inside the belly of the snake. pan's feels warm: "yes... my body is so wet and warm inside me..."  he's glup down into the stomach and digests. "well done my sister. time to digests for you..." pan sleeping inside the belly and hissing melting body by a sweet treats. "good night my sister... sweet dreams..." 

DBZFAN1576 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2018
With my OC pic I sent earlier can you do a Kaa hypnotizes Angel pic and give me the credit for it since she's my OC
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